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    Zeppelin, Zeppelin and more Zeppelin! Anything pertaining to the band and their solo careers. Other favorite bands: John Butler Trio, Xavier Rudd, Pink Floyd, Alice In Chains, STP, Sabbath, Van Halen, U2, John Lennon and Gaga. Sport interests: Dallas Cowboys, New York Yankees, Syracuse University and NASCAR - Richie Evans, Dale Earnhardt and Kevin Harvick. Spend most of my time with my family and also love to go to the beach, watersports of all types and enjoying a nice sunset. Oh yeah and coming onto to learn about the band and check in with friends and acquaintances from around the world.

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  1. Rick, as usual, doesn't know what the phuk he's talking about.... Go Yankees!
  2. Negotiations are complete, contracts have been signed, looks like we sold our house today!
  3. No idea where it originated. A friend who has a friend who has 43 varieties of smoke. Picked up some gummies for the Mrs too. She loves those. It is very dark. Took it for a test drive for the first time last night. Very smooth, mellow buzz.
  4. Holy 💩! Cowboys vs Seahawks week 16, in Dallas! Looks like a fight is brewing right here in about 8 months time....
  5. I see the Bills finish at the Patriots and at the Dolphins. Looks like another season missing the playoffs, if they are even close at that point. Play the Pats twice in the last 5 weeks...ouch!
  6. Draft begins this time next week! Can't wait!
  7. Looking forward to this release. Looks like the Walter family will have a date, early in the morning, at our favorite plush reclining leather seat theatre. That's what we've done the past two releases. Popcorn at 9 am is underrated.
  8. Mrs Walter and Walter Jr would be very happy, as well as my in-laws, with your predicted outcome. But, I'm not going to hold my breath based on past precedent.
  9. I want the one without the republican congressman kicking my foot under the stall, wanting a quickie...
  10. Apparently Tucker Carlson is going to take his place, which is interesting because he used to be a regular on the "Bubba The Love Sponge" radio show over here. Back then he was a centrist, which would not be tolarated on FOX. But then again he recently got handled by Lauren Duca.... Where there's darkness, there will always be FOX/O'Reilly/Ailes/Murdoch types. You'll get your fill, somewhere.
  11. I like it on my mobile device! Thanks Sam! ✌🏻
  12. That "Ten Years Gone" was AWESOME! Love seeing/hearing it played on the Les Paul. Such depth with it was written to be played. Favorites come and favorites go, but Ten Years Gone is always at the top for me as far as Zeppelin songs go.
  13. Looks like the weekend has started early for the Prez....again.
  14. Watching Page/Crowes at Jones Beach. Great start with Celebration Day/Wanton Song/Misty Mt Hop trio!