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  1. OK. Teach me about bootlegs. Best audience recordings.

    In addition to Bonzo_fan's excellent analysis/response. I'd recommend looking through the What Place To Rest The Search forum at Royal Orleans. It's pretty good at giving you an idea of the consensus for the best version of a particular show to get. If you can't find a show listed, as stated above, seek out the Winston or Godfather versions (Dadgad is also really good).
  2. Are you also going to be doing the Earls Court shows (once you get through the US ones of course)?
  3. Glad to hear how much you enjoyed 3/12! I've always loved that show, but lately it's become probably my favorite show from 1975. Unlike most '75 shows, it starts off with tons of energy. The opening 3-4 songs are so powerful, and tell you right away that this is going to be one hell of a performance. I'm curious about you saying you switched between the 3 Source mix and Taking No Prisoners Tonight. The 3 source mix I have doesn't contain a cut in Stairway. Did you go for the David E version? With regard to Seattle 3/21, I think the reason I and so many others go for that show is because it's got everything. It's an epic marathon performance that contains just about all the songs they performed on the 75 US tour (minus the January stuff), and they're all done well (at least imho). Sure, on a song-by-song basis, it may not have the best versions from that tour, but it's good enough to where if someone were to ask for just one show from '75, I'd probably give them Seattle. Plus, with the release of the soundboard and the matrix, it's all in excellent sound quality. As great as 3/12 is, until recently, much of it was only available in a very distorted and noisy audience recording, making it difficult to get into unless you had "bootleg ears". Hopefully, a soundboard for this show will come out soon. Apart from the January and Earls Court shows, it's the only remaining one from '75 that I'd care about in all honesty. I also agree with others here. I'd love to see you nitpick shows from other years. I'd especially like to hear your thoughts on 3/24/73 Offenburg, and 7/24/79 Copenhagen.
  4. I see what you're saying. There's definitely more jamming in 75 than 77. But I personally prefer 77 because, for one, they shook the setlist up. You no longer had to hear Percy croaking his way through Rock and Roll, and I always thought TSRTS was a much better opener anyway. And, with the exception of the back to back drum and noise solos, I really like the pacing of the 77 setlist. They brought the acoustic set back, and they saved the "big" (ie. Kashmir, Stairway, etc.) songs for the latter part of the show. And the 77 setlist actually has more variation than the 75 setlist. You had the substituting of IMTOD and OTHAFA, the occasional appearance of Dancing Days in the acoustic set, sometimes including Trampled Underfoot (and occasionally putting it right after the acoustic set), sometimes including Black Dog in the encores, sometimes including Heartbreaker, and other variations. That's why I'd argue that 77 is less monotonous than 75. Heck, even if you listen to just the LA run, every show is different, both in terms of the setlist and the vibe. 6/21 is the only show of the run to include Heartbreaker and is probably the tightest and most energetic, 6/22 has both OTHAFA and IMTOD and is probably the most confident, 6/23 has OTHAFA and TUF and is very loose, 6/25 has IMTOD and TUF and has Bonzo being a tad erratic, 6/26 has It'll Be Me and is probably the most "even keel" of all the shows in terms of performance (just solid all the way through), and 6/27 has Dancing Days and has Page being a tad erratic. They all have a unique character, at least to me.
  5. Sorry man. I wish I could find it. I've done quite a bit of searching but have yet to find the complete show. If anyone can PM me a link to the complete show (hint hint ) I'll be sure to pass it along to you!
  6. True, but the '73 setlist feels a lot tighter and seems to fly by much quicker, at least to me. The '75 setlist feels like an update of the '73 setlist, only with (imho) worse pacing. Having a 20-30 Moby Dick followed by a 40 minute Dazed and Confused is just way too excessive. It makes it lose momentum and it's more difficult for me personally to get through. Also, don't forget that the band occasionally skipped songs in the '73 setlist due to crowd issues or health issues. Not to mention novelties like hinting at Georgia on My Mind in Salt Lake City or playing Dazed out of order in Baltimore.
  7. So I take it your goal is to listen to every '75 performance? Well, all I can say is good luck haha! Personally, I don't know if I'd be able to stand it unless I were to space it out quite a bit. The '75 shows (with the exception of the ones from January and Earls Court) all have a degree of "sameness" to them, with the setlist barely changing at all from night to night and Page and Plant being the only two who vary in terms of performance. And even then, Plant's best gigs for this year are just ones where he'd be considered "passable" to the casual listener. I will say I hope you pull through, because I may have to revise my "best of '75" compilation based on your reviews.
  8. Random Thoughts v.3

    Nope. Not an iPhone. I'm using a PC with Windows 8. Could it be the website you're getting the images from perhaps? Because I've noticed that your images are finally showing up in the "Beautiful Women" thread.
  9. Random Thoughts v.3

    I don't know what's wrong with the computer you're posting on, but once again, whatever image you intended to post instead came out as a bunch of gibberish. Hence, IpMan was joking that it was the best post in this thread.
  10. Random Thoughts v.3

