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  1. John Bonham w/Deep Purple 1976
  2. Not official
  3. Some fan comments, reviews, ads, ticket, programme etc on the Timeline: I should have more press if you'd like me to dig them up too.
  4. At the time of writing the story in my old Electric Magic fanzine in 1990, Ron assumed it was Carnegie Hall but it was a blur. His sister Denise also didn't recall every seeing Zep at Carnegie Hall. He later realized it could also have been August or Oct. between the 26th and 29th. Ron (and Denise) saw many NY area Zep shows (and Yardbirds) so it was hard to remember exactly. Lord Sutch literally lived at Ron's house for months at a time, so he was always around. Not sure it solves the mystery, but that's the updated info about that aspect. JP also did an interview with Ritchie Yorke after the 2nd show. Here's Jimmy's On This Day where he references missing the flight:
  5. Eddie Kramer was at Carnegie Hall and took a few photos from the side of the stage. No recording though, as far as I can recall. According to JP, the band missed their flight from London and arrived just a few hours before the show.
  6. Jimmy Page & Robert Plant in Bangkok, Thailand (Week of Oct. 10, 1972) - After the band visits Hong Kong, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant travel to Bangkok, Thailand for a few days. From here, they head to India where they would record with the Bombay Orchestra.
  7. Ritchie Yorke 'Celebrating the Life'... June 6th in Toronto. ----------------------------- Ritchie Yorke 12 January 1944 - 6 February 2017 Celebrating the Life Tuesday, June 6th, from 5pm to 9pm, for an informal gathering at: Drums 'n' Flats 1980 Avenue Road (just below the 401) To celebrate the life and 50 year career of music writer, author, journalist, cultural critic, broadcaster and media personality, Ritchie Yorke. (Ritchie died on February 6th 2017 in his Australian hometown.) Ritchie's wife (Minnie) and 2 of his children (Ian & Emily) will be arriving from Brisbane a couple of days earlier to attend this event, intended as an opportunity for his many friends, family, artists and music industry associates from his 20 years living in Toronto, to raise a glass (or two) in recognition of the important contributions he made to Canadian artists and the Canadian music industry over that time and since. An announcement will also be made that night concerning a very special media event in Ritchie's honour, and in his name, which will be taking place at the end of 2017. The Australian music industry recently honoured Ritchie's career achievements by awarding him “The Grant McLennan Lifetime Achievement Award” on 27th March at the Queensland Music Awards.
  9. Rare.... Road Crew magazine 1975 ad (Mick Hinton / Ray Thompson)
  10. Robert Plant interview - National Star 6/74
  11. Radio & Records newspaper cover 5-17-74
  12. Not much info.... I don't think I've ever seen a member of the band wearing one, but I do recall a photo of Jason Bonham wearing one in the late 70s.
  13. Mario Maglieri, owner of the Rainbow Bar & Grill. R.I.P.
  14. Legendary music venue the Concert Hall is reopening in June The 100-year-old live music venue, housed in the old Masonic Temple building, will relaunch during the Toronto Jazz Festival and continue to operate year-round by Kevin Ritchie | May 2, 2017 The 100-year-old venue, which is housed inside 888 Yonge St. – the Masonic Temple building at the corner of Yonge and Davenport – will continue to operate year-round after the June festival. Toronto Jazz Fest, which takes place from June 23-27, is also moving to Yorkville where it will host more than 100 free concerts on various stages. Randy Bachman will mark the new beginning of the space on June 23 with a performance alongside Walter Trout and special guests. Tickets will be priced $19.17, a nod to the year the Concert Hall opened. One of two venues inside the Masonic Temple, the Concert Hall saw big-band orchestras perform there in the 30s and 40s and Frank Sinatra's private parties in the 50s. Its legend grew during the rock n' roll explosion of the 1960s: Led Zeppelin played their first Toronto show there in 1969 and it was a favoured rehearsal space for the Rolling Stones. During the 80s and 90s, the 1,500-capacity Concert Hall became the place to catch popular new wave and alt-rock acts such as Iggy Pop, Smashing Pumpkins, Nina Hagen, The Cure, Beastie Boys, The Tragically Hip, Rage Against The Machine and Sloan. However, the space ceased holding public concerts after Bell Media bought the Masonic Temple in 1998. The media giant used the six-storey building as a studio for shows such as eTalk and Open Mike With Mike Bullard, as well as MTV Canada and events such as the Polaris Prize. Bell put the building up for sale 2013 and it was purchased by London, Ontario-based IT firm Info-Tech Research Group for $12.5 million. "We are excited to partner with the TD Toronto Jazz Festival and reintroduce this historic venue to a new generation of music lovers,” said William Russell, executive director of 888yonge Inc, the company that books events in the building. Other acts set to play the Concert Hall during Jazz Fest include Allen, Carrington, Spalding, Robert Glasper Experiment, Shabaka & The Ancestors, John LaBarbera Big Band (paying tribute to Buddy Rich), Bokante and By Monk. The reopening is good news for promoters that have long complained Toronto is in need of more mid-sized concert halls. It's also timely: the 2,752-seat Massey Hall is preparing to close in 2019 for up to 24 months as part of a $135-million renovation.