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  1. Well, the idea that they rehearsed so much is all well and good, but i can tell you from my own hands that there is nothing like doing a bunch of dates, it is just so much more demanding to take it out in public, and it builds the stamina and pads. The other thing is the detuned guitars to accommodate a natural reduction in range by Plant. Again, when you do this a lot, your ear and your hands work together in ways that are extremely hard to change if you always played in concert pitch. Plus, you are typically going to have to increase the string gauge, and that also messes with the feel of things. I think some nerves were also involved, in the past he had a reputation for some rather strong doses of whatever he thought might keep him steady. It isn't like they came off a tour and now play a show recorded for posterity, etc. The other thing that sort of hit me was how he seemed to become an old person overnight, it wasn't that long ago that he did some shows with the Black Crowes that appeared on Youtube. He almost looks ill, that kind of flop sweat omigod i am going to keel over from a heart attack. I cut this last year at age 60, Jimmy was just a few years older in 2007, one take on all the instruments, my buddy Pete put some words to it and on- passed the vocal. Hope I die before i get old, but so far i haven't.....hahahahaha. And Jimmy can do no wrong anyway, we are just lucky to be able to hear him play, in his prime or whenever....