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  1. Flipping between the NASCAR xfinity race from Indy and the Orlando Pride women's soccer game at Chicago. Neither are going well...Pride losing 2-nill and Kyle Busch is winning the race... 👎🏻👎🏻
  2. I just read where there is 20-30 minutes of color video from the 1970 Bath concert...
  3. Jordan Spieth is an assassin! Didn't look like that great of a round and still posts a 65.
  4. That's why I use Directv, for their sports. They do that type of coverage with every major, tennis, and they have Sunday Ticket - which covers (almost) all NFL games. I can't believe I didn't remember the Open being there 3 years ago. I do remember it now though - especially the amount of time since the '67 Open. Spieth is going to be tough this weekend. He really reminds me of the Golden Bear in the way he conducts himself and his game. Really good kid and Cowboys fan! Fleetwood just made the cut, CP!
  5. New favorite amateur: Alfie Plant Made the cut! Now he needs to belt out the battle cry from Immigrant Song!
  6. Early rain today... Hope it's not like last evening though!
  7. Now that he's "resigned", Spicey can go back to being Spicey!
  8. Not unless you like heat, humidity, and rain! Every day until October...
  9. Is Royal Liverpool Hoylake part of the Open rotation? I don't think I've heard of that course. Very cool that you guys have a travel pass that allows you to get around for free, without adding to traffic, etc. Luckily with Directv over here (satellite) we have 5 extra channels for the Open. One spotlights a featured group exclusively, one shows a couple of high interest holes exclusively, one does an international broadcast. Spieth is up to a 2-shot lead with the weather letting up a bit.
  10. Yeah I saw that the course is near Manchester. The weather has definitely taken a turn today and the golf has been fun! We watched a story how some locals work on Birkdale in exchange for some cheaper playing time. How far is the drive to London (your fav city, I know) for you out there CP?
  11. I'll have to check that one out!
  12. Awesome! I just listened to that yesterday and felt the same way! I even endured the 30 min Moby Dick while driving on open highway today. Bonzo was really on that day with so many different fills and rhythms - wish Jimmy wasn't lost in the mix for so many of the other songs. 🤘🏻✌🏻
  13. Guns n Roses live @ the Apollo on Sirius
  14. Beautiful afternoon across the pond, CP. I tried to watch, but it just couldn't keep my interest going today. Hopefully the weekend will bring more traditional playing conditions and so sweaty palms will result. The local you were referring to was playing well when I first turned it on - don't know how his round finished though. What's your opinion of the course? They said it had been dry there, so the deep stuff wasn't as green and thick as it usually is?
  15. RIP On Chris Cornell's birthday too. Left behind a wife and 6 children.
  16. ^ Yep! You can see he is the same old OJ in the conversations he was having while waiting for the panel to reconvene. Above the law and not taking any responsibility for what he did 23 years ago...
  17. OJ trying to get out of jail... I thought I was indifferent to it, but watching this I still look at him as a scumbag murderer.
  18. Dems Scream Death is the name of my new metal band. Please check out our first single, OCare Dies, available now on LieTunes.
  19. Love it. The guys who initially sell it are bootleggers, eel grass are bootleggers, but EV are just business guys trying to make good on an illegal investment.
  20. I just did. Hope the game is good. What brings you down to south Florida? Just the game?
  21. I saw it. Plus reading Felder's book, he's a major league pud!
  22. Enjoy! Laying in bed w/ Mrs W and sipping coffee. Very nice.
  23. Ten Years Gone - July 17, 1977 - Kingdome, Seattle possibly my favorite version, minus Plant's squeaky voice.
  24. Yes, they are playing not too far away. Might be time to see Jason again. As far as I'm concerned, he can do this as long as he wants. He's had to carry the load of following and carrying his famous father's name, so if he benefits from it then that's good on him. He was good enough to fill in for an entire concert, being invited and appreciated by Plant, Page, and Jones after all. Puts him in a different category than tribute status, as far as I'm concerned.