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  1. You beat me to it, I was not going to buy the Latest CR, then I changed my mind so that I could post that page here, now I've no need to post my pic, one CR mag headed for the recycling bin..
  2. I don't think there is a reigning king (has there ever been), so many great players out there, one can only give an opinion. I could not pick one over another. All I would say about EVH is yes he's a great player but he's not my cup of tea. Like I said it's all just opinion.
  3. After recently watching the ''Brian Johnson's Life on the Road'' interview with Robert it's obvious that he is comfortable and happy with his life. He is doing and has done exactly what he wanted. Most interesting was what he said about the O2 reunion show in 2007 "it was just a "gesture". To me it was a fleeting glimpse of what was and what will never be again, quite rightly so too imho. Led Zeppelin ended thirty seven years ago, there are people who are younger than that who have had children who have had children, it's a long time a go......
  4. Though I say I'm not really a fan at one time I had half a dozen or so of their albums on vinyl, I have recently bought the "Gone to Earth and Octoberon" three disc deluxe sets, both have DVD's with the albums in 5.1 surround sound. I also have a fan made Quad DVD-A of their "Once Again" album. I suppose the not really a fan thing comes from back in the late seventies when they were touring the XI album (the butterfly sleeve) a bunch of us had tickets to see them at the Liverpool Empire, we were in a pub before the concert and decided to stay there and sack the concert, so half a dozen or so tickets went to waste.
  5. Well we all have our own likes and dislikes, but as far as introducing live shows to a newbie I would go more for 69 to 73, I would not go anywhere near 75 and beyond. In fact last night I was listening to Fillmore West 10 Jan 69, now that's a REALLY good place to start.
  6. Not really a fan of BJH, but they put out a few decent tunes, this one is quite catchy.
  7. Yes, dry flat and lifeless, though I really like MSG 2/12/75, that one is really brought to life with the "Bluecongo" matrix "Four Blocks in the Snow"..
  8. I'm confident that I am right, every other 75 SBD, the only parts that are noticeably stereo are Jimmy's bow solo and a little of the mid section of Moby Dick.
  9. Prepare to be underwhelmed, another dry 1975 sounboard that is 95% mono despite the blurb claims that it is perfect stereo.
  10. There is no reduction in sentence, he has served the minimum nine years of a 9 to 30. A rather severe sentence no matter what you think when after all it was his stuff he was trying to retrieve and that has been proven.
  11. I could add Sky sports to my TV package for an extra £18 per month (about $28) but I'm paying £44 already. As the majority of our viewing is via free channels I'm paying that £44 per month for things like Game of Thrones, Twin Peaks (the return) etc, basically HBO, Showtime programmes, a lot of money for very little.
  12. How so, how is that possible. There is nothing about PG that ''sucks''now (I hate the term sucks) so little bit of song shuffle is not going to change anything.
  13. You gave me a laugh, I saw what you did.
  14. The Open was last at Hoylake in I think 2014 and previous to that in 2006 then before that along way back in about 1967. Birkdale though not far from Manchester is closer to Liverpool, there's not much in it though, fifteen to twenty miles difference maybe. I'm slightly envious that you have five channels for the Open, I'm stuck with the nightly two hours of BBC highlights..
  15. I'm not far away from Royal Birkdale either, in fact I could use my free local bus/train travel pass to get there, oh the joys of being sixty. Now if the tourney was at Royal Liverpool Hoylake I could drive there in just over five minutes. Anyway I'd forgotten that last year I watched the Open via a bad Fire Stick/Kodi stream, couldn't get it to work yesterday so the two hours of highlights on BBC Two last night had to do.