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  1. If there is 1 dude I want to meet in person from this Zeppelin forum it's Strider - He has this sort of swagger that really impresses me, he just kinda rolls with it and doesn't let anything get him down. He really has his life together which I envy - for those of us with self-doubt we all wish we were Strider.
  2. The key to losing weight is 4 things: 1 - avoid gluten - that gets rid of the bloated look (and I mean all wheat flour) 2 - avoid white sugars - that causes weight to melt away 3 - walk away from dairy 4 - increase activity level on a regular and consistent basis (walk 18,000 to 22,000 steps a day if you do the above you will find that most people most of the time will get themselves back in shape in about 30 to 60 days
  3. When I heard this news my first thought was he is in the ether riding around in his automobile 🚗 with no particular place to go
  4. Ottawa vs Edmonton with the winner facing Toronto
  5. Ottawa Fury FC were part of the NASL division 1, but wanted out (and rightly so) into MLS. MLS wanted them in the 1st division (but not now - MLS was not ready for additional expansion yet) but there was some internal politics so they were allowed into MLS but had to agree to division 2 status (so they set themselves up as Montreal's team) . MLS has said if Ottawa Fury FC continue to perform well when it comes to expansion of division 1 they would get in at the point. But the MLS Division 1 doesn't want to expand too quickly (only so much money to go around and costs and so on) If I had my way, NASL would simply merge with MLS and at that point North American footie would be ready to go global
  6. hahahah - welcome to my world...Ottawa Fury FC is one you can't go wrong with - they have these hardcore fans who come out to watch games when it's -20 Celsius We got the final 2 seasons ago, but lost... Bank Street in Ottawa is the place to be when the crowds are going in or going out from the match. This was one of the highlights of my life:
  7. I first discovered Whitesnake as a child back in 1980 roaming around a summer camp when one of the counselors played some of their music on his great big boom box ghetto blaster on cassette, David Coverdale and his band back in the day were a LOAD of FUN and Sir David has nothing to be sorry for and here is a few ways to change your mind: And this wonderful gem with amazing guitar: And of course this great one
  8. If you like tribal drums check out this sweet tune:
  9. So as the season is in the early stages - Ottawa Fury FC take a loss thanks to Toronto FC...
  10. In no particular order: - Atlantis - Superlungs My Supergirl - Catch the Wind - Sunshine Superman - Barabajagal