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  1. I've just finished reading this book. on the whole I found to be a pretty good read. I think I found the first part on his pre zepp career to be the best part and had a few quotes from others I hadn't seen before. for someone who hasn't read or doesn't own the numerous books available already (I have about 50 so am pretty well versed) its a pretty good starting point. as usual there always a few myths that get reported as fact and this has a few of them; bonzo eating a million bananas leading to the 80 gig cancellation, that there were up to 180000 at the second knebworth show, that they had to put on that second show due to demand, when we know that was always the plan from the start, and a few others I forget. but generally, not too bad though we didn't really learn anything majorly new, but then I doubt that will ever change
  2. a vinyl release would be good if it was remastered. I see many people here have complained about the overly compressed sound of the CD
  3. I don't think i've seen this clip before, if I have it was so long ago as to have forgotten about it. my baby left me and all of them really. give me something like this over any reunion nonsense
  4. why don't you believe him? Planty can often be spotted out and about. I have friends who have met him in a pub, in a florists shop, oa train etc. he does exist in the real world and goes to "normal" places, particularly involving pubs
  5. I would treat any clues or hints about new material or recordings with extreme suspicion. he doesn't have a good track record over the last 14 years for telling the truth. as much as I like his work and I'd prefer to not have to say this, but my opinion of him these days is that he changed from being a master guitar player to a master bullshitter a very long time ago selling autographed items seems to be his only output
  6. you need to look at the early pages of this topic. the Zoso sign was in a book from the 1500s, so it most definitely is not something Page designed himself
  7. I listened to again recently for the first time in 15 years maybe. I enjoyed it a lot and think it stands the test of time. the only other Plant album I enjoyed as much was Fate of Nations. I remember when I first got it thinking that Robbie Bunt's guitar playing in Slow Dancer was very reminiscent of Page's, but only on that song. Otherwise the man has his own style and sound going on
  8. yep definitely still there. I was in there about two months ago. as Woz says it is a little fancy these days and more of an eatery pub than a drinking den
  9. the New Inn inCutnall Green (as was, now called the Malt Stone) inCutnall Green is the pub that we see Bonzo pull up outside and go in, in the TSRTS movie. his grave is about 5 minutes away in Russhock
  10. what it was called then or what its currently named?
  11. that would never happen in anyone's wildest dreams, nor MSG. especially it being beamed live. There's no way Page would risk that expect nothing and you won't be disappointed
  12. no its "since I did the stroll" its a dance. although of course he may have had another meaning implied
  13. that's what I heard. planty said he went to a kebab house (or similar kind of place) and sat in the back with a half bottle of vodka for company. he gave the impression he was alone
  14. Dave Lewis' book on the 80 tour is still available sometimes. I saw one for £35 (if I remember rightly) at a record fair. amazon always put a ridiculously high figure f they done have one in stock. maybe ebay?
  15. the liner notes were deliberately misleading. page didn't want us (or maybe (Atlantic)) to know that We're Gonna Groove and ICQYB were live recordings