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  1. Those long things are part of the reason I like Led Zeppelin, without them I would be much less interested. It was twenty five minute Dazed and Confused(s) that whetted my appetite for more and more bootlegs
  2. Man I want some of what you've been sniffin'....
  3. Try this.. it may help a little..
  4. Hull must win this game to have any chance of staying in the Prem whereas Palace need to win to secure their place. I'm thinking this game could be a draw 2-2.
  5. Don't forget Plant (iirc) only introduced Zeppelin numbers to his set in 1988 before that he had shown great reluctance to do so.
  6. When the Ref has blown the whistle to take the Penalty the player can only kick the ball once and it must be played forward, Mahrez touched the ball before he took the kick, so even though the ball ended up in the back of the net the goal was ruled out because that second touch of the ball was against the rules of play.
  7. Yup, never heard (of) him....
  8. I've never been a fan of Steve Morse Deep Purple, I'm not really into guitar players that do the "squeak" thing. Though after watching the "Infinite" documentary on the Sky Arts channel I bought the CD/DVD set. I still can't make my mind up whether or not I like this album. Yes it has it's moments of excellence but it needs a few more plays. Then yesterday for my 60th B'day one of my sons bought me the double 45rpm vinyl edition (also comes with a DVD) he wasn't aware I already had the CD he told me (quite rightly) that it's a struggle to buy anything for me that I don't already have, so he took a chance and got me this. Now I need to get my TT out again, I'd only put it back in the attic last weekend..
  9. Man, sometimes you really are beyond rude.
  10. Fair enough, what an exclusive to earwig in on. Thanks for the detail....
  11. As it was not announced that LZ were to perform at the O2 until mid September, are you sure the conversation you heard was about LZ performing at the O2. IIRC originally it was going to be Robert playing with his current band.
  12. He's a right little perversely comedic bugger is our Robert.
  13. I really don't get why there is discussion about this "non event", it's almost eighteen months away....Nothing will happen............
  14. I really hope so, though I have my doubts. It's so tight between third an sixth in the prem at the moment, anything can happen.
  15. If the Death Wish (and Lucifer Rising) soundtrack was anyone other than Page it by now would have disappeared into a black hole never to be heard again. I know because I have it ( the black box thing) it's garbage imho..