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  1. Agreed! That gesture is so badass! I've always loved that look Bonzo and JPJ share at the beginning of the San Francisco section of Dazed and Confused in TSRTS. Just love how they're sharing a bit of a laugh during a heavy, epic, complex concert number. Makes me wish we had more footage of their concerts!
  2. Really sorry to hear that! Stay strong! My best wishes and prayers go out to you and your family.
  3. Actually, it appears I cannot edit my old comment. Oh well!
  4. Yeah, I realized that after I replied. The funny thing is I remember the performance more than I do the recording quality. I'll cross it out since it's not up to par with the others.
  5. Good question. Here's a few top versions with good sound quality: 6/25/72 3/16/73 3/24/73 5/13/73 2/12/75 3/21/75 5/25/75 6/13/77 6/21/77 6/23/77 7/24/79 Listen to them and pick your favorite. I will say that 6/23/77 and 6/13/77 are my favorites out of this list. Page's guitar solo on both versions is out of this world.
  6. Good points. Page is pretty damn inconsistent in 77, that's for sure. What made it just miss being the worst year for me is that Page still has the occasional night where he's on point. A good example is 6/22. That has one of his best (if not his best) OTHAFA solos ever, imo. When it comes to 1980, I can't really think of any show (or even moment) where I went "my God, that was an amazing solo!" even though he still had some decent nights. I also have to agree with you about Jones' alembic. That's the main reason why I hate the 77 soundboards. The alembic is way too twangy and harsh and it just sticks out like a sore thumb. I'm sure it sounded great in person, but on soundboards, it's just bleh. Same with the 80 synths. Honestly, Kashmir is the only song I can think of that he ever truly screwed up. 6/23/77 and 6/29/80 are two prominent examples. The former is amusing (given how the rest of the song, indeed the whole concert, is great), but the latter is just embarrassing. I honestly thought it was a cut in the tape the first time I heard that! What a mess!
  7. Strider, I must give you credit for getting me to listen to this version. Your praise for it in Nutrocker's LA 77 comp thread convinced me to check it out...and HOLY HELL is Page ON FIRE here! Even the less than stellar sound quality doesn't detract from this incredible solo! I'd go as far to say this one of my favorite Page solos ever. I actually think 6/22 might show Page in the best shape of the LA run, if not all of 77. He even starts the Stairway solo immediately, rather than waiting another few moments. (By the way, does anyone know of other instances where Page does this?) It's a shame Mike Millard wasn't there that night. To anyone reading this who hasn't heard this version, definitely check it out!
  8. Today marks the 40th anniversary of the start of Led Zeppelin's last tour of America in 1977. On this night 40 years ago, they were playing the first show of the tour at the Dallas Memorial Auditorium (which we sadly do not have a recording of). I've always been fascinated by this tour, as it marks the end of an era for a lot of things: It was the last time Zeppelin would perform on an "epic" scale (long tours in sold-out arenas and stadiums, shows that were 3+ hours long, long jams in the middle of songs), the last time they would perform an acoustic set, and the last time Plant seemed to really be into it. I really think Karac's death made him lose a lot of enthusiasm for playing in the band. In spite of its well-known problems, I've always really liked this tour and it's one of my favorites. A good reason for this is probably that the first complete Zeppelin bootleg I ever heard was Listen to This Eddie. I can still remember when I played it for the first time: That sense of building anticipation, the crowd roaring, the soundcheck. And then The Song Remains the Same started...and my jaw dropped on the floor! I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Bonzo was going absolutely nuts, seeming to be on the verge of destroying his drum kit. Page's tone was downright nasty and heavy. Jones was racing along on bass. And Plant was singing with enthusiasm and passion. I was floored. This was a MILLION times better than the studio version which I had grown accustomed to. Over the course of the next couple of days I listened to the remainder of the show whenever I had free time. When I finished, I was never the same. That was the moment when I got into Zeppelin bootlegs. That was the moment when Zeppelin became my all-time favorite live band. Nothing will ever come close to that feeling I had. I suppose because of this, whenever I think of this tour, I think of those LA shows, even though the entire tour was not up to that level. For me, these are my favorite concerts by anyone. Sure, on a technical level each member of the band may have had a superior night elsewhere (with maybe the exception of Bonzo), but I just love how locked in to one another they sound. I love the setlist (even though the drum solo and noise solo can wear thin), which perfectly sums up most of their career. I love the enthusiasm and the clear joy they have in playing in their "home away from home". I love all the references to badgeholders. Most of all, I love the sound. We are truly lucky that Mr. Mike Millard was there for four of those six glorious nights and was able to capture those shows in fantastic sound quality. I could go on and on about why I really like this tour, but I think Strider did a great job of summing up the feelings of fellow '77 fans in another thread. If I may quote him: Basically, this thread is for any and all discussion of the '77 tour. Favorite concerts, songs, moments, etc. Feel free to post any concert memories as well if you were one of the lucky ones to see Zeppelin in person on this tour!
