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  1. Thanks everyone ☺ My mumpassed 42 years ago. Still think of her everyday 💗
  2. Thank you ☺
  3. Wishing all the Mums a happy day xo 😥💝
  4. Hey you mentioned Hitler, now we have to stop this humoUr! 😆
  5. The latest diet being recommended is low carb high fat. The included fats should come from avocado, coconut, good quality cheese, cream eggs, meats that are from grass fed animals. No processed foods at all. No fruit initially other than berries ( if you want weight loss) and obviously NO sugar, honey etc lots of water green veg
  6. We do? I think I need your calendar! Just a normal Tuesday for me. What am I missing?
  7. Low carb is the way to go. Sugar is evil (sounds like a good thread title..... hmmm ) ☺ Congrats!
  8. Oh my goodness, do I have to SPELL it out to you? I knew exactly what you were on about. I was having a little joke about the way you spelled "colour" .... yes, I know it's the way Americans spell it..... Are you not from the U.S.A.?
  9. An honourable pastime ☺
  10. Lol! Yeah, I said most, there are a few of you that can think outside of the good ole U.S of A 😎
  11. I knew that would get him, it totally went straight over his head, ( like it does with most Americans). They really think their way is the way so often.
  12. Ever heard of sarcasm?
  13. Thanks, mate 😊
  14. I don't have to shut up, I gave a random thought. In case you are in any doubt about what I was referring to, it was about all the bickering. I have no idea what you mean by "color" . Do you mean "colour" ?
  15. And off they go again. Grow up. 🙁