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  1. Favorite opening song?

    To clarify: I'm not asking for your favorite opening song overall (ie. Immigrant Song vs. Rock & Roll vs. TSRTS). Rather, I'm curious as to what your favorite opening songs are to a particular concert/bootleg. One that makes you think "This is gonna be epic!" Here's a few of mine: Train Kept a Rollin' - Boston 1/26/69 - Oh man, that wah-wah intro! Just a gigantic wall of sound that builds and builds before the band comes thundering out of the gate. Just explosive from beginning to end. Immigrant Song - NY 9/19/70 (evening) - The first time I heard this, Robert's voice was so good that it actually sounded scary to me! Just insanely powerful! And this was before Led Zep III came out, so I can only imagine what it must have been like to have heard this for the first time! Immigrant Song - Tokyo 9/23/71 - The opening salvo to the amazing 1971 Japan tour. You can tell immediately the band has a "take no prisoners" attitude. TSRTS - LA 6/21/77 - Do I really need to explain? John Henry Bonham. That is all.
  2. Favorite opening song?

    I just thought of another one which hasn't been mentioned yet: Immigrant Song at Uniondale 6/15/72. Even though Plant's voice was starting to strain on this song by this time, the sheer ferocity of this opener is insane.
  3. Montreal 2/6/75 Underrated?

    Welcome to the forum Blaize! Great review, although someone has already beat you to it: In the future, just be sure to search the forum in order to be certain a topic hasn't been posted yet. Cheers!
  4. Awesome! Can't wait to hear it in full!
  5. Best Stairway

    I honestly don't think I can narrow it down to just one. There's several factors involved and it depends on my mood too. Regardless, some of my personal favorites are: 5/3/71 9/14/71 9/23/71 6/25/72 6/27/72 3/24/73 7/27/73 3/21/75 5/24/75 5/30/77 All of LA 77 (with maybe the exception of 6/27) 7/17/77 7/7/80 - even though this is far from technically perfect, there's something about Page reaching for the stars even though he's fucked up that's really inspiring IMO.
  6. Best Led Zeppelin concert recording

    Are you referring to this below? If so, I agree that it's the best sounding version of the show yet. When I say "flat", I mean that I don't get a sense of space from that source, at least during loud moments. There's very little echo and, while you can clearly hear the crowd between songs, you don't really get a sense that they're playing in a concert hall. Add to that Plant being buried at times, Bonzo's cymbals having a distinct "compressed" sound that sometimes overloads the mix, and a bizarre lack of top end and it's honestly hard to listen to at times. It's a shame because performance-wise, this show is maybe the best show of 71 and in the top 5 best Zeppelin shows ever. IMO if an audience source surfaced that sounded as good as the first third of the Rock Carnival source, it would instantly wipe the floor with the current main source for this show.
  7. Favorite HMMT performance?

    This one, if only the sound were better:
  8. Debut Album Openers

    Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath - you could argue that this is literally the birth of metal Ramones - Blitzkrieg Bop - ditto but for punk Cheap Trick - Elo Kiddies - this one might be a grey area due to some dispute about the track listing for their debut. Still a great song regardless! Iron Maiden - Prowler The Velvet Underground & Nico - Sunday Morning Guns N Roses - Welcome to the Jungle NWA - Straight Outta Compton - not really a big hip hop fan, but I really enjoy this track Patti Smith - Gloria - that opening line is iconic
  9. What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    Really been getting into these ladies lately, especially this song:
  10. Best Led Zeppelin concert recording

    Thank You was rumored for a long time to have been played at 9/23, but it's been pretty much debunked. None of the circulating 13+(!) sources features it. There were pictures making the rounds that showed the band playing the instruments they usually played for this song (Page on Les Paul, Jones on organ), but it's been determined that they're from the Whole Lotta Love medley, specifically the Tobacco Road portion. Further discussion can be found here: http://www.royal-orleans.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=27872 I didn't even really realize until Porgie's analysis just how different the Rock Carnival source sounds after the first third. I knew the sound quality deteriorated a bit, but man someone EQ'd and noise reduced the hell out of it! One thing I'd really love to hear is an audience source for 9/29 that sounds as good as source 7 or source 5 from 9/23. The "soundboard" source is hard to listen to what with it being so unbalanced and flat sounding.
  11. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominees

    A typical yawner of a list that once again proves what a joke the HoF is. A mix of artists who should have been in there years if not decades beforehand (Moody Blues, MC5, Judas Priest, Nina Simone) with others who are only there because they sold a lot of records (Bon Jovi? Seriously?).
  12. Tom Petty

    There seems to be a lot of confusing reports going on right now about his condition. I'm seeing a lot of sources saying he's dead/taken off life support, but I'm also seeing how the LAPD apparently fucked up and announced his death prematurely. According to this source, he's still clinging to life, but it's not looking good at all. Regardless, I'll take any sliver of good news I can get today!
  13. Tom Petty