  9. For Page, I'd say 1973 was his best year. Specifically the spring European tour. He really was incredibly fluid during that tour, never really hitting a bum note anywhere. Plus, this is the year where his No Quarter solos were all consistently good. See this thread for more discussion. In terms of his worst year, I'd say 1980. Even in the best shows of the tour (Zurich, Frankfurt), his playing doesn't really stand out that much. It varies from decent to dreadful (just listen to White Summer from the final show in Berlin). For Plant, I'd say without question his best year was 1970. In 1969, his voice had a slightly greater range, but he hadn't yet learned how to control it. This resulted in his performances being up and down, not just from show to show, but from moment to moment. But in 1970, he learned how to control it, and knocked it out of the park consistently. See Montreux, Bath, and the evening show at MSG to see what I'm talking about. He was consistently amazing throughout the whole year. In fact, I've only heard one bad performance from him this whole year (4/18/70), where he had to talk his way through the latter half of the set. The good news is that the rest of that tour was immediately cancelled to rest his voice (something that should have been done more often, imo). Plant's worst year is undoubtedly 1975. He caught the flu at the very beginning of the tour, and for the first leg, he sounds painful. In the second leg, his voice improves, but he still has problems throughout the year, even at his best shows for this year (ex. 3/21/75, 5/18/75). As for Bonham's best year, I'd say 1977. He's amazing during the 73 Euro tour, battling it out with Page every night. But during the UK tour and the US tour immediately preceding and following that run, he's a little more reserved by comparison. In 1977, it was frequently Bonzo who held the band together (see 5/21/77). He really seemed to play interesting fills during this year that he wouldn't play later. Explosive is the word I'd use for his drumming during this time. The LA run, especially the first three shows (6/21-6/23) are especially amazing and are highly recommended. As with Page, I'd say his worst year is 1980. His playing there ranges from average (by his standards) to pedestrian. With Jones, it gets tricky. He was easily the most consistent member of the band, and you'd be hard pressed to find a song where he fucks up, let alone a whole show. I'll let others weigh in on him, because I honestly have no idea where to start.
  10. My top 3 will always be this: 9/19/70 (evening) - so many songs played in such a short time, all performed well 9/29/71 - Twist and Shout is amazing here 3/22/73 - The end of the Everybody Needs Somebody to Love section is one of the most intense things I've ever heard.
  11. It'll definitely take some getting used to. I hate when websites do this. Oh well, just have to give it time!
  12. You both make some very good points. I'd agree that Page's most consistent era of playing was '73, specifically the March Euro tour. By that time he had been touring with Zeppelin for around four and a half years, with few breaks in between. This meant that he was completely unafraid to try new, exciting ideas, and experiment left and right, knowing that the rest of the band would be right behind him. One example I can think of is right after the bow solo in D&C in Vienna. Instead of launching into the fast section, he does this molten solo with Bonzo throwing in a couple of fills. It sounds incredible. I always cite that and the last 8 or so minutes of D&C from Hamburg (that WICKED start/stop jam! ) when I introduce people to the Euro tour. In fact, I'd argue the soundboards only enhance the performances there. Regardless, Page would never be as consistent after that tour. Even the 73 American tour shows signs of his sticky fingers in a few shows. That being said, he still had phenomenal nights in latter years, it's just that they were on a less consistent basis. TUF from 3/27/75, Stairway from 6/23/77, NQ from 7/24/79...I defy anyone to say these solos are horrible or that Jimmy wasn't on for those particular performances. Bottom line: yes, Page could be sloppy, especially in latter years. Yes, after '73, he was more inconsistent. But, imo, he never lost the ability to blow the audience away, if even for a snippet of a song or two.
  13. This will never fail to put a smile on my face:
  14. There is going to be a soundboard of the 3/21/75 Seattle show coming out sometime next month. Further discussion can be found here:
  15. Tough call, there's so many good versions. I honestly don't think the band ever did a truly bad version of this song. Among my favorites: 3/7/70 3/21/70 9/19/70 (evening) 9/29/71 6/27/72 3/24/73 TSRTS 3/21/75 6/23/77 (LOVE the long note that Robert holds at the beginning) Didn't know that about the Hammond organ. That's interesting! I actually think Jimmy is in good shape for this show, especially for 77. The problem is Bonzo. He had food poisoning at this show, which accounts for his erratic playing. He throws the band off constantly, and they plod through just about every song. Shame because the rest of the band were fired up. This is why Plant says "we'd like to welcome back to the world John Bonham who had a terrible bout of food poisoning" on LTTE. In fact, I think this is the reason why he's so explosive at that show. He knew he fucked up at the San Diego show, and wanted to put in 110% for the LA shows to make up for it. If that is indeed the case, you almost wish he had a couple more off nights!
