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  1. Over the Hills: sung in high register?

    He actually attempted to sing it high one final time in Paris 4/1/73, probably because his voice was the strongest it had been in months. Sadly, he seems to all but give up by the end.
  2. What show or live song are you listening to now?

    Ever listened to 4/28/77 Cleveland, aka "The Destroyer"? Damn good show, I'd go so far as to say the best of the first leg of the tour. And I LOVE the sound of the recording. It's boomy, but it really makes the band sound absolutely MASSIVE with a great atmosphere. And it's so much better than the more well-known "Destroyer" gig. Killer NFBM, SIBLY, and, yes, a great Kashmir. One of my personal favorites:
  3. Underrated/overrated shows

    Definitely agree about 6/22/77. Honestly, I think if a better aud recording or soundboard were to surface, it would pretty much blow away Eddie and Badgeholders. It combines the tightness of 6/21 with the looseness and fun of 6/23. The only flaws are a couple of broken strings by Page, which are nothing in the grand scheme of things. IMHO, that show has definitive renditions of IMTOD, OTHAFA, and ALS (yes, even with the broken string. Never heard a more brutal version). I'd also throw in 6/26/77 as another underrated show. Other underrated shows for me are: 4/17/70 - EPIC How Many More Times. Amazing performance unfortunately overlooked due to the recording just being okay. 8/21/71 - I'm listening to this right now and...HOLY SHIT!!! Unreal vocals from Robert, phenomenal drum sound on the recording, maybe the best versions of Rock and Roll and Thank You ever, and an incredible Whole Lotta Love. Quite possibly the best show of the 1971 US tour. 4/2/73 - Seems to be a bit overlooked compared to some other Euro 73 shows. Robert's voice is probably in the best shape of the whole tour, and TSRTS is unbelievable. 7/23/73 - If this had better sound, I think it would be recognized as the best show of the tour. Page's playing is out of this world, and Plant's voice never sounded better for '73. 1/22/75 - A pretty strong performance considering the circumstances. Plus rarities like The Wanton Song and How Many More Times. Pretty good recording too. 5/18/75 - IMHO, the best Earls Court show. Incredible NQ, fantastic OTHAFA, and the entire band is tight and on it. Never drags at any point. 5/18/77 - An excellent '77 show that never seems to get talked about much. Despite the recording being less than stellar, the band is playing very well. Considering how this was the first show of the 2nd leg, it's quite remarkable. 7/17/77 - Not quite the disaster that some make it out to be. I think it's a show best appreciated with the audience recording. Bonham is killing it and Page has flashes of brilliance (ex. Stairway solo). Overrated: 9/14/71 - I hate to put this show here, as I quite enjoy it and it has amazing moments (ex. Heartbreaker, SIBLY, the acoustic set), but I don't think it's the best show of the tour. I'd put Orlando and the LA shows above it any day. I've also never gotten into WLL from this show. It's good, but nothing special, at least to me. 5/31/73 - I may need to give this show another listen, but I wasn't blown away by it the first time I heard it unlike others. For me, it's a good solid show, but there's nothing here that wasn't done better at other shows of the tour. I also found the constant switch between the soundboard and audience recordings rather distracting. 5/24/75 - Never understood the praise this show gets. It's got flashes of brilliance (Stairway, TUF, WLL, Dazed), but I think it's easily the worst of all the Earls Court shows. I remember the first time I saw Rock and Roll from this show and was profoundly disappointed. The first third of this show is very sluggish, with Bonham in particular seeming off. Don't know if he overindulged, was nervous, or was having problems with his monitors, but something is definitely not right. Also think NQ is quite overrated. For me, it's just solid, without any amazing moments.
  4. Page's best live solo

    YES! Easily one of the top 5 solos that Page has ever done, live or in the studio, at least IMHO. He absolutely kills it. A masterpiece of guitar playing:
  5. Favorite opening song?

    To clarify: I'm not asking for your favorite opening song overall (ie. Immigrant Song vs. Rock & Roll vs. TSRTS). Rather, I'm curious as to what your favorite opening songs are to a particular concert/bootleg. One that makes you think "This is gonna be epic!" Here's a few of mine: Train Kept a Rollin' - Boston 1/26/69 - Oh man, that wah-wah intro! Just a gigantic wall of sound that builds and builds before the band comes thundering out of the gate. Just explosive from beginning to end. Immigrant Song - NY 9/19/70 (evening) - The first time I heard this, Robert's voice was so good that it actually sounded scary to me! Just insanely powerful! And this was before Led Zep III came out, so I can only imagine what it must have been like to have heard this for the first time! Immigrant Song - Tokyo 9/23/71 - The opening salvo to the amazing 1971 Japan tour. You can tell immediately the band has a "take no prisoners" attitude. TSRTS - LA 6/21/77 - Do I really need to explain? John Henry Bonham. That is all.
  6. Best 71' & 72 Japanese Tours bootlegs