    Just saw this headline. Awful news. Really hope he pulls through: http://www.tmz.com/2017/10/02/tom-petty-found-unconscious-full-cardiac-arrest/
  14. First of all, thank you so much for taping this show and sharing it with the world! It's amazing to hear an iconic show like this from a different point of view, and it's especially amazing to hear it in this quality. Sure, LTTE has the instruments and songs come across very well, but it's somewhat lacking in terms of the crowd and overall atmosphere (minus those few idiots shouting throughout). Your source has that in spades. I really got a sense of just how nuts people were going to see Zeppelin in person. As someone who wasn't even alive when Bonzo died, stuff like this brings me the closest I'll ever come to experiencing them live. Hope everything goes well with the transfer of the tape. I think I speak for everyone here when I say I can't wait to hear it in its best possible quality!
  15. Apologies if this has been discussed before. I have a question about the end of this video of Zeppelin in Amsterdam. In the last 25 seconds, Richard Cole and the concert promoter discuss the payment for the show, and even almost open (presumably) a briefcase full of cash. Given that this appears to be some sort of news report of the band's gig, and given the secretive nature of the group: why was this part allowed to be filmed? It seems strange for a news report of a concert to focus on the payment afterward. Who would have authorized/demanded that this be filmed: Cole or the promoter? I posted this video in SAJ's mysteries thread, but no one seemed to have a definitive answer for it.
  16. New audience tape source for 6/21/77

    I saw on Youtube that the taper said he was going to try to get it transferred and cleaned up via his son's junior college music audio class. I hope he reconsiders, because the tape is old and needs to be handled with proper care. The people at the college might not know the proper way to treat it. It does seem a little odd that he hasn't replied to your comments, but perhaps he's a bit hesitant about sharing it with others. The comments on his video are flooded with people asking him to PM them so that they can personally transfer his tape (or else refer to a friend of theirs who will do it). I think we need to be patient and just wait and see. Of course, we would all love to have a lossless transfer of the tape so that it can be cleaned up and remastered, but we also have to respect the taper's wishes. We can tell him the best way to preserve his tape, but we shouldn't try to bombard him too much (not saying that you're doing that, just speaking in general). With regards to the tape itself, I finally listened from start to finish last night and it's pretty decent. Like Nutrocker said in the other thread, we'd be over the moon if this was a never before heard show. I agree with you that the tape has great atmosphere, perhaps superior to Millard's in that you can really hear the crowd going bonkers. The only drawbacks are an unfortunate cut that ends No Quarter, another cut that leaves off the beginning of Achilles, the mistaken splice with Over the Top from Seattle, and the fact that the tape seems to get quite overloaded and distorted during Achilles and Stairway. It also seems to suffer from speed fluctuations towards the very end. By the time Robert says goodnight, he sounds like a chipmunk! Regardless, it's a pretty decent tape with a great sense of atmosphere, even if it is inferior to Millard's. One thing I've been wondering about: could one possibly matrix this tape with Millard's? I know matrices are possible with a soundboard and audience recording, but what about two audience recordings layered on top of each other? The volume of this tape could be lowered enough to where you hear the roar of the crowd without it overwhelming the Millard tape. If done correctly, it could give a more well-rounded representation of the crowd that night and allow you to really feel 15,000+ screaming fans excited to see Zeppelin back for the first time in two years. It might get challenging for the last couple of songs when the speed fluctuations and distortion become hard on the ears, but what do others think? Is there a snowball's chance in hell of doing it?
  17. FWIW, I found a comment the guy made on the forum back in 2013 where he mentioned recording this show. It was the only comment he's ever made on the site and he hasn't visited since.
  18. I seriously can't believe my luck that I happened to stumble upon this. I was just browsing Youtube and figured I'd search for any new bootlegs that had been uploaded there. I searched "Led Zeppelin" and sorted by most recent upload date and by video length (over 20 minutes). Since Youtube can sometimes take down this stuff due to copyright after only a few days, I wanted to see if anything new had been posted that hadn't yet been muted/blocked for copyright. I immediately found this and the video length jumped out at me. 2 hours and 56 minutes is shorter than usual for the full Millard tape. Even if they eliminated Stairway due to copyright (something that has been happening more and more recently), it'd still clock out to about 3 hours and 5 minutes. I clicked on it and saw the uploader's description saying that it was "[his] own recording". I quickly listened and realized that this was indeed a new source from 6/21. I did a comparison to the TYG patch and it sounded different. I'm still in awe: a new, never before heard alternate source for LTTE! It doesn't sound too bad either. Like others have said, a little distant and overloaded but not too bad. I downloaded the audio from this upload and encourage others to do the same. You never know if Youtube will yank it down! As for why the uploader did it now, it's anyone's guess. My theory is perhaps the 40th anniversary of this show maybe caused him to seek out his tape and upload it. Regardless, a big thanks to him for uncovering it! I noticed this too. In addition, it cuts off right after Stairway. The encore is from an inferior copy of the Millard tape. It's a bit sped up and sounds way crappier than what I'm used to, but it's definitely Millard's tape. I also noticed the taper's recording happens to speed up towards the end of Stairway (and pitch up as well). I too think he must have been trying to preserve tape for Stairway, or else decided to skip the drum solo and noise solo. Perhaps he went for a bathroom/smoke/beer break and returned midway through Achilles, hence why the recording cuts back in the middle. I still have yet to listen to it from start to finish, but it's still cool to have this, even if it isn't as good as the primary source. I really hope this taper shares a lossless transfer of the tape. If nothing else, it can serve as a better patch for TYG and the break after Kashmir on the Millard recording!
  19. Believe it or not, I think I've actually found another source for LTTE. This video was just uploaded four days ago. I did a quick test and the intro on TSRTS is unmistakably from 6/21/77. The interesting thing is it doesn't sound like the alternate source. It sounds like this taper was closer to the stage. The recording is distorted and noisy, but it's still fairly listenable imo. I've never heard of any other source from this show apart from the Millard tape and the patch in Ten Years Gone. Has anyone else heard this source, or is this brand new?
  20. What's the worst live performance of a song?

