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  1. Long Cold Winter - Cinderella
  2. Loud Shadow
  3. The new series looks awesome!
  4. Hughes always looks snappy
  5. Hey - investment bankers can be groovy dressers
  6. Growing
  7. BJH wrote a ton of GREAT songs - dude you got to look into the catalogue some more - great band
  8. I'm joining in - I actually have to model some clothing that is going to require me shedding 10lbs so no more empty calories, gluten, and sugar for a while
  9. Go is a better (Chinese thinking game)
  10. Mr Moonlight is my fav Foreigner album
  11. I shall indeed
  12. I shall indeed
  13. This sounds so good:
  14. That is FUCKING COOL - I LOVE shit like that!!!
  15. You and me booth - I have spent years sending out emails to people, phone people and places asking if anyone has it and who might have it - I would love to hear those bits - can't find them anywhere