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  1. A real spring like dish for dinner which hardly matches the freezing weather outside: Pan fried Lamb chops, Jersey Royal New Potatoes, English asparagus. Mint Sauce
  2. Great news Chuck. You must be relieved. No wonder you took your bud for a test drive. Happy today as the sun is shining and we are to take to the course with some friends this afternoon
  3. Looks very dark Chuck or is it the way the picture has come out? I can smell it from here. Is it Sativa or an Indica?
  4. Is the Vanilla very sweet and when you heat it up it goes into a very sticky soft putty???The Indian Charas is my personal choice I always have joints, only when I was in India would I have a Chillum. Took my first toot at a UFO show back in 1978
  5. Yeah I have noticed that too. Thought I was going nuts !!
  6. Happy 420 BM. Let's see i have some wonderful blond Maroc and some of my own Kwazulu. Also in the tin is some Indian charas and some gooey black which I am not sure where it originated.
  7. Oh the wonders of the English language Sole as in feet Soul as in spirit Sole as in fish ( Dover, lemon)
  8. Coldplay
  9. Mixed Bank Holiday golf today. Pray it's dry . Meal afterwards
  10. Nothing to do with the Diet Red?
  11. Or the band full stop
  12. Dinner this evening: Smoked Mackerel Pate Pastitsio. A Minced lamb dish with Penne Pasta topped with a Bechemel Sauce and baked in the oven, Garlic bread. Cheeses: Cheddar infused with beer, garlic and herbs. A french blue. Quince Jelly Wines and herbs
  13. Thanks Esther. I love to cook, I find it relaxing and if you do it from fresh ingredients then you know exactly what you are putting inside your body. I make everything from scratch - unless it's really impractical. Tonight at Restaurant CP is Ocean Prowler evening : To start: Fresh Dressed Cornish Crab. A Marie Rose dressing on Wild Rocket Beautiful Hake Steaks with a Dill, White Wine Cream sauce. New season English Asparagus , Baby New Potatoes Strawberry Tartlets and Cream Wines of course. A New Zealand Sauvignion Blanc, White and Red Rioja. Green There is cheese and a Muscat if I don't burst.
  14. . Still doing the fruit?