    The go-to example for most people is Achilles Last Stand at Tempe. Not only does the recording suck (it's distant and muffled, and you can even hear "All Right Now" bleed through the tape towards the end), but the performance is horrendous. The intro is actually pretty cool and unique, but then a flashpot blew up in Jimmy's face, and he spends the rest of the song struggling (and failing) to catch up with the others. Plant's voice is shot and he seems confused about whether to follow Jimmy or Jones and Bonham, creating a cacophony of noise. This, imo, is the single worst performance of any song they ever did: As for The Rain Song, I don't think they ever played it horribly, but there are some versions out there where Robert's voice was pretty rough, or the mellotron got out of tune. Check out Sheffield 73 or Greensboro 75 for examples of Robert's voice at its weakest. Other than that, quite a few version of Rock and Roll were rather lackluster, due again to Robert's weak voice. There's also Kashmir from Zurich 1980. What a trainwreck. Check out 2:25 for when it really goes awry: Just a couple of examples. I'm sure others will provide plenty more, mostly from 77 onwards!
  21. How about your favourite acoustic set?

    My two favorites are probably 6/27/77 and 6/19/72. I really wish they had extended the acoustic set more. Would have better reflected the "light and shade" aspect of their aura.
  22. Best Led Zeppelin concert recording

    I thought the remainder of this source was recently uncovered and released on the unlabeled "Flying Rock Carnival 1971 Complete"? The general consensus over at Royal Orleans is that this bootleg uses the same 7th source for the whole of the show (minus a couple patches), only it seems to have undergone some extensive EQ and noise reduction for the latter two thirds. I agree with you on the sound of that source. I MUCH prefer it over the sound of the main source for 9/29. Plus (potentially unpopular opinion time), I think the 9/23 show is a better performance (at least for the first third) than 9/29. It's definitely underappreciated, at least among casual bootleg collectors imo.
  23. 9/28/71 sound board ??

    Oh I hope I'm wrong too, but this is EVSD we're talking about. They haven't exactly shown themselves to be very charitable with fans.
  24. 9/28/71 sound board ??

    My heart tells me we're going to have to wait a long time for this one. I honestly think EVSD released the snippet of Black Dog just to let people know that they have other stuff besides another middle of the road 1975 show. Of course, then they went ahead with 3/21/75 and the hype for that one was so strong that it could conceivably have pushed it further back than they thought. But I honestly think they're gonna sit on this one for years. A great 75 show is one thing, a great show from 1971, let alone from the Japan run, is something else entirely. It would truly be a godsend to have this entire show in soundboard, since the main source we have for it is just okay at best. All I can say is: don't hold your breath!
  25. Best Led Zeppelin concert recording

    Since we're generally discussing recordings as opposed to performances, I agree with others that Four Blocks in the Snow is probably the best bootleg sound-wise (unless you want to count the raw multitracks of RAH). Other good ones are the recent release of Montreux 1970 that includes that new soundboard source (EVSD's "The Great Beast 666 - Standard Edition"), the recent matrix of 3/21/75, Godfather's "The American Return" matrix of 3/11/75, Southampton (of course), and LTTE (I agree with others that the Winston Remaster of this is probably the best audience recording of the band in terms of sound quality and atmosphere), to name just a few. I also happen to love tapes like 4/28/77 where even though the sound quality is not the best, it's so atmospheric and brutal-sounding. You really get a sense of how LOUD it was in person.