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  1. I'm sure you have told that one before, don't ya just love things that make ya feel special..
  2. Sort of like, takes one to know one...
  3. "transcends genres like no other song. It is above classification" Ironically ''dippy'' comment....
  4. Thanks, Sincere condolences to the families of the dead an injured. Thankfully they got the nut job who did it. There is not a lot that can be done to prevent this type of random act of horror so there is no point in worrying about them. There will always be brainwashed individuals ready and willing to give their lives to some sort of twisted ideology that makes them go out to commit these sort of atrocities, life has to go on the more barriers that get put up the more these fuck heads win.
  5. Correction, every 10 year old American knows what "Jeopardy" is, we don't have it here in good old England..
  6. Vardy is not that good you know, He's alright but not great, I know you love him but I think you overrate him Rick. Also Scotch is a drink, I think you mean the Scots. The England v Germany game is a friendly so not really that significant, more of a practice match..
  7. I would think that all of the diehards would already have everything at least twice. I could never imagine going fully digital , I would never part with my physical media no matter how much space it takes up, and it's a lot. Good luck though, don't let yourself get ripped off.....
  8. Is this a repeat, or just the speech on tour...
  9. Playing in the snow !!!!! That would not happen here, the 'elf (sic) & safety would not allow it. Quite right too, it's dangerous.
  10. Lovely day, got some gardening done, not a lot but it's a start..
  11. Hopefully the other staffers will keep the ball rolling. It would be sad to see it go. I like it over there, it's a different experience than this place.
  12. Sad news indeed, RIP Jason Presence/The Fonz Peterson.
  13. Nice, there's always hope..
  14. Oh man they stank when wet, a gig at the Liverpool Stadium on a wet night the air would be thick with pot, patchouli and dead "dog", sweet but foul..
  15. Ha ha... Afghans came in after I had left school, I was more of a great coat wearer by then, don!t think my dad would have put up with a patchouli drenched Afghan...