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  1. Wow..great discussion again - thanks everyone! Well, I live in hope that the '75-'80 Zep will get some kind of commemoration in an official release someday. (If anyone has more info about the later-era shows and whether or not they were recorded in one format or another, please keep posting here!)
  2. costly
  3. Sign O' the Times - Prince
  4. The Heart of the Matter - Don Henley
  5. football
  6. Chain of Fools - Aretha Franklin
  7. Black Water - The Doobie Brothers
  8. Thank you both VERY much for this! This kind of information-sharing is exactly what I was hoping to find here. I will look out for the shows that you both speak of, and I further hope that we will get releases of these shows (I have heard the same thing about the Pontiac Silverdome show in the past - so I hope that finds the light of day as well.) Thanks again!
  9. Crazy Love - Van Morrison
  10. OK, this was the kind of information I was hoping to get. I agree that the peak of the band was the from their genesis up to and including 1973 - however, was even the '75 tour so inconsistent in quality that a complete show from that tour wouldn't be worth hearing? (Personally, I wouldn't mind a patching together of different shows from the same tour ('75, '77, and/or '79-'80), as long as we got something resembling a full set list of the time.) I guess I must be an oddball - I didn't mind the lengthy "No Quarter" performances from that era (e.g., the one from the Seattle '77 show I quite like). Well, in any case, I hope something from the 2nd half of their career together sees the light of day, audio or video.
  11. vibrant
  12. A Song for Europe - Roxy Music
  13. Thanks to both of you for responding so quickly. So, it sounds like there are actually good reasons for the lack of audio/video from that era of the band. That's very sad (esp. for the '75 shows - some/many of those concerts must have been blinders...) Well, I live in hope - besides the Seattle show, I have never heard anything from the '77 tour. I know Jimmy wasn't in the best of health then, but surely there must have been good shows that were recorded by the band (?)
  14. Does anyone think that JP will ever release audio and/or video of LZ live from 1975 to 1980, independent of (or expanded from) what appeared on the Led Zeppelin DVD? From that DVD, I'm aware that the Earl's Court '75 and Knebworth '79 exist in video form, and I also know that the Kingdome show in Seattle from '77 exists. What other complete shows were videoed between '75 - '80? Forgive me if this seems like a newbie question, but, despite being a fan of many decades, I honestly don't know what is actually out there that could conceivably see the light of day someday. (Yes, I know the trading community would have a lot, but what would JP have ready access to to release officially?) I'm just mystified that that whole era has very few official releases - none that I'm aware of apart from the DVD. The beginning of the band up to and including 1973 are very well represented in live releases, but not the second half of the band's history. I'd even be happy with just audio of that era. What do we think? Will such releases ever happen? Thanks in advance...
  15. shot