    IMHO, hell no. The EV version is very distorted/overloaded on the bass to the point where it's quite distracting. TDOLZ is noticeably less so and quite listenable. Still, I prefer the source on disc 1 of the TDOLZ version. Shame it's incomplete. My ideal version of 9/23 would be using Rock Carnival up to Stairway, using EV's "First Attack of the Rising of the Sun" for Celebration Day and everything after the acoustic set, and using TDOLZ's "Reflection From a Dream" for the acoustic songs (since the EV source has pitch problems during those). My issue with the Rock Carnival source is that after Stairway, some extensive noise reduction/EQ has been applied. Bonham's cymbals sound a bit compressed and there isn't as much atmosphere/ambience as the first third of the source. I didn't realize how extensive the difference was until @porgie66 gave me a comparison: The first video seems to have more warmth and depth compared to the 2nd. I don't know if the last 2/3rds of this source were from a higher gen or what, but there's clearly a noticeable difference. As for the 27th, 28th, and 29th, EV's "Love and Peace", Lighthouse's "Osaka 1971 1st Night", and Wendy's "Live in Japan 1971 929" are the ones to get respectively, as least IMHO.
  7. What show or live song are you listening to now?

    What is the title of your version? You may be able to find it on Argenteum Astrum. He has lists of sources and which versions use which ones. Pretty thorough stuff. Link: http://www.argenteumastrum.com/
  8. I'll quote what Your Overlord said on Royal Orleans. For the record, I'm not saying you're wrong, just that at this point, no one knows:
  9. Well, I'm an idiot apparently. I didn't even bother to check Argenteum Astrum before I posted this. Shows you what I know lol. Guess this thread has been rendered pointless now.
  10. Earlier today on Black Beauty, a new release of the 6/27/72 show popped up. Done by Graf Zeppelin and titled "Definitive Beach Party", ordinarily I'd just see this as another release and nothing more. However, one particular thing caught my eye on the back cover: It seems to indicate that Moby Dick is sourced from a soundboard recording, which is strange because I thought the only songs that were leaked from this show that weren't AUD sources were the unedited multi-tracks of What Is and What Should Never Be and Dancing Days, both of which appeared on Scorpio's "Studio Daze". I'm, of course, discounting the tracks on HTWWW. That's why I'm puzzled here. Unfortunately, the Black Beauty sample doesn't include Moby Dick, but for anyone who has more information, what's the story here? Is Moby Dick just the LA version from HTWWW? Is it from a soundboard of 6/27? Is it another multi-track leak? Is it just bullshit labeling?
  11. Huh, I never knew that. The version on Black Beauty only has the other two. I guess that would explain why the extra disc has a blending of "soundboard" and "audience" for Moby Dick.
  12. What show or live song are you listening to now?

    You've never heard 9/23/71? Oh man, you're in for one hell of a treat! As Boogie Chillen 82 alluded to above, the band's energy is off the charts. Apart from the broken string in Immigrant Song, the first half of the show (up to and including the acoustic set) is prime Led Zeppelin. It has my favorite version of SIBLY and a Whole Lotta Love for the ages (36 minutes!). As for the sound, it's pretty exceptional. Arguably the best source is used on Watch Tower's "Rock Carnival". It's incredibly clear and atmospheric. Only issue is that after Stairway, the tape has been EQ'd and noise reduced extensively and sounds a bit squashed. Fortunately, there's a 2nd source that's almost as good, used on EVSD's "First Attack of the Rising of the Sun". Only issue with this source is some pitch problems during the acoustic set. If you want the best version of this show possible, I'd recommend using "Rock Carnival" for the beginning up to and including Stairway, "First Attack of the Rising of the Sun" for Celebration Day and What Is and What Should Never Be onwards, and TDOLZ's "Reflection From a Dream" for the acoustic set. More info can be found here: http://www.royal-orleans.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=27872 Alternatively, a simpler thing to do is to listen to the first playlist below from Immigrant Song to Stairway, then switch to the second playlist for the remainder of the show. Hope this isn't too confusing!
  13. Steve, you yourself just admitted that he's done it before. The Paris '69 show could very well be a sign that he's softened his stance on what could pass for official release in terms of sound. I even admitted above that it was an extremely slim chance. But I think if Page were going to release anything from 77, it'd be those LA or NY soundboards. No way in hell he would release Seattle 77 unless he was going to frankenstein the hell out of it. He'd almost certainly do the same for any other release anyway. The point is, nobody know what these new releases over the next decade will be (assuming it will indeed last that long). If the whole copyright law thing extends to soundboards (as has been debated at the hotel), then Page could conceivably do this. Besides, if he's going to waste the remainder of his life, it might as well be putting out new releases instead of just saying "I'll be performing later this year" for the zillionth time.
  14. You do have a point. However, in regards to the latter day stuff and the lack of quality content, I wouldn't necessarily dismiss it entirely. We've seen from @SteveZ98 that the 77 soundboards can be remastered/tweaked to sound pretty decent. Assuming Page has, say, all of the LA and NY shows in soundboard form, he could conceivably remix them in a professional setting to make them sound listenable to the casual observer. He could do a similar thing for the Copenhagen 79 (if they exist that is) and the 80 soundboards. Sure, it would probably take a lot of work, but the point is that it's not impossible. He could then try to make them sound consistent sonically and "frankenstein" them to his heart's content in order to give the best representation possible for those respective years. This has a very slim chance of ever happening, granted, but you never know...
  15. 9/29/71 Immigrant Song sb release

