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  1. Yes! I had never seen those last 2 pictures! Where DID you find them? He is so blond in those 😍 Beautiful Man!!
  2. I want to extend an invitation to everyone to share their favorite, sexiest picture(s) ! It would be so awesome to get that going ! For me, it's difficult to choose because first of all, he's gorgeous and then second of all, he's extremely photogenic ! There are dozens of pictures that vie for top spot but after much consideration (drum roll........) this, to me, is the sexiest picture ever taken of him:
  3. Nice pics!! We've got decades represented here, It's another testimony to his timelessness and his incredible talent and charisma (as well as HOTNESS)!...although I could pass on the 80s mullet but hey, let's face it, he's still Robert Plant, mullet or no mullet! Just watched the beginning of Celebration Day concert for the first time and was blown away. They sounded amazing. I haven't delved into their reunions much because I am kinda obsessed with their hey-days. I find myself watching the RAH full concert over and over as well as anything from their earlier years... to me, the young Robert is Irresistibly gorgeous in every conceivable way!! And I cannot seem to get enough of him. How could one man be so physically attractive and sexy as well as gifted?? What a voice!!! What a face ... What a body. And don't get me started on the golden hair and the tight jeans....
  4. have a great day ladies. Doesn't he look angelic in the last picture? He takes my breath away enjoy!
  5. I am completely smitten - he is absolutely beautiful and has the best voice and incredible presence... he's a force of nature. Sensual perfection...mmmm
  6. Well... as I mentioned I just joined the forum a few days ago and have had such a good time reading through the thread and admiring/enjoying the pictures of Robert. What great beauty and talent!! Here are some of my favorites that I've collected and I hope you enjoy them. (Sorry if they've already been shown at some
  7. Many thanks for the link and info! I admire that RP has never stopped growing musically and wish I could see him perform soon. Now I know to check the news section of the Forum. It's late here in Ohio so good night and sweet dreams. (Perhaps this will help with that) πŸ˜‰
  8. This might be dumb question but what is the Nigel Kennedy thing?...
  9. And here's yet another gorgeous picture of our Golden Boy
  10. Ok! Thanks! So maybe he'll be back in the Fall this year. I'll keep checking website. here's a little eye candy! Yummy πŸ˜‹
  11. I wish I could see him live. Don't know when was the last time he was in the States. Do you ?
  12. Hey there! So you say you're from UK? Has that made it possible for you to see Robert perform recently? I saw that JPJ was playing in a trio of some sort recently! Anyway- to be honest with you, I was a bit of a wild child in HS so part of me was quite attracted to the "bad boy" reputation. But as I myself have matured I have deep appreciation for LZ musical complexity and how their music, to me, has remained fresh no matter how much I listen to it. One of my favorite ways to relax is to put on my headphones and listen to their live concerts especially to the improvisations! WOW! I'm totally blown away and find new nuances each time. Alsi- I don't know if you've watched their Royal Albert Hall 1970 performance. The entire concerto is on YouTube. Excellent cinematography plus they are on fire!!!' OH! I found a picture of RP on the drums (like that video someone just sent) I wonder if anyone out there knows more about that ....
  13. I'm looking for posters.... does anyone know of good sites to find variety, maybe even rare ones? I've tried Amazon and but am not too impressed with their selection. Thanks!!
  14. Thanks for sharing that picture of Robert on the drums! That's really unique. And the following pics rock!! To respond to Jan: I started listening to Zeppelin during high school like you did. But I've grown to appreciate them even more as I've gotten older. I was a freshman when Bonzo passed away. So I never got to experience them live unfortunately. I'm thrilled to have a forum where I can share with like minded people my love of Zeppelin and their music. Each member mastered their craft and they were even more amazing working together! I remain fascinated with Robert at that phase of his career and feel that he is the sexiest man - absolutely gorgeous!! And he still has that spark!!! Heres a couple more enjoy😍
  15. Hi Anniemouse! I'm so happy to get a response from another fan and admirer ! Thank you for the pics! I have a soft spot for our boy at any age but especially at his prime ! He is ageless and so talented ! Heres another of my favorites from the earlier years - and please keep on sending yours! We need to be well rounded!