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Clinton P. Desveaux

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  1. Terrible
  2. I can't really consume dairy (my digestive systems makes sure of it) but Galaxy sounds good (very Star Wars sounding) Energizer or Duracell?
  3. But we prefer ways past
  4. Work, fun, work, fun, shoveled snow, work and fun
  5. Well Happy Hearts Day to you all indeed - hope it was blast and for you folks on PST enjoy the remaining hours left of the 14th
  6. Block paving driveway (I had a gravel and corrected it a few years ago now, best thing I ever did!) Cod Fish n Chips or Haddock Fish n Chips?
  7. I actually had beans for breakfast this morning - Branston (hands down) Snowblower or Plow?
  8. The problem with downloads are a few actually - you don't get to "own" the music anymore - if you can't find a wifi signal (because you are on the road) you have to pay data charges to listen to music which you 'own'. You have to pay some cloud service like the Apple Cloud to store your music that you think you 'own'. There is a number of issues around the download idea that have not been fully thought through from my perspective or perhaps they have been and the answers are ones which might not make all music purchasers happy.
  9. There is a great mountain in Arizona called Snowbowl which is around 2300 vertical feet in an area called Flagstaff which I have spent time in
  10. Fantastic stuff - good job!
  11. You could take that special someone painting
  12. You could try this:
  13. Spent the day on a mountain - and it was magnificent, the spirit of the mountain was strong
  14. This would have to be playing as people walked into my funeral - the humour in it just makes me giggle And this would have to be played as people were exiting my funeral, again, the humour in it all makes me grin:
  15. HMV Canada closing all stores in Canada: