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  1. I think they did Rick - a long time ago. They couldn't even beat Canada !! We don't look at results out of Europe to be honest. I watched a bit last evening in between sorting Lillies and Roses. We didn't look to bad but missed a real sitter to open the scoring. I predict we will qualify but will be hopelessly out of our depth in the finals - as usual
  2. Total lockdown. Our corner shop has closed early and the Chippy is searching bags before entering. Madness. Even the sheep are lying low
  3. . Times up. You got me there man Enjoy your few scoops. I hope it is warm and you choose well on the taste of your crisps. I prefer a lightly salted crisp myself. Oh and which match are you tuning into?
  4. I used to Love The gong Show !
  5. No complex here mate. I have very good friends stateside and I had one of the best holidays in my life there. Irony not lost on me that you have joined this thread though
  6. Suspected Terrorist attack in London. Reports of a vehicle mounting the pavement knocking people down and gunfire at the Houses of Parliament.
  7. It has been raining since last Friday. Should I think about building an ark or spark up a fatty and listen to "Babylon By Bus"?
  8. Since the world doesn't begin and end in the US, I was born in 1961 and to the best of my knowledge this programme has never been aired on TV in the UK. Also please don't wheel out the same old shit that you are better then us bollocks. It's tedious and boring. But I did understand and enjoy the language you have written. Did you come up with that as well?
  9. Was it filmed? Was this not disproved on this forum a while back?
  10. The North Sea is correct. I can't really answer " what is it?" as it's errrr a sea. And who is Alex???
  11. IpMan. And here was me thinking this is a man of knowledge, a stalwart of all things . A Scholar and an encyclopedia on legs? Everyone knows it's The Tasman Sea !
  12. It often amazes me how stupid people really are. I don't mean drink driving or liking Coldplay, but knowledge wise. I occasionally tune into quiz programmes and I am regularly shocked at the answers to, to be fair, questions a 10 year old would know. So in this thread please let us shame complete dimwits who have shown to the world that when knowledge was being handed out, they were in the pisser. This was asked on a quiz show recently in the UK !! Question: Which sea separates the East of England to the Netherlands? Contestants answer: The Pacific Close but no cigar
  13. It will be a dull game. Well it is England after all. I really couldn't care less. Anyway the game clashes with " A history of flower arranging from 1910 to the present". And it's a no brainer. Get the Daffodils out. I agree with JTM about Vardy though. Not even close to World class. The chances of Scotland making it to the World Cup is as likely as Robert Plant taking to the stage with Page, Jones and Bonham.