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  1. That's fair, I would just like to own a silver pressed disc for this show but I will probably also download it until I find one. Maybe EV will release a standard version at a later date...
  2. Hey question for you guys. Has anyone ever purchased an Eelgrass title over an EV title for any of the soundboard revolution titles? I know they are generally clones of the EV. I'm wondering if they will come out with a standard version of "Deus Ex Machina." How long after the EV title comes out does the Eelgrass one show up? I obviously want to get my hands on this show but I don't necessarily have the means to splurge for one of these boxes (as much as I want the one with the 3/17 board as well).
  3. I never skip anything. Ever. I am too young to have seen Zeppelin live, so I am grateful these recordings exist. I also appreciate and enjoy the virtuosity of all four of them, so marathon performances of "Moby Dick" and "Dazed and Confused" don't bother me. I even find the noise solos interesting. I always really liked the violin bow thing, so that probably helps as well. That being said, I can understand why others may feel that the longer songs can be grating.
  4. It still baffles me that they are not offering the standalone soundboard right out of the gate. Regardless, hopefully this means that this is showing up soon!
  5. Strider, Thank you so much for sharing your experience of being at this historic run of shows. I was born far too late to have seen the mighty Zep in concert. Your concert breakdowns, in conjunction with the Millard tapes, are possibly the closest a person in the 21st Century can come to really feeling the experience of a Zeppelin concert. To have an in-depth analysis of being at these shows is beyond cool, and to have them in such detail without being completely blurred by drug use. If you haven't already, you should consider writing a book, simply because you write quite well and, as far as I'm aware, there isn't yet a book discussing the 1977 North American tour.
  6. I don't get the feeling we won't get the Seattle show. It's been announced and I can't remember a time when an announced Soundboard Revolution release has fallen through. I also thought the announcement came early this year (in the past it has been announced around this time of the year) so maybe that has something to do with it? As for 9/28/71, they really seem to be holding on to that one, so god only knows if we will ever see that one. I like to believe we will one of these days.
  7. I refuse to believe this as well. There's got to be something that Pagey would be interested in sharing with the world. As a major Zeppelin fan, anything with any live Zep is an immediate buy for me, and I imagine most fans feel similarly. With things in the vault such as the Earl's Court shows or the '71/'72 Japanese shows (i believe the '72 shows were recorded) or Montreux '70, there's got to be something there. Hell, I'd even settle for a CD version of the Albert Hall concert from the DVD. In my dream world though, we would get super deluxes of How the West was Won and The Song Remains the Same, and these sets would include the complete shows that were used for the original albums ('72 LA and Long Beach over 6 CDs, all 3 nights at MSG over 9 discs). Of course, this would never happen since Page is a perfectionist, but I'm allowed to dream! I do think a remastered HTWWW is necessary, as the original doesn't sound so great. If Page decided to make this part of the remastered campaign, he could, at the very least, include some of the encores from the LA show. We would also have to accept that any new live material that is released will undoubtedly be edited. Regardless, I would certainly purchase any new official live Zeppelin document.
  8. Hello, As I'm sure some of you might have heard, EV has a new Soundboard Revolution release entitled "Deus Ex Machina." However, that is so far the only information offered regarding this SB. Anyone have an inkling of an idea of what it could be? Only thing I have heard talk of recently is the possibility of a Japan '71 soundboard, of which we have gotten only "Black Dog" so far. Any other thoughts?
  9. I'm pretty sure that's a recent reissue of what has already been available. The LedZepNews letter states the following: "Empress Valley has announced that its next Led Zeppelin bootleg release will be a complete stereo soundboard recording of the Hampton Roads Coliseum September 9 1971 show." That would be exciting to get the rest of the show!