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  1. Just received an update regarding a relative of mine who was suicidal: Her brother sent us a picture of her playing with her granddaughter and said she is doing MUCH better. Hopefully, she'll continue to improve and things will continue to get better. Anyone reading this who happens to be depressed: always remember, there's ALWAYS hope! Never let anyone tell you otherwise!
  2. 4 dead including the cop and assailant, 20 people injured (as of right now). It's sad that I'm honestly not that surprised when these attacks happen anymore. They seem to be increasing in frequency with each passing year. My heart goes out to all in London as well!
  3. To quote The Dark Knight: "very poor choice of words!". My apologies, Strider! You are indeed correct and I should have said "videotaped" and not "filmed". Thanks for the clarification and info! I was always under the impression that the video for Pontiac for sure existed, just that someone out there was hoarding it. It didn't even occur to me that they needed to be recording the actual feed, but it makes sense. Hopefully someone had the foresight to do that! Unless you're referring to my film/videotape gaffe above, you may be thinking of the Houston show or one of the Landover shows. They have been rumored to have been videotaped, but it seems unlikely. Further discussion can be found in this thread: As well as this one:
  4. Something I've always been wondering about: apparently the Tour Over Europe was originally supposed to have two shows in Berlin (on July 7th and 8th), but the latter one was cancelled. Why did this happen? I vaguely recall hearing that it was due to sluggish ticket sales, which somewhat surprised me. Is this true? Furthermore, on The Year of Led Zeppelin blog entry for the last show, someone named Greg Wilkinson claims this: Is this true? If so, why was it postponed a week?
  5. Besides the Seattle show, the only other show from the 77 tour that was definitely filmed by the band was their show at the Pontiac Silverdome on April 30th (which also broke a record for biggest attendance at an indoor concert). Unfortunately, that film has not been released yet. Hopefully it will someday as the performance is apparently really good (haven't heard the audience recording of the show yet myself). That aside, there are several shows from this tour that are absolute must hears. My go-to (as I'm sure is the case with many others here) are the LA shows on June 21st, 23rd, 25th, and 27th recorded by Mike Millard. They're some of the best audience recordings you'll ever hear, especially from that era. If I had to pick one show from this run as the best, it would be the 21st (though I'm sure many may disagree). Sound quality and performance are unbelievable. Zeppelin may have been past their prime at this point, but don't let anyone tell you they couldn't still do a killer live show. It easily blows Seattle out of the water. You can search for the 21st on Youtube. It's called "Listen to This Eddie". The Winston Remaster is generally considered to be the version with the best sound quality. Enjoy it! It was actually the first complete Zeppelin bootleg I ever heard.
  6. Quiz/game shows always seem to find the biggest idiots I've ever seen. Case in point: this classic moment from Family Feud. I'm ashamed that there are human beings out there that are this dumb. I get that it's hard coming up with answers in that short amount of time. But these answers? Seriously?!
  7. Thank you thank you thank you thank you for posting this! This sounds VERY good. Add a touch of reverb and boost the crowd just a bit and this would sound damn near perfect!
  8. Thank you for that, BledZabbath! I really appreciate it!
  9. RIP Chuck. Thank you for all you gave us!
  10. Just received an update: She is out of the hospital and back at her house. Her brother is going to be staying with her for a little while to look after her. They both spoke with my dad on the phone earlier today. He said she sounded a bit more reserved than usual. This could be due to her still being depressed, or it could be embarrassment (she just found out that we know about her suicide attempt). She admitted, in her own words, that it was a stupid thing to do, and that she will be going into therapy starting next week. In fact, she seems to be doing so much better that her brother questioned why he even bothered going there at all. I told my dad to call her brother again tonight and tell him to continue to be cautious. I've heard that in some cases people who are suicidal seem to be improving in the final days before they actually kill themselves (because, in their minds, they know the pain will be over soon). He should keep this in mind in case she is putting on a facade. Hopefully, she is genuinely doing better and will continue to improve. All I can continue to do is hope and keep her in my thoughts. In short, we're not out of the woods yet, but we're hoping we're at least one step closer.
  11. Honestly all of the solos in that LA run are great. Page really was on for these shows! Likewise, all of the Stairway solos in this run are great as well (the 27th may be a tad sloppy, but it's still good, imo).
  12. One of the best uses of the f word in a PG-13 film
  13. These greedy assholes are going to keep dragging this thing out as long as they possibly can because the song is fucking Stairway to Heaven! Arguably THE most iconic rock song ever! If they had even a tenth of a percent of the royalties, they'd be millionaires easily. This whole thing is completely frivolous and bullshit. Spirit does not own a descending arpeggio, nor does anyone else, because it's been used in music for hundreds of years. Plus, only the first four or five notes on the guitar sound at all similar. If this were over a song like Dazed and Confused, I'd at least understand to a certain degree. This is just greediness, plain and simple as that.
  14. Agreed. I mentioned this elsewhere, but if I had to pick one more soundboard to be released from '77, it'd be 6/22/77. That has Page's best OTHAFA solo ever, imo! Plus my favorite version of IMTOD.
  15. Just saw Logan. Fantastic movie. Very dark, very moving, very gritty. If you're at all a fan of the X-Men or superhero movies in general, you should definitely check this one out!
