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  1. Thanks Reswati, that is good to know, I`m unfortunatly not in England, so it is hard to get there on time :-). If you happen to hear about something like that a bit in advance, I would highly appreciate some info. Cheers to that M
  2. HI everyone, I was wondering if any of you guys know, when and where would be a next chance to meet any of LZ members in person? (nothing wired from my side, just professional interest). Somewhere in Europe would be good.... Thanks a lot for your help MG
  3. Well, thank you Archivist, I`v looked on his website before - the gigs that he does play are coming up kind of late, so it`s easy to miss. In fact I`m not just interested in his performances, buth rather have to talk to JPJ in person (no worries, just professional reasons:-). As far as I know he is better reachable than RP and JP, so therefore I just hoped to meet him somewhere in Europe. By the way, is he living in London or more in the States? Thanks again for your post MG
  4. Hey everyone, I was wondering if any of you guys is familiar with John Paul Jones gig schedule for 2017. Is he coming to Europe anytime? Thanks for your feedback MG