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  9. Hope this one from 1966 hasn't been posted before
  10. It's blue ray. I tried it in two different devices and both say "no disc."
  11. My dvd of the 12-07 performance doesn't work at all. The dress rehearsal and two audio cd's are fine. I can't return it, so I'll have to buy another one.
  12. The copy I've seen is a slightly different pose:
  13. Hi Steve. Thanks for the info. I was sure it was someone's home theater, but beyond that, I had no clue.
  14. Can't quite figure this one out.
  15. The night before making a surprise appearance on stage with Los Lobos at the Taste of Chicago on Tuesday, former Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant was treating his friends to a quick song in The James Hotel lobby bar. Link to story: My link