    This is probably a really stupid question, but I had someone tell me on another forum that copyright law in the US doesn't place a high emphasis on cover song royalties. In fact, he told me: "In the US, cover song royalties are paid out at a fixed "mechanical" rate of about 9 cents per sale of a song, whether it's a digital download or a physical release. You don't even need permission from the original artist." Is this at all true? I'm by no means an expert on copyright law, so please forgive my ignorance here.
  16. top 5 favorite No Quarters

    1. 6/23/77 - Legendary and for good reason. 30 minutes but it never drags. It's as if the band finally nailed exactly what they were hoping to do with this song. All four of them are on fire here. 2. 5/18/75 - A very underappreciated rendition. It's like an extension of TSRTS version. Page's solo is incredibly fluid, lyrical, and precise, and Jonesy is killing it on the keyboards. This one deserves a lot more love. 3. TSRTS (7/28/73 if it must be from a single night) - What more can be said about this one? Page's solo is Plus it maintains a dark, moody atmosphere throughout, something that gradually went away in later tours. 4. 7/24/79 - A tight, no nonsense version from the band's last truly great concert. Page's wah wah outro is sensational. 5. 6/21/77 - An incredible, remarkably tight (for 30 minutes) version which gives Bonzo a chance to shine. His battle with Page in the middle always leaves me grinning, and he emerges the clear victor. This was very tough, and my favorites could change easily, but these five are the ones that have been in heavy rotation lately.
  17. Planet Rock interview: 50th celeb Page

  18. Copenhagen 24.07.79 Oh yes!!

    I'll be sure to keep an eye out for it. Thanks!
  19. Copenhagen 24.07.79 Oh yes!!

    Thanks for posting these. Does anyone know which version/release of this show Conneyfogle used for these videos? I recently downloaded a vinyl transfer of the Geiko-Sukui LP and these videos have more bottom end (which is a godsend when you're talking about a recording like this).
  20. Figured this might be interesting since we all have different "bootleg ears". What is the worst-sounding bootleg/recording that you can still enjoy in spite of all of its flaws? The one that comes to mind for me is Seattle 6/19/72. Noisy, a bit distant, plenty of chatter around the taper, seems to be overloaded on the bass...but MAN what a performance! Although my number 1 wish is for a better recording of this show, the performance is so great that I can look past all the flaws and still enjoy the hell out of it. I have a feeling that if this were just a standard gig by 72 standards, I'd skip out on it. But the combination of all the rarities, the first performances of songs, and the incendiary performance makes this one a keeper for me!
  21. Planet Rock interview: 50th celeb Page

    Music Week published snippets of the interview on their website: http://www.musicweek.com/media/read/i-very-much-doubt-we-ll-do-anything-else-jimmy-page-tells-planet-rock-about-led-zeppelin-touring-future-and-new-live-album/071473 This particular passage caught my eye:
  22. With the recent release of the matrix of 3/21 Seattle, I've been wondering about some good matrices of other shows. Obviously, I've heard and greatly enjoyed Four Blocks in the Snow, as well as Godfathers' "The American Return" for 3/11 Long Beach, Bluecongo's "King Jimmy & The West Bromwich Blues Band" for Earls Court, and Winston's matrix of Seattle 7/17/73 (even though the 73 soundboards aren't as good as the 75 ones, I still found this one to be a pretty good matrix). Are there any other matrices that are worth seeking out?