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  1. Aigh! Can't thank you enough, mate! I thought I was having an hallucination that I saw them in Philly and San Fran the same year! I owe you a debt of eternal thanks! Hey, let me know if you come across any hotness of those shows, would love to have them. Ta!
  2. Greetings all, It's been a long time since I've been here, very long time. What I'm looking for is a wee bit of a miracle. Does anyone have JPJ solo tour dates from 1994-1998 and—before your heads explode thinking that's a bucketload of dates—looking only for shows in the NYC-Philadelphia-Wash DC corridor. Maybe even Hartford or Boston. If you have any knowledge of JPJ shows in this timeframe of these places—set lists, *any* recordings, even partial—please post. I would be eternally, wholeheartedly grateful. I've lost my ticket stubs (wallet got lifted) and cannot recall all the details. TIA...