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  1. I will PM you
  2. Get a box, a light, some fans and seeds. 5 weeks veg, 8 weeks flower, 1 month curing. Viola. You must be able to get those basic things down under?
  3. . Unbelievably hot. Causing havoc hillside. My grow tent is struggling to keep the temp down Can't wait for a good storm though
  4. Good to see Plant taking an interest? I think the Noel Edmonds lookalike is Bev Bevan
  5. Does Plant say " there was a pollution alert today as I lost my voice" ? Or "you should have come last night, Several bowler hatted beatnicks" Then it's Berkeley. Great show and one of the best Whole Lotta Loves there is
  6. Yes Berkeley. I love the "Going to California" recording. One of the best Whole Lotta Love ever as well
  7. Up and ready for our week in Cornwall. Golfing, eating and relaxing. Got plenty of green and saved a bit of the Nepalease. Weather going to be great too.
  8. Berkeley 14/09/71 Knebworth 04/08/79
  9. Love it ! Us Mancunians are are a witty bunch
  10. Tories falling on their sword Bit of a mess though
  11. Presence is a fantastic album. I first heard Achilles on Alan Freeman's Saturday Rock show before it was released and loved it ever since. I have a once played original vinyl of In Through The Out Door - says it all really.
  12. . You could buy the DVD and listen to it in glorious sound at home on a DVD player, hooked up to an amp. Or do they not have such things in Ireland?
  13. Welcome back Chalks. What happened to Clinton?
  14. Kulu? Shimla? Ootty?
  15. This, I'm afraid is the line taken by the Far right. Rightly or wrongly. I do understand the Muslim community has reported terrorists, or people who appear radicalised. But they do this at great risk to themselves from the people they are informing on. Also, past and present authorities have allowed freedom of speech to be used in inflammatory ways. Think that bloke with the hook?? Who was allowed to preach hate on the streets. Aren't the US looking after him these days? It maybe there are more suspects than the authorities care to mention or don't have the funds to keep tabs on. That is worrying. Anyway another incident in Paris this afternoon. Too depressing to think about. I think it's time for a relaxing smoke and some chilled tunes.