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  1. Never. I was not born..
  2. My favorite version of Thank You and a excellent SIBLY
  3. Dazed & Confused next song.
  4. Here we go again for volume 3 of my compilations with this time Trampled Underfoot, this song was played in live between 12 january 1975 and 07 july 1980 With these 69 versions, you can follow the progression of this song, the timelist is in the description, enjoy For very longs songs or who was played a lot of time ( No Quarter, Dazed & Confused, Over the hills and far away, Whole lotta love medley....) it's impossible to make it in one video. But i can make dazed and confused in the year 1973 for exemple, tell me your suggestions; ideas
  5. Vol.2 of my "all-in-one" , after Achilles Last Stand it's "IN THE EVENING" ! they played it between 23 july 1979 and 7 july 1980

    I agree for the studio version, i love it. An other video is coming today, stay tuned i hear all suggestions about future songs

    These song was played a lot with a long duration, maybe i can separate them by tour/era, exemple since i've been loving you for the year 1975 i say that because i have try to upload over the hills and far away (116songs in one video for 12 hours 30 minutes ) youtube deleted my video because And for Stairway To Heaven it's risked because everytime i uploaded it, copyrights .. Stay tuned for the next compilation, i post it in a few minutes
  8. ALS is one of my favorite song in live, i have decided to make a new concept, a "All-in-one" I think that this kind of videos is as useful as the concerts, it can make it easier to find the best version.

    Thanks luvlz! Thanks for your messages Samo I have not choose the next song because i need to check a lot of things (how many times they played it, duration..) for the moment its just a new concept who need to be improved. But yeah why not "over the hills and far away" its a good idea, And problems of copyrights with YT... thats why i don't think to upload stairway to heaven in first.
  10. Great sound, great show. Perfect
  11. Today In Led Zeppelin History

    07/07/80 The last song from the last show together.
  12. Favorite opening song?

    The song remains the same 06/21//77 Good Times Bad Times / Communication Breakdown 11/06/69 We're Gonna Groove 03/07/70 Train Kept A Rollin' 08/31/69