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  1. "You" from the Ox as well. Great tune. Vicious bass playing. "Did You Steal My Money" is a silly song but one that many rock stars can relate to. The reference to being in a bear pit in "Cache Cache" is true. I guess Pete got so pissed and drugged one night that he passed out in a zoo. The remixed version of the CD is quite interesting because they cut way more tracks than they needed for the record. "I Like Nightmares" very much captures Pete's frame of mind at the time. Wait a minute, I guess we are on a Led Zeppelin fan forum...sorry Kind of a bad thing to do being that Pete T. hates Led Zeppelin (but likes the guys in the band). But he dislikes everything, so everyone gets the same treatment.
  2. That's a good one. Thanks a bunch mate. Don't copy. Right!
  3. I understand that, but like many people, I hate the sound of bootlegs. I mean, if it's the only thing available, I will take it. But part of the reason why I was slightly disappointed with the LZ reissues is that I wanted to get a version of "Swan Song" on CD in high fidelity. There was enough room on the Graffiti companion disc for its inclusion. By the way, I love "The Quiet One" from The Who. Bless the Ox. That song was one of the greatest live songs ever by The Who. Townshend's solos were among his best ever when that track was played live. Even during the 1980/81 tours when Pete was wasted.
  4. No problem. I just find it a startling revelation given Page's extreme tendency towards privacy. I am sure other posters would be interested in the rest of the quote as well and what he was talking about.
  5. It's funny....during this photo shoot the band changed clothes a few times (Bonzo, for example, changed into a long sleeve dress shirt) . There is also the famous shot where Robert pulled his pants down enough to slightly reveal, shall we say, his package. I would imagine he is not happy with the fact that the photo is circulating on the net.
  6. Speaking about the XYZ project, Page has talked over the years about putting some of that material out. But with Squire's passing, I don't know if it will ever occur. Plus, a couple of the XYZ ideas ended up in other places.
  7. 'Johns should have been hung, drawn and quartered for the fiascos he pulled' That's really harsh. The only worst thing that I have ever heard about an engineer was an assistant engineer who was asked to set up a listening tape for the first song that was recorded for Steely Dan's "Gaucho" album called "The Second Arrangement." Donald, Walter, engineer Roger Nichols and producer Gary Katz felt it was one the 5 greatest songs that the "band" had ever done. I think many music fans are aware of how fastidious Becker/Fagen were in a studio. They would have a session guitar player spend 24 hours recording a guitar solo, of which only half would be used on record. Well this assistant engineer apparently put the tape in the wrong way, and hit record, erasing 2/3 of the song. Everyone came back from supper ready to listen to find out that the tune had been basically wiped out. No one returned to the studio for days. They spent a total of $65,000 in 1979 money trying to record the song again, but they could never get it right, so they dumped it. The nasty sounding bootleg version of one of the retakes that's on is not nearly as good as the original. Doesn't have horns and other essential parts. A small 2 minute snippet of the basic track from the original version that was wiped out is on
  8. I would be curious what he said about 1982....if you could transcribe or copy it and post that would be great.
  9. Got that one down. But why all the re-editing of songs, and the swapping of some songs for other ones......
  10. This quote is one of the most revealing things that Jimmy has said in a magazine article. Quite personal. Do you know what magazine and edition this comes from. It's a photo from some article.
  11. delete plz
  12. And what a beautiful version of "The Rain Song" it was as well. I think Jimmy was able to play that track with the original tuning that was on HOTH instead of the altered tuning he used to use on the double neck that required less string retuning. But I am just wondering why they did these massive changes. Does anybody recall if anything was said in the presser when the 2nd version of the CD came out??
  13. I honestly don't know if Plant even likes JPJ, and if Plant's dislike of him could've been the final nail in the coffin regarding his participation in the NO Quarter project. In Uncle Joe's Record Guide on Hard Rock Bands, it is mentioned that JPJ was not even scheduled to perform with Plant and Page at the rock and roll hall of fame ceremony, but some last minute, tense negotiations led to his inclusion in the jam. I think there is a rift between them.
  14. I have said for years that one of the worst decisions LZ ever made was not putting those tracks on a 3-song EP. Jimmy wanted to do it. I don't know why it didn't pan out. There was too much of a time gap between Presence and ITTOD. The EP would've keep LZ in the spotlight a bit more until the Knebworth shows. Plant loved "Wearing and Tearing" and wanted to put it out as a single as a challenge to the punks. I tend to like "Wearing and Tearing" and "Ozone Baby" quite a bit more than "Darlene," but all three were release-quality tracks.
  15. I have always owned the original version of the CD, but I recently bought the 2004 reissue. From Wikipedia: Does anyone know why all these massive changes were made? I would assume that Jimmy and Plant were involved in the decision making. It seems odd that these changes were made because Plant seems to look back on the Unledded project quite fondly. If they wanted a reissue, why not add a bonus disc with additional recordings to keep the authenticity of the original CD? I don't like it when artists go back in time and remix and re-sequence a classic album and then delete the old one so that fans can't have the original thing anymore. Kind of like what The Who did in the mid-1990's when they remixed all of their albums. Some of The Who tunes sounded drastically different to the original recordings.