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  1. I was being polite when I said "annoyance" When you were close to the inside with Zep the rule was to play it cool and all would be fine for you. Howard crossed the line with a money making unauthorised "hatchet job" on Page. Sillly boy, he could have got the big story had he kept rank.
  2. Re all the above. I went to school in Kinver in 60's and 70's. The Range Rover was frequently in the High Street along with Bobs silver "pagoda" roof Mercedes SL. The feather symbol mentioned was not on the side but in the centre of the rear tailgate. The sides were painted / decaled with a golden flowing scroll like pattern, the Rover was a mid brown sort of colour if I recall correctly. My Father was a photographer at the Express and Star then covering the Black Country down to Kinver but I never recall him mentioning photographing Bob. There is a picture on Google of Bob and said Rover that looks like it was taken in Wolverly by one of his favourite public house haunts, a close second was the Royal Exchange in Enville Street Stourbridge because it served Batham's ale (his then favourite). As for Howard the band found him an annoyance especially after "Tangents within a framework" So no wonder he thought the logo was on the side,he couldnt get that right. Viva Daktari and Clarence the cross eyed lion,,it's a 60's thing.