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  1. Hot Pics of Robert

    Nice view too :-)
  2. Hot Pics of Robert

    YEAH!! New one to me. What a treat. He's even got a little bit of his " duck" face with the pouty lips!! thanks again this is a keeper ...is that a velvety top that was kinda like pinkish/mauve? If so I havea color pic let me see if I can locate
  3. Hot Pics of Robert

    I finally found this pic! I like the fit of the pants ... Also found a collection enjoy! :-)
  4. Hot Pics of Robert

    And some more current ones
  5. Hot Pics of Robert

    Good morning. Here's A few of my favorites.
  6. Hot Pics of Robert

    Sweet!! I love him in this shirt which apparently HE loved as well because it's in so many different pics from this time period. Would this be 1970? Because I know 71 the beards gone. Right?
  7. Hot Pics of Robert

    Here's a few from me :-) And what is so cute is he hadn't outgrown it!! LOL
  8. Hot Pics of Robert

    Gorgeous photos! Once again, I had not seen some of those before !! Annimouse, what's the story with the more recent one?
  9. Hot Pics of Robert

    I hope and pray my friend. He is my main man
  10. Hot Pics of Robert

    Wow!! Thanks bcarter for these beautiful and unique photos, most of which I have not seen before! Thank you for sharing how did you know this little black top is probably my all time favorite?? YES"!!! Happy dance!! Loved him playing the piano, too
  11. Hot Pics of Robert

    Thanks for giving me some hope! I guess it is possible but I saw or heard somewhere that he was thinking of retiring...? From touring and such... Does anyone know more ? What I need to do is to go to that pub! I'll just stake it out! LOL. Can u imagine being able to have a drink with Robert?
  12. Hot Pics of Robert

    Always a pleasure to share about Robert! I absolutely adore the man!! Thanks for listening and for enjoying. he is so beautiful in so many pictures that it actually kinda hurts because I will not be able to ever meet him- at least not if he doesn't tour in US by my area...
  13. Hot Pics of Robert

    OH and I wanted to add that he makes a connection with his audience. Example is last picture of previous post. WOW
  14. Hot Pics of Robert

    I love Roberts passion... His willingness to bear himself on stage and that is one reason he is and will always be my favorite artist/musician of ALL time. Thanks for sharing that adorable pic. . It,reminds me a little of the one where he's super young -probably one of their first,performances and he's got his mouth wide open and eyes scrunched up , his hair is short. I wish I had saved it. But here is few I love of him performing :
  15. Hot Pics of Robert

    I also love the pure joy that he is obviously feeling when his team won. Adorable. But I must say I'm partial to this outfit out on the field .... Also I love that next pic as well. His hair!!!
  16. Hot Pics of Robert

    Thanks! So I wasn't too far off :-)! LOL For me it's just amazing when I stop and consider that they went on their first US tour in 1969 and just a year later when that picture was taken had already achieved so much - especially with the US crowd. I think they'd won their first gold record for sales of the first album in the US... And here he is 22 years old and earning enough to buy all that land etc. Pretty heady stuff!!
  17. Hot Pics of Robert

    Thank you TenYearsGone! So that little stinker definitely hooked up with Maureen's little sister before they officially split...I wonder what his in laws were thinking! To have both your daughters pregnant by the same man! But then again he is irresistible!
  18. Hot Pics of Robert

    Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing! Would that be taken around 70 or maybe 72?
  19. Hot Pics of Robert

    happy Mother's Day
  20. Hot Pics of Robert

    bcarter! How do you know so much about the background details !? It's awesome!!! Thank You! I have a question you or someone else may know the answer to: what year did Robert end the marriage with Maureen and when was his son Logan born?
  21. Hot Pics of Robert

    love the way he's sitting...there's plenty of room for me to do what I want to do..
  22. Hot Pics of Robert

    YES!!! Thank you ! Isn't he breathtakingly gorgeous in this picture??? I appreciate you finding it for me. ?
  23. Hot Pics of Robert

    HELP! I'm looking for a specific photo that I lost from my album and am wondering if anyone can help!! It was among my top favorites it was young Robert sitting in front seat of a car, turned half way around and facing towards the back seat... he looks absolutely stunning in that picture. Does anyone know the one I'm talking about? I would love to get it again I leave you with these images..he's gorgeous from every angle !! r
  24. I could squeeze that lemon all day (night) long.  And never get tired of it.  This is how I'd make him feelimage.jpg.ad71edb2afd9eaf3a8177dabd68d7892.jpg

  25. Hot Pics of Robert

    Nice pics! Thanks for sharing bcarter- I'd never seen those before. I wanted to share a blog I found on Tumblr. It is full of pics, comments ( some of them are hilarious others salacious ) the cool thing about it is that it has fan fiction which for those who may not be familiar are fictional stories about Robert, Jimmy etc. It's called "I watched the fire" and it's written by firethatgrewsolow. Talk about entertaining! And some steamy scenes involving Robert. I was hooked from the start. hope you get the chance to check it out ! T