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    Zep Head
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    I am a huge Led Zepp fan. Have been for as long as i can remember. Fave tracks change often. Also a fan of Goldfrapp, Maiden, Megadeth and Metallica. I love my Sport. Everton are my football team. Both codes of Rugby. Leigh(League). Worcester(Union).

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  1. Road to somewhere-Goldfrapp
  2. Just like heaven- The Cure
  3. needs a pat on the
  4. it had been getting away
  5. Me too. But Coverdale is a idiot as a person.
  6. Life is for living-Coldplay
  7. Rush-Power windows
  8. its my life-Bon Jovi
  9. cannot beat the feeling that
  10. sign
  11. Rain all day. It is meant to be gale force winds here for the next 2 days. That is what the Mrs said earlier. As long as it does not rain like today i am not bothered. Oh and i want everyone to stay safe.
  12. I was fine about turning 30. But when i was 40 in December. No that does not feel good. Life goes way too fast.
  13. Dinosaurs are chicken inside. Battered on the outside. Also available in the shape of Jets. My diet is how it is now i am ashamed to say. Not much healthy. And not very varied. I am slim though. That is because i walk everywhere.
  14. Did not know about that. RIP Brian Pern
  15. door