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  1. I do think it was the right time. Would there have been a push and pull between the band members, (checks and balances) or would Robert have tried to dominate in lieu of a solo career? I would hate to think Zeppelin would merely be Robert's backing band.
  2. Code on label: Side one: ST-A-712285 SP Side two: ST-A-712286 SP
  3. Okay I will start things off: White dust sleeve SIDE 1 PORKY ST-A-71-2285-C AT/9P SIDE 2 PECKO DUCK ST-A-7122860 AT13P To the best of my ability...
  4. I have had many copies of this album on vinyl throughout my life and I always wonder why sometimes I get a brown dust sleeve and sometimes white? (I prefer the white) Brown or white sleeve on the first pressings and which is more common? Also is the recent vinyl reissue dust sleeve brown on white?
  5. Sounds like a guy who is drunk/high in the moment who is disillusioned with life and has a fantasy that California is the promised land (irrationally). If he could just make it there. But he never even makes the effort. Maybe even an old man looking back at his broken life? Or perhaps the man is dying and California is an analogy for Heaven? I know Zep referenced Lord of the Rings at times and I think this has that kind of theme to it. Specifically the Hobbit. A great adventure awaits. Of course Bilbo was reluctant and this song is overlaid with jet planes to bring it to a more modern world.
  6. Jimmy should have just joined the Crowes. They should have written together. I would love to hear the results. They seemed like a perfect fit for him.
  7. They could house the collection in a one of those obelisk's from the Presence cover, or perhaps a blimp.
  8. The Who in the 60's were phenomenal at writing about awkward teenage life culminating in Tommy. I am not a big fan of the 70's stadium rock Who, they just became so much less interesting. Zeppelin blows away 70's Who.
  9. Only Jim was a bad boy, the other 3 were sane, serious musicians. It should have never been called Jim Morrison and the Doors. Jim hated that kind of thing. To me personally if Ray was missing in the lineup The Doors would have never succeeded. Also wasn't it Robbie who actually wrote the hits that charted?
  10. I had a bootleg that was entirely Jimmy supposedly noodling around trying to figure out the song. I used to tease my friend when she wanted to do something that we could spend the evening just listening this and she would tell me hell no.
  11. Its all good. Music is very subjective. Jackson 5 are great.
  12. Slightly off topic, but it just recently occurred to me Zeppelin wrote Stairway only 2 years in. That's pretty amazing. I guess being the fourth album its easier to assume it was much later if you don't think about it.
  13. Hell no. The first 4 Heart albums are excellent at least. Bebe has Silver Wheels. Love that instrumental (too short though)They are similar to Zep in that they had their rockers and acoustic numbers. Like all bands things go downhill somewhere down the line.
  14. I like the idea of them being signed by Zeppelin, but in the end it might have worked against the sisters. Probably would have been seen as a novelty act (because of the obvious Zeppelin influences). Ann and Nancy are seen as pioneering, rocking women, but their identity might have been lost had they been helped by Zeppelin at the time. Plus, I don't think Zeppelin were in a state in 77 to give them the support and push the sisters might have needed.
  15. Jimmy's black and white suits were theoretically ridiculous. But Jimmy looks fantastic in them. Only he could get away with that. I also think Jimmy is probably my favorite guitar player as far as his presence on stage. You can tell how much he loves the music. He seems rather shy and quiet but really comes to life on stage.