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  1. and from what Freddie Bannister wrote in his book "there must be a better way" on the Knebworth festivals, featuring a lengthy piece on the Zeppelin 79 performance Peter Grant hadn't changed his ways at all since Oakland and was still acting in a very unpleasant manner
  2. I don't think you need to be aware of what was edited out just that the edits are so clumsily done as to be unnoticeable. I genuinely thought maybe my CD was faulty when I first heard the remastered D&C
  3. just play the different versions of no quarter and notice the difference in the guitar solos. on the remaster there's a sizeable chunk of the guitar intro hacked out.
  4. even if it were Shirley behind the shonky edits, Page would/should have had to agree to the final version.
  5. the new version of TSRTS is Page's absolute nadir in my opinion. changing the solo on celebration day to an inferior one, an incomplete black dog, the complete f*ck up of the no quarter solo, the horrendous clanking edit in dazed and confused, and isn't there a dodgy splice in whole lotta love as well. just f*cking awful on the plus side of course we got the missing songs which was fantastic, but in many ways instead of improving upon the original release they made it more disappointing. I cannot think of any other album by a major band with such amateur editing what Page was thinking is beyond me and why didn't someone say "er. jimmy, have you cleaned your ears recently, some of the edits sound horrendous mate"
  6. I went to every Glastonbury between '86 and '04 bar one. I always thought that what really changed it was putting on TV. I can understand why they did but the changes in people started around then with more and more people seeming intent just to get on TV while sitting on someone's shoulders and acting like everyone else they seen on tv the year before. with more years of tv then we got the hairdressers, secretaries, chavs, Jemimas and Tarquins moving in and taking over. however it still is the greatest place for me. I wouldn't go again but those that do still probably have the time of their lives, but its unlikely to involve scrumpy, opium balls, naked people, hippies, rastas and travellers, but then nothing stays the same and not should it.
  7. the quote from Page about this was stated some time after the split if I remember rightly and there's no guarantee at all it would have happened. Would Page and jones wanted to revert back to a riff based album after their taking more control on ITTOD? maybe not. and of course there's the chance that Page was fried out his brains when he said this and it was just something he said in passing that has a lot more speculation put on it than it really deserves
  8. I saw the Who on their first tour after Moon had died (1980/81 I forget which) with Kenney Jones filling in. I love Jones' work in the Faces but he just didn't fit in with the Who at all, in my opinion, and it wasn't very enjoyable at all. I passed on every other tour after that
  9. tangents within a framework is a pretty poor affair as for Clarence the cross eyed lion, this led to any kid at school unfortunate enough to have cross eyes to be known as Clarence. I remember two or three of them.
  10. I remember it coming out on VHS and I think it did quite a bit of damage to their reputation. it could have been very different had it have been the first show that had leaked out instead of the poor second show. I remember a few of us congregated to watch it, zepp and non zepp fans and it was quite a shock how poor some of it was
  11. the Knebworth songs included on the DVD were all from the 4th which is a fair indicator of which was the better gig
  12. number 9 is truly dreadful
  13. the songs on side four are titled hello mary lou / my baby left me / mess of a blues / ??
  14. yep. fair play to him. he doesn't owe anyone anything so why he keeps making ridiculous claims baffles me
  15. there's no reason for him to be on magazine covers etc at the moment as he hasn't anything to promote. its probably just as well anyway as he's said nothing new for years, he just trots out the usual lines and makes ridiculous claims about getting ready to "be seen to be playing" or recording a new album. I gave up buying magazines with him on the front quite a while ago as I got fed up of paying a lot of money to read the same old lines