  16. Sure! Send me a PM and I'll give you the link.
  17. LOVE Star Trek. I actually personally prefer TNG slightly over TOS, but they're both great television, no doubt about that. I do prefer the characters of TOS though. As for the movies, Wrath of Khan will forever be my favorite. After that it's Generations (I know a lot of Trekkies disliked this film, but I think it's really underrated). The reboots I kind of have mixed feelings about. The first one had some good ideas, but felt too much like a generic space action picture for me. Into Darkness was utter crap, imo. But Beyond was surprisingly decent. Anyone else not too thrilled about this new TV series? It keeps getting pushed back, and I'm not willing to pay for CBS' streaming service to watch it.
  18. A very happy Easter to one and all!
  19. I've always been in the minority when it comes to the 24th show. To me, that is actually a fairly sloppy performance with some good moments (Stairway, D&C, WLL, TUF, NQ). If we're talking strictly soundboards, here's what I would say: Rock and Roll - 25th Sick Again - 25th Over the Hills and Far Away - 25th In My Time of Dying - 25th TSRTS - 25th The Rain Song - 25th Kashmir - 25th No Quarter - 24th Tangerine - 24th Going to California - 25th That's the Way - 25th Bron-Y-Aur Stomp - 25th Trampled Under Foot - 25th Moby Dick - 25th Dazed and Confused - 24th Stairway to Heaven - 24th Whole Lotta Love - 25th Black Dog - 25th Heartbreaker - 25th Communication Breakdown - 25th If we're including the audience tapes as well, I'd keep everything from Stairway onwards, as well as TSRTS and The Rain Song, as is. As for the rest of the compilation, I have to agree with Strider. The May 18th show finds the whole band in good form. Plant's voice was in the best shape for the whole week. Definitely an underrated show, and one of the best of 1975.
  20. Came across this cool quadraphonic remix of Over the Hills and Far Away from HTWWW:
  21. Based on this discussion at Royal Orleans, it appears Dadgad's remaster is generally considered to be the best version.
  22. I think the latter is more likely. If I had to bet which show they'll release next, I'd probably say 3/10/75. Why? We have the shows immediately prior to it (the two Dallas shows) and the show immediately following it (the first Long Beach show) on soundboard. It's just before the band had that white hot run in the latter part of March, which is generally considered to have started with the second Long Beach show. The show itself is generally considered to be good, but not great. Plus, Empress Valley has a reputation for being super greedy (a reputation which is not undeserved), so they're probably going to delay the release of another great show (ex. 3/12/75) as long as they can. Didn't a soundboard snippet of 6/23 come out recently? Was that released by a different label?
  23. I did a pretty extensive search of the forum and was shocked to discover that (apparently) no one has made a topic of this yet! Unless I'm retarded of course! This month-long tour, from Copenhagen on March 2nd to Paris on April 2nd, is one of the greatest tours/runs that Zeppelin has ever done. Jimmy and Bonzo were on a whole other level here! Since this is such a phenomenal run, I'm curious to see what you all would put in your "best of Europe 73" compilation. For mine, since the soundboards don't kick in until Dazed, I focused only on the good quality audience tapes (Vienna 3/16, Munich 3/17, Offenburg 3/24, and Paris 4/2): 1. Rock and Roll - 4/2 (yeah the beginning is cut and the tape is slightly overloaded at the start, but Plant's voice was in very good shape here, which gets things off to a strong start) 2. Over the Hills and Far Away - 3/24 3. Black Dog - 4/2 4. Misty Mountain Hop - 3/24 5. Since I've Been Loving You - 3/24 6. Dancing Days - 3/17 7. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp - 3/17 8. The Song Remains The Same - 3/24 9. The Rain Song - 3/24 10. Dazed and Confused - 3/16 (this is VERY tough! Hamburg, Essen, and Offenburg are right up there neck and neck along with this one. It's practically a toss-up for me!) 11. Stairway to Heaven - 3/24 12. Whole Lotta Love - 3/22 13. The Ocean - 3/21 14. Heartbreaker - 3/24
  24. Yeah Plant was certainly a shadow of his former self by 73. But honestly, I've been listening to several Euro shows again, and his voice is actually not that bad. He seems to have accepted that he can't go for the really high notes anymore and seems to have settled into his new range. Yeah his voice cracks every now and then, but by the time of, say, Dazed and Confused, he seems to have found his groove. He certainly sounds much better than he did at the January shows. Sadly, by 1975, Page's playing was subpar too (at least compared to 73). And 77 was even worse. But he still had his moments. The 77 LA run is proof of that. If only they had multi tracked those shows. Now THAT would be a killer live album, imo. Of course, Page would probably Frankenstein the hell out of it, assuming he'd want to release it at all.