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  1. You mentioned Elvis- what are you referring to?
  2. I was more about the divorce and it could have been a deal to where he needed the money to pay her off. I think the timing of the sale would be a clue. His first solo record was on Swan Song so I don't know how Grant could have negotiated his deal for Es Paranza before Pictures at Eleven came out??? They could be separate transactions. Grant negotiated his solo deal, record came out, divorce started and he needed to pay her off so he sold these rights and at the same time, Swan Song was kaput so he started his own label, but I think the label was in name only, not a real label. Also, he sold royalties from the back catalog but not his PUBLISHING royalties, right? Big difference.
  3. There is no indication that RP doesn't care about money....most facts point to the opposite.
  4. If this has been posted before I am sorry but I did not see it. Wasn't there a lawsuit between Zeppelin and Grant over royalties at some point in the 80s or 90s?
  5. I disagree. Coverdale did very well on this project. Might be the best thing he's done. It was just at a time that grunge was exploding and rock like this just didn't sell to the masses.
  6. I've always wondered by RP kept slagging JPJ thru the 80's. In 87 a 88 he slagged JPJ a lot in the press.
  7. To throw gas on the fire....they had to use JPJ's own signature song to define the whole thing "No Quarter".
  8. Regardless of who might of passed away - the band was done. Like Robert said really was over anyway. as far a a reunion and who could of filled in....I could see Joe Perry playing for Jimmy in a one off performance, someone said Brian May which is unlikely.
  9. I never thought RP was feminine.
  10. I wish they had expanded their US set list to include other songs from their albums. By 77, they had played SIBLY too many times, great song, but come on. In their 77 set list, they should have left off SIBLY, No Quarter, White Summer/Black Mountain Side, maybe Moby Dick, Black Country Women, possibly a few others. They should have included, maybe, Over the Hills and Far Away, Misty Mountain Hop, For your Life, others......
  11. Is this the whole thing or only part of it?
  12. I had never seen these pictures before until they were in the Grant video above (from youtube). Amazing that all the books I've read - none had this picture of when Jimmy signed Zeppelin to Atlantic. Great picture! Question - it looks like Jeff Beck was there also -- Why was he there?
  13. I like Peter Grant. He was a great manager but the incident in Oakland was insane and I'm gonna just put it out there - his demise of being in control of himself and his business affairs brought on the end of Led Zeppelin to include the end of Swan Song Records. Jimmy Page was the leader of the band, plain and simple. Sure - others had input but Jimmy started it, he was in charge of the recording and at least "suggested" the decisions. With his rumored issues being severe, no one was left to be in charge. A healthy Grant would have kept the whole thing in line. After the death of the child - Grant let the record company flounder. He was supposed to run the company. A healthy Grant may have even gotten Page straightened out. It's not his fault totally because Page is just as much to blame.