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    Zeppelin, Zeppelin and more Zeppelin! Anything pertaining to the band and their solo careers. Other favorite bands: John Butler Trio, Xavier Rudd, Pink Floyd, Alice In Chains, STP, Sabbath, Van Halen, U2, John Lennon and Gaga. Sport interests: Dallas Cowboys, New York Yankees, Syracuse University and NASCAR - Richie Evans, Dale Earnhardt and Kevin Harvick. Spend most of my time with my family and also love to go to the beach, watersports of all types and enjoying a nice sunset. Oh yeah and coming onto to learn about the band and check in with friends and acquaintances from around the world.

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  1. With you brotha! I thought of you first. So saddened, yet uplifted by everything I've been seeing today. Your community is exemplary. The kids I spoke with today were so taken aback to the fact their age group wasn't just affected but targeted. Prayers go out to those who just don't know what happened to their loved ones, plus the injured, and those who have to live through such a traumatic experience.
  2. RIP to those at the Ariana Grande show tonight in Manchester. Prayers go out to those injured and affected. 🙏🏻
  3. It seems there is still more info coming out about his death. Can't believe he was being prescribed the meds he was taking. They should not be in the hands of an addict. RIP Chris. Here is something I found today on YouTube:
  4. Very nice. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Yes so very sad to hear this news this morning and now the possibility he took his own life. RIP Chris
  6. Absolutely. Classic role/movie.
  7. ^ actually have to understand what you're speaking about in order to have a valid statement. 90's, again, down here. Extreme drought. Only a quarter of an inch of rain in the past 10 weeks. Hope the rainy season kicks in soon!
  8. Tick, tick, tick.....
  9. I thought No Quarter would be your bigger "go nuts without" song!