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  1. He actually already posted his memories of the 73 tour: I am definitely adding a +1 to hear the memories of 6/25/72 (unless Strider already posted it and I'm missing it somewhere). Strider, I'll just repeat what I said earlier. Your writing is superb. The way you set the scene telling of what things were like in that era, then the building sense of anticipation as you recount the days leading up to the concert, then reading your description of being there and experiencing it while I listen to the's the closest this young man (who wasn't even born when Bonham died) will ever come to seeing the boys in concert. By all means, feel free to continue the journey for this LA run, as well as the HTWWW show and the 75 shows (unless I missed those too). Your posts are definitely a major highlight of this forum!
  2. Definitely continue on! Your writing is really great and puts me right there in the seats!
  3. To clarify: I'm not asking for your favorite opening song overall (ie. Immigrant Song vs. Rock & Roll vs. TSRTS). Rather, I'm curious as to what your favorite opening songs are to a particular concert/bootleg. One that makes you think "This is gonna be epic!" Here's a few of mine: Train Kept a Rollin' - Boston 1/26/69 - Oh man, that wah-wah intro! Just a gigantic wall of sound that builds and builds before the band comes thundering out of the gate. Just explosive from beginning to end. Immigrant Song - NY 9/19/70 (evening) - The first time I heard this, Robert's voice was so good that it actually sounded scary to me! Just insanely powerful! And this was before Led Zep III came out, so I can only imagine what it must have been like to have heard this for the first time! Immigrant Song - Tokyo 9/23/71 - The opening salvo to the amazing 1971 Japan tour. You can tell immediately the band has a "take no prisoners" attitude. TSRTS - LA 6/21/77 - Do I really need to explain? John Henry Bonham. That is all.
  4. I know I've said it before but I think I agree with Nutrocker...6/22 is maybe the best performed out of all the LA shows. Apart from Page breaking a string a couple of times, there are no real screw ups. My fave versions of IMTOD and OTHAFA and one of my favorite versions of Stairway. Even the drum solo is fantastic, probably the best of 77. Definitely #1 on my soundboard wish list for 77!
  5. Wow! Excellent post Strider! Very well-written and detailed! For a few wonderful moments, I could actually picture myself sitting there at the Forum. I can't even imagine what it must have been like to have seen and heard this show in person. I distinctly remember hearing this for the first time and, like you, I was so floored by TSRTS that I didn't even notice Jimmy dropping out in Sick Again. You are incredibly lucky to have seen Zeppelin as many times as you did! I am very envious and I look forward to your further memories of this run!
  6. Are you by any chance still doing your 77 tour thread on your memories of these shows? I totally understand if you're too busy...but I think I speak for a lot of people here when I say I'd love to hear/read them!
  7. It's not EXACTLY what you're asking for, but the Boston Tea Party show on January 26th, 1969 has Page WAY out in front in the recording, with the rest of the band (especially Plant and Bonham) far in the background. It's a bit distorted but still listenable, especially if you can tolerate the unbalanced nature of the recording. It also helps that the band, especially Page, is on fire throughout. Check it out if you haven't!
  8. Based on the setlist, it sounds like this might be the "Going to California" show, live at Berkeley September 14, 1971. I'm not sure whether the version you have is rare or not. Maybe try checking Discogs?
  9. YES! I always show people that solo whenever they say Page sucked live after '73. Easily one of his best ever solos.
  10. Studio: Good Times Bad Times When The Levee Breaks Fool In The Rain Live: The Song Remains The Same 6/21/77 Dazed & Confused 3/21/73 Achilles Last Stand 5/21/77
  11. The madness starts a week from today...anyone else going to do a listen of the entire LA run? Can't wait!
  12. +1. Even though this would be similar to the HTWWW track listing (and thus probably wouldn't sell very well), this is my #1 bootleg hope - to have a better recording of this show. Also agree about the Boston Tea Party show. My #2 would be the MSG 1970 evening show.
  13. Hang in there man! I dealt with several family tragedies a few years ago, so I kinda understand how you're feeling. Sending thoughts your way!