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  1. The webcast was groundbreaking at the time, seventeen (!) years ago. I dug up my old Electric Magic website archive from that time. Here's the announcement and banner ad I designed for the promotion: News | July 13, 2000: Announcing: John Paul Jones House of Blues Internet Broadcast - July 22nd (July 13, 2000) Tune into the House of Blues web site July 22nd (9:00 EST), for an Internet broadcast of John Paul Jones' recent New Orleans concert (taped March 14th). Free low bandwidth connections (28.8/56k) are being offered with higher quality streams (for DSL/cable modems etc.) available as pay-per-view for only $7.99, giving you a 24 hour "cyberticket" to view the show. [JPJ H.O.B. Broadcast link]. And since we're going back in time, here's a screenshot of the homepage from back then too (July 2000)
  2. The rehearsal is officially released on Celebration Day.
  3. It's that version on bootleg with organ & guitar that fueled that false rumor.
  4. It's JPJ and Jimmy.
  5. I've added some new ones to the Timeline from another photographer. July 1969: (48 years ago today) October 19, 1969:
  6. BTW... in the pic above, the guy holding the camera between RP and JP is Gilles Chateau (with whom I did the Led Zeppelin: The Montreux Concerts photo book). One of Gilles' photos:
  7. "First press promo" pressing for the Super Deluxe Box Sets... No such thing, as far as I'm aware. The numbered lithographs were limited edition, so there are some that are unnumbered. I occasionally hear from fans with download code issues. Contact: at Warner Music and they can assist you.
  8. Added a few more to the gallery:
  9. Providence 1973 press: Miami 1973 press:
  10. St Louis 1977
  11. Sun Station Vadsø press (Altaposten newspaper)
  12. That's from Rolling Stone.
  13. While in Memphis, Tennessee for their 1970 appearance at the Mid-South Coliseum, the band is awarded Keys to the City and made honorary citizens. -------------------- City of Memphis Certificate of Honorary Citizenship The City of Memphis, Tennessee Proudly confers on The Led Zeppelin The title of Honorary Citizens With all rights and privileges extended to a citizen of the City of Memphis, Tennessee within the laws and regulations governing said City of Memphis. In witness whereof the City of Memphis, Tennessee has caused this certificate to be sealed by its Mayor, this sixth day of April, 1970. Signed by Mayor: Henry Loeb --------------------
  14. Mr. Zeppelin Regrets... Invitation to Midem’s International Groups Night in Cannes News Report: Zep & Co -- Led Zeppelin’s manager, Peter Grant, has respectfully informed Mr. Bernard Chevry, Commissaire General for the Midem conference in Cannes this year, that Mr. Zeppelin and his band would not be appearing. At this point in history, you could probably mention Zeppelin to a recluse Appelachian hick and he’d return by praising Jimmy Page, but the organizer for the whole of Midem, one of the biggest annual events each year, sent a letter cordially inviting “LED ZEPPELIN and his musicians” to participate in Midem’s International Groups Night – further stating that “LED ZEPPELIN and his group” would be their guests during their stay in Cannes. Biggest disaster since the Hindenburg? Mr. Zeppelin was unavailable for comment. [January 1972]