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  1. Disguised Weapons Posted at: 2010-02-09 06:06:07 Original ad: **** Disguisable weapons wanted **** Wanted: hidden blades, belt buckle knives, cane swords, etc..... Offering: cash, items for barter From Me to **********@***********.org: Hey, I saw your ad looking for concealable/disguised weapons. I have several fine-crafted items you may be interested in. Respond if you are interested and I will send you pictures and prices. Thanks, Mike From Jeff ****** to Me: I am. lets see what you got. From Me to Jeff ******: Jeff, Here you go: Looks like a normal spoon, right? Wrong. It is actually a deadly 2.5" half-smooth, half-serrated knife with tactical grip. One minute you are enjoying a bowl of cereal, and the next you are fighting off attackers with this deadly and disguised weapon. I am asking $50 for the blade. Let me know if you want to stop by and take a look at it. Mike From Jeff ****** to Me: that is stupid as hell and looks like crap. unless you have anything better to offer, dont waste my time. From Me to Jeff ******: Jeff, I am sorry you feel that way about the spoon blade. I do have some other weapons that I think you will feel differently about. Mike From Jeff ****** to Me: fine. but if it is another knife duct taped to a spoon then you can fuck off. From Me to Jeff ******: Jeff, Thank you for re-considering. Here are three quality disguised weapons that I think you will love: At first glance, this looks like a normal party cup. However, if you look close enough, you will see that it is really a fully automatic Glock 18C. You will be able to pour your enemies a nice warm cup of lead with this fine purchase. Asking $900 for the gun/cup combo. Still thirsty for justice? Try this badass M16A2 disguised as a 24-pack of soda. The box has two finely crafted holes on each side to allow for any kind of optics (not included) that you wish to attach. This weapon is only for sale if you have a Class III permit. This cleverly disguised weapon may look like a tissue box, but is actually a Benelli M3 12 gauge shotgun disguised as a tissue box. The ultra-soft quilted tissues serve as a comfortable grip on the pump-action shotgun. Also, if you find yourself sneezing during the heat of combat, you will have a handy tissue box ready for action. Asking $1500 for the weapon. Additional tissue boxes are an extra $5 per box. Let me know if you want any of these items. Thanks, Mike From Jeff ****** to Me: youre a fucking dumbass, shitbrained, asswipe, retarded dipshit. you prob walk around with that shit too you dumb mother fucker. I hope you get hit by a car. fuck off, eat shit, and die.
  2. The Shire
  3. Or a soundboard of one of the Millard LA shows from 77 for that matter. God, just imagine what a matrix would sound like. Imagine hearing the opening of TSRTS on 6/21 in sound quality equivalent to Four Blocks in the Snow! Sigh...we can only hope and dream!
  4. Looks like a cool site! So far, discussion is rather minimal, but hopefully that will change (without the trolls migrating over! )
  5. In spite of all the trolls and the crappy format, I'm going to miss IMDb's message boards.
  6. Even though people are tiring of all the 75 soundboards (myself included), I'm still looking forward to this one, assuming it is indeed the Houston show. Never had a recording until now, so it'll be interesting to hear.
  7. You HAVE to get the 1/26/69 Boston Tea Party show. Sound quality is a little rough (Page is loud and clear, everyone else is a little buried), but the performance is incredible. I believe this is the gig that was rumored to go over four hours (only 90 minutes is captured here). I personally think The Train Kept a Rollin' here is the best performance of it they've ever done (even better than the Texas Pop Festival). Page does an amazing wah-wah intro which I don't believe he does at any other show.
  8. IMO, this is probably the best bootleg to introduce someone to Zeppelin (after the official live albums of course). It's short and energetic, the sound quality is excellent, and it never drags once. Just a tight, solid performance from beginning to end.
  9. Aaaand here we go. Back to the endless political discussions! At this point it's just two sides yelling at each other.
  10. True, but they should have immediately realized what happened and restarted the song, like with IMTOD on 5/22/77. Plus, it's not just Page that's the culprit here. Plant's voice is shot and he's out of sync with Bonham and Jones (see 5:34 where he starts singing another verse while Bonham does the instrumental break, and 10:16 where he sings the last line while Bonham and Jones are still performing the main part of the song). Regardless, this is probably Zeppelin's low point in terms of live performances. Hard to believe this was less than a month after the LA 77 run!
  11. I can't comment on every single one of these songs, nor have I heard every single bootleg, but I'll comment with my favorite versions of some of the songs (at least the ones which I believe have a definitive version) Immigrant Song - depends on if you prefer Plant's vocals or Page's guitar solo. If you prefer the former, I'd go with 9/19/70. If it's the latter, 9/29/71 Sick Again - 6/21/77. Yes, even with Page briefly cutting out in the beginning. This version is utterly devastating and more than makes up for it. Over the Hills and Far Away - again, depends on if you prefer Plant's vocals or Page's solo. For the former: 6/25/72. For the latter: 6/22/77 No Quarter - 6/23/77 hands down IMTOD - 6/22/77 For Your Life - The O2 version, since that was the only time they performed it live D&C - Tough call, but I'd go with 3/16/73, though really any version from the March 73 Euro shows could qualify here White Summer/Black Mountain Side - 6/21/77 Kashmir - 6/21/77. Since this flows with WS/BMS, it makes sense to use this version for both songs. (Sorry Strider. To my ears the June 25th version starts out slightly sluggish and only gets really good during the second half) TSRTS - 6/21/77 courtesy of Mr. Bonham. HMMT - 4/17/70. Even with Plant stopping several times to address the crowd, this version is absolutely killer! WLL - 9/19/70 Of course, you'll probably get a million different recommendations for each song, but this is just my two cents!
  12. Here ya go: