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  1. The Racing Thread

    Welcome ALL racing fans! Daytona Duels are happening tonight. A new season is upon us! Let all racers and fans alike join in and share the love we have for the speed, the personalities, and the multi-sensory intoxication that is attending a racing event. Forum members....START YOUR ENGINES!!!
  2. MLB 2018 Picks Pool

    Alright, I’ll count - if you pick. Rules: By Monday night, April 2nd (which should’ve been Opening Day anyway) pick who you think will win each division, and two wild card teams from each league. You will earn 1 point per win and, at the end of the season, earn 5 points for each wild card pick and 10 points per division champ you pick. You can still earn 5 points if you pick a division winner who only gets the wild card. Anyone and everyone are welcome. It’ll be fun!
  3. Marijuana legalization

    Nothing turns around a bad mood like a Friday fat J. Fortunately for me I am in a great mood and looking forward to the weekend immensely, even without a Friday fatty. Gotta head out to see the beautiful sunset on the lake... ✌🏼
  4. Random Thoughts v.3

    Dont need to drive - it’s two doors down the street and the pool party Sunday will be one street over, on the lake. Your fascination with me is unhealthy. On the discussion earlier....how many deaths would there have been if an AR-15 had been used instead of a 9mm. No one knows, but any sane person understands it would’ve been exponentially worse. Same as Tech.
  5. 2018 March Madness

    Respect to the old Big East. As fucked up as my bracket was - I picked Villanova to win it all. Oh well... Syracuse lost a top recruit to the “G-League”. Stilll should have a top tier team next year, provided Brissett and Battle return.
  6. Marijuana legalization

    Merely observing and commenting on your obsession with my posts. You seem to really relish following me around the forum, for some reason that is baffling to me. How many times have I posted a picture of my Camaro? Do you not know what “riding my jock” means? Scared of you? Are you fuckin serious? Do you think you even rate in my life? Not even a blip on my screen, until I come on here to see what my friends are up to and you’ve quoted me another half-dozen times. I never really speak to you, unless I’m in a mood and see more ridiculous bullshit from you. But you keep on following me around like we’ve had a previous friendship that went sour or something. Maybe you could spend the time you use quoting me and writing posts or looking for some obscure video to post to me and make your life better for you?
  7. Golf Talk

    Yeah Mrs Walter said his ego got the best of him on that sequence of events. Round today was very hit and miss. A few capitalized, but most fell down a number of shots to the lead. Weather tomorrow and Sunday could be a major factor. Especially if there is some strong wind.
  8. Greta Van Fleet

    Not sure what that’s all about. I was merely trying to point out that the answer to your question was already there, before your question.
  9. Greta Van Fleet

    And I complimented you on your review. Details were appreciated. Thanks again.
  10. Random Thoughts v.3

    Can’t wait for the weekend....great neighborhood 80’s dress up themed party set up for one of my boy’s 40th birthday coming up. The three of us are locked and loaded for it. Then a Sunday brunch/pool party at another’s house. Great times, great friends. Hope everyone out there is doing well! Adios! ✌🏼
  11. Golf Talk

    Sometime I need to take and post a pic of my father-in-law’s Masters plates he earned when playing there. Impressive, to say the least.
  12. Golf Talk

    Didn’t see this until now. Watching the 1st round on my dvr. Great leaderboard. Guys are finishing up right now. Looking forward to tomorrow and the weekend. Wtf, Sergio?!?
  13. Random Thoughts v.3

    This is fuckin hysterical. Like the cops said in Cali, who responded to the woman shooting up YouTube, it would’ve been a lot harder to contain the situation if she had an AR-15 instead of a 9 mm. Enough said. Common sense. Get a life.
  14. Greta Van Fleet

    I know there were a lot of words, but if you actually read them you will understand Crimson Avengers opinion of the vocalists’ prowess.
  15. Greta Van Fleet

    ^ Nice review Crimson Avenger!
  16. MLB 2018 Picks Pool

    Sorry to hear that man. Hope things look up for you and the Mrs soon. Not the O’s though...
  17. Marijuana legalization

    All hail, Queen Kip has spoken. Trying to ride my jock yet again...
  18. MLB 2018 Picks Pool

    I gotcha rick.
  19. Random Thoughts v.3

    Keith Richards said it best... ”The Bitch keeps bitchin....”
  20. 2018 MLB season thread

    Less than 2 weeks ago...the Walter family with the always lovely and amazing ebk:
  21. 2018 MLB season thread

    One week ago at Yankee stadium
  22. Photography

    The exquisite and legendary ebk at the Yankees spring training facility! I knew I’d get her to cross over to the evil empire!
  23. Random Picutre Thread

    Rainbow in the shitter...Florida style...
  24. https://youtu.be/RAPGaG3fV7s via @YouTube
  25. The "Walking Dead"

    That sucks there are only 2 left. Just heating up!