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  1. I shall be flying out to watch the game tonight - EXCITED
  2. Fury FC for the win, Senators for the win and even the series
  3. Yes HYE gone swimming with whales on the Atlantic?
  4. Requests
  5. The Man Comes Around - Johnny Cash
  6. I did my own laundry - and it made me really happy because it was quiet time early in the morning
  7. We got our asses handed to our self on a silver plate - what a shit game to go down go down one nothing...
  8. I've been in hotel rooms for the last week, home for 1 day and back out again. Spent the weekend thinking of all of this shit going on overseas. And found this remix, and I normally don't like remixed versions but I have myself listening to this in the car while I was travelling around on boats all week
  9. I hope Castro suffered and long and painful death in much the same way he delivered to anyone he didn't like in Cuba - may they feed his body to the sharks in the ocean
  10. I have met Gordie a number of times - in fact, before Big Sugar signed a record deal he played Halifax at either a place called the Double Deuce or Dalhousie University I can't really remember anymore. He also did a GIbson guitar clinic in Halifax which I attended that was a lot of fun and I bumped into him as he was walking to the clinic from his hotel just checking out Halifax.
  11. While in Seattle this past week, I found this place and it made me think of Halifax and this forum which is funny that a rain in England thread was started
  12. They are also really great at cramming onto trains, no one does it better