  16. I didn't see your post until now. Thanks Craig! Appreciate the support. Hope you're feeling better too!
  17. Thank you all for the support! It really means a lot. I'm not sure what meds (if any) she is on. She lives all the way across the country so we're getting details from her brother. She is currently in a psychiatric ward in a hospital. I'm still trying to process all of this. I've had depression myself (thankfully I'm in a much better place mentally now) and when you're in that abyss, it's hard to get out. For now, all I can do is hope and keep her in my thoughts. BledZabbath, I'm sorry to hear you're going through a bit of it too. Stay strong, man! What happened? I know he got involved in a spat with SAJ and others in the Random Thoughts thread. Is that why he's banned or is it something else?
  18. Just found out that a dear relative of mine is going through a deep depression and even attempted suicide a few weeks ago. She's been going through a lot (financial problems, marriage problems) and it pains me to see her like this.
  19. I'm just going to add to the chorus of voices here to say you're in for a real treat! For '75, it really doesn't get any better than this. Whole show smokes from beginning to end. Enjoy it when it comes!
  20. I found this comment on Royal Orleans that seems to suggest that it is indeed a soundboard (albeit an unbalanced one): I will agree with you that it sounds nothing like the soundboard snippet we have of the previous night. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable about this stuff than I can explain why it is so different, given how it's the same venue and everything.
  21. You are correct. The SBD snippet is of Jimmy's noise solo, which isn't exactly the most exciting part of the show. I have a feeling the rest of the show (and the rest of the LA run, assuming there are boards for all of the shows) won't be released for a LONG time. At least we have Mike Millard's tapes for four of the shows!
  22. I thought the general consensus was that the tape we have is the soundboard of this show (with various audience recordings filling in the gaps). It's a shame too, because, even though it's clear, it's pretty unbalanced (Robert being buried, etc.) for a soundboard. Oh well, at least we have the full show. Now I would definitely love for the previous show on the 28th to have a full soundboard (instead of just the snippet we have of Black Dog). That show is on the same level as the 29th. That tour of Japan truly was amazing! If we're talking soundboard wish lists in general with no restrictions, here's mine: 1. 6/19/72 2. 9/19/70 (evening show) - I don't anything needs to be said for these first two shows 3. 6/22/77 - see above 4. 9/28/71 - we already have a solid audience recording for most of the show, but it'd be nice to hear the encores in better sound quality 5. 3/24/73 - one of Jimmy's best (if not his very best) shows. This whole Euro run is amazing! 6. 6/28/70 - would be nice to have something other than the mediocre recordings we currently have 7. 1/26/69 - even if the show didn't go on for four hours, the performance is incredible regardless. While the audience recording is decent, it'd be nice to hear the rest of the band apart from Page 8. Anything from the Scandinavian tour or 1st UK tour in 1968 9. 4/17/70 - has one of the best if not THE best HMMT ever, even with the crowd issues! 10. 4/28/77 - even though Strider is correct that the 77 boards leave a lot to be desired, I'd still love to hear this show with a soundboard. Although I'm more looking forward to the matrices people could be able to make. I'm thinking (or rather hoping) that the boards do exist and someone is hoarding them. Hopefully they'll get released someday if they do indeed exist. Although honestly I'd be happy with just the 22nd and 26th shows since Millard did such a phenomenal job with the others.
  23. I understand, but my point is that people on this forum need to chill out and stop insulting one another. That goes for people on both the left and the right, not just one particular side. I just want to see a place where people can discuss politics in a thoughtful and intelligent way, but given the behavior of some in this thread, that seems impossible. In any case, I'm pretty much done with this particular thread unless everyone learns to grow the hell up. It's just become a toxic, depressing place lately.
  24. I've been wondering this for a long time myself. 1972 shows Robert's voice in its steepest decline. In the Australian shows, his voice is quite good. It's not quite to the soaring heights of 69-71, but it's still pretty damn powerful. In the American tour that summer, you can tell it's changed somewhat. It sounds "thinner" for lack of a better word, and it also cracks quite a bit more, even in some of his lower range. Some moments that come to mind include the "oh yeah, oh yeah, oh, oh oh" on Black Dog on HTWWW and the first sung note of SIBLY on the same album. At Tuscon, the last show of the tour, the cracks are particularly noticeable on OTHAFA (one very bad one occurs on the " much there is to know" lyric). I'll add my + 1,000,000 to Strider and Nutrocker's. Seriously, what DID happen during those four months??? I can at least somewhat understand the decline from February to June, since they were recording HOTH at the time (this makes me think of another question: are the sped up vocals on the studio version of TSRTS deliberately done to mask the decline in Robert's voice, or was it done just as a cool effect?), but from June to October they weren't doing anything were they? So what happened? Was it an overindulgence of drugs, perhaps? Did he get another bad cold just prior to the Japan tour that messed up his voice? And when did he have the vocal surgery? I've heard many people place it around late '73-early '74, but I've also heard people date it during this four month long break. If that was when it occurred, then I guess it explains the decline in his voice by that time. If it occurred later, then what the hell happened? So many questions! I just did a sample listen of the latter half of '72, listening specifically to the chorus of OTHAFA. The last time Plant hits all the high notes in the chorus is the last show in Japan, 10/10/72. For a while during the UK tour he attempts to sing the first line of the chorus (many have I loved, and many times been bitten) in the original melody while singing the second line (many times I've gazed along the open road) in the now-familiar altered melody, with mixed results. The last time he even attempts the original melody at all (prior to the NY run in 77) is (I believe) the last show of '72 at Alexandria Palace (12/23/72). Since the show after this one is the infamous Sheffield gig, I think it's safe to assume that was the last time.