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  1. I had heard about stairway to heaven as this iconic rock anthem and listened to it long before i became a properly obsessed led zeppelin fan. Now whenever I listen to it, I can really appreciate it but it always seems to be this extraordinary piece even for led zeppelin standards. It sounds to me that it's unlike anything they had ever done. But I have heard it so many times that I can no longer feel like I'm objectively judging it. So my question is to people who first heard stairway with the same anticipation that they had for other led zeppelin songs: did you feel there was something really very different and extraordinary about this song when you heard it (in comparison to other zeppelin material), and do you still feel the same way now?
  2. What about the echo? Also, he definitely wasn't screaming vocals to the same extent post 76. Although I'll admit he did improve, his style wasn't as powerful
  3. I'm sure those of you who have listened extensively to live zeppelin across the years know the extraordinary and slightly scary change in Plant's vocal talent. From one of the most influential and powerful sounds at the time in the early 70's to an absolute trainwreck near the final days of zeppelin, he just sounds so painfully strained from 77-80. Why did this happen? Is it really as simple as, 'well, drugs'? The deterioration in quality is also definitely noticable in both page and bonham most of the time, but it is very hard to cover up a bad voice, whereas instrumental parts are less physically strenuous. Also, something about Plant's vocals later on that confuses me; why did he begin to use so much echo later on? Was it to cover up a bad voice or just a new idea to 'enhance' the music. I feel angry at the fact that zeppelin's reputation is tainted by these later years and people call them 'sloppy' or whatever. But there's some truth behind it - does anybody know?
  4. The definition of psychedelic music is that 'it recreates the effects of hallucinogenic drugs' and 'Psychedelic bands often drew on non-Western sources such as the ragas, drones and sitars of Indian music and they used electric instruments and electronic effects–notably the lead electric guitar played with heavy distortion'. So, despite not really representing the 60's 'psychedelic movement', led zeppelin music ticks most of the boxes. Just listen to 'whole lotta love', 'dazed and confused' or 'how many more times', or 'white summer/black mountainside'. That's almost as psychedelic as music gets before turning ridiculous in my book. Personally, I feel 'what is and what should never be' is more psychedelic than any beatles' song I've heard (especially the RAH performance). In fact, I dare say zeppelin is second only to pink floyd in the genre. I'm not sure why people don't think so, I don't understand the need to brand 'psychedelic' with 60's subculture.
  5. He can be seen wearing this pendant in msg and other performances. Any occultiphiles know what it means? Maybe we can draw comparisons between this and zoso to narrow down the possibilities?
  6. I feel like Robert's Plant's pronunciation of lyrics became really odd in the late 70's. I have a hard time understanding what he's saying In 'in my time of dying', and 'in the evening', or any concert post '75. Does anyone know a particular reason for this?