  11. I'd like to see what your thoughts are on the 3/12 Long Beach show. That's one of my personal favorites of '75 (then again so is Seattle 3/21 lol). Just make sure that if/when you review it, you do the David E. 3 source mix. Up until recently, most of that show was only available in a rather poor, overloaded audience recording, but a new(ish) source popped up a while back that is very listenable. PM me if you need a download link.
  12. Elvis vs. Plant

    I read a very interesting article where a doctor theorized that Elvis' physical decline essentially began with a fall he took in 1967 where he hit his head badly and may have had a traumatic brain injury. Granted, the lifestyle he led certainly didn't help matters, but it does make you wonder. https://www.practicalpainmanagement.com/pain/other/brain-injury/elvis-presley-head-trauma-autoimmunity-pain-early-death
  13. Elvis vs. Plant

    Dude if you don't like Freddie Mercury that's perfectly fine, but calling people "clueless" and saying that they "need to get their hearing tested" just because they do is the epitome of snobbery. You're being a dick. If you can't handle others having different tastes than you, maybe you should leave or else quit acting like a child.
  14. Elvis vs. Plant

    Ah it appears we're having another fanboy meltdown. What is it with some Zeppelin fans becoming such trollish assholes? I see this happen time and again here and on Royal Orleans. Oh yeah, don't get me wrong, Elvis was a great singer on a technical level, I just don't think he was the best in terms of, say, range. But the power and versatility that he displayed was mindblowing. He really knew how to use his voice in order to blow people away.
  15. Super stars - Graf Zeppelin

    I love a download link to this new source if someone could PM me.
  16. Elvis vs. Plant

    This is a rather enlightening discussion so far. Especially since my three favorite singers of all time (Elvis, Freddie Mercury, and of course Plant) have been brought up. Here's my two cents: If I'm judging based purely on emotion, I'd give the vote to Elvis. The man may not have been the most technically gifted singer, but DAMN if he didn't know how to use his voice to move people. He could sing a gospel song and move non-believers to tears. In this clip, a man perfectly sums it up. Even if you knew nothing else about Elvis, you can tell how much he believed in what he was singing. Consider also how he was in terrible shape at this point, yet as IpMan said, his voice was still strong as ever: Now, I'd agree that on a pure technical level, Freddie would probably win. He was sometimes shaky live, but he always nailed it in the studio. I'm no vocal expert, but I love how he had a clarity and tone in his voice that made it so that he could go from imitating Elvis on Crazy Little Thing Called Love, to soaring highs like Princes of the Universe. Also, like Elvis, he never lost his voice. On The Show Must Go On, he could barely walk due to the progression of his illness. And yet, in one take, he delivered what may very well be his greatest vocal performance ever: He opera collaboration with Montserrat Caballe shows another side to him as well, and I think it proves that he could have easily had a career outside of rock and roll if he wanted to: However, when I think of a rock vocalist, I don't think of Elvis or Freddie. I think of Plant. From 1968 to mid 1971, he had an incredible power and energy to his voice. He really was the fourth instrument of Zeppelin in every sense of the word. He had a raw sexual energy that was pretty much unmatched. Remember in TSRTS during SIBLY when that woman in the crowd is gazing at Plant utterly transfixed? He just had that power over people. Now, as we all know, his voice began to change in late 1971, but I think he adapted to it rather well. By 1977, he found a way to sing the songs again without straining his voice. I think he could have even done Immigrant Song if he really wanted to. In other words, I think he became a "smarter" singer. Hell, my favorite vocal performance he ever did in the studio with Zeppelin is I'm Gonna Crawl. Ultimately, I love all three, but really it's apples and oranges. They all have a unique appeal, and to try to objectively rate one as "the greatest" is pointless. Music, and indeed all art, is entirely subjective.
  17. Elvis vs. Plant

    It's almost as if not everyone on this site has the exact same tastes that you do. Shocking, I know.
  18. What show or live song are you listening to now?

    My favorite version of Dazed from '72:
  19. Next Soundboard Release

    I'd agree. I love all of the shows, but if I had to rank them 9/27 would be at the bottom. It's still a great show, but there are no real surprises or curve balls. The Osaka shows definitely have a more loose feel with the band seeming to be very relaxed and in a great mood. But the Tokyo shows are just tight and ferocious. I also agree that 9/24 is probably Plant's best show of the tour. He's on fire there. Ultimately, 9/23 is my favorite, but I'm biased due to the superb sound quality.
  20. Beautiful Women

    If you don't mind me asking, what kind of PC do you have? And which website are you getting your images from? Is anyone else just seeing the wall of text instead of an image, or is it just on my end?
  21. Beautiful Women

    The preview button is your friend. Use it so that you can make sure to post an actual image rather than a wall of text like this.
  22. Next Soundboard Release

    Nope. It's been making the rounds on Royal Orleans for a while now. I guess whoever runs that Twitter account only just heard about it today. Here's a sample of Friends. The soundboard sample kicks in at 1:53. http://twitsound.jp/musics/tsjyZFYP3
  23. Next Soundboard Release

    Black Beauty link to the new Stairway sample: http://starship.jpn.ph/zeppelin/beauty/disp/boot.jsp?R_idx=2492