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  1. I hope Castro suffered and long and painful death in much the same way he delivered to anyone he didn't like in Cuba - may they feed his body to the sharks in the ocean
  2. I have met Gordie a number of times - in fact, before Big Sugar signed a record deal he played Halifax at either a place called the Double Deuce or Dalhousie University I can't really remember anymore. He also did a GIbson guitar clinic in Halifax which I attended that was a lot of fun and I bumped into him as he was walking to the clinic from his hotel just checking out Halifax.
  3. While in Seattle this past week, I found this place and it made me think of Halifax and this forum which is funny that a rain in England thread was started
  4. They are also really great at cramming onto trains, no one does it better
  5. I play a guitar and sing out of tune as well - can I be a rockstar like Johnathan Depp? It is odd that Jonathan is being treated like someone who is not an actor but a legitimate career musician but hey all the power to him. He has some clever marketing behind him indeed
  6. swimming in the shadow of the clouds
  7. Porridge again with cranberries mixed in and some water good breakfast just sat around and watched people come and go
  8. Never thought I would say this but travelling alone kinda sucks, I must be getting older - Seattle is a great city but I myself just walking around outside with headphones on listening to music
  9. Paul once again you have batted it out of the park
  10. Legs Seattle or New Orleans?
  11. Woke up at 4am, the time zone monkeys are playing with my sleep patterns again...As the song goes "Outside is America" I like Seattle, spent the evening walking around downtown looking for record stores to check out over the coming days and places to eat.
  12. This is cool
  13. Since Page has not picked up a guitar to actually play the damn thing in years how the hell can anyone know what kind or style of guitar player Jimmy Page is? I actually remember waiting with excitement for Outrider to come out back in the summer of 1988, and I also was excited for Coverdale Page the day it was released. With what has been happening lately it's really hard to cheer lead or be a fan anymore. Perhaps Jimmy is done?
  14. His name is Joe Elliott NOT Joe Elliot and it's Phil Collen not Phil Collin - can these guy running this circus show get anything right?