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  1. Here's a collection of rare outtake photos on the set of The Song Remains the Same, filming the various "fantasy sequences". (a few may have been posted before, most are new)
  2. Sun Station Vadsø - June 23 - 24, 2017
  3. I think this was 1991 or 1992....
  4. RP horse photo - location not confirmed. Plumpton: Oct. 1974 is what is was listed as, but not confirmed. I agree the pics appear to be a bit earlier. Extremely doubtful they were the same day as the Peter Grant pics though.
  5. There's over 30 pics in the Timeline:
  6. TV Listing - John Paul Jones BBC TV Performance w/ Madeline Bell 12/12/73
  7. John Paul Jones Official (Facebook) NRK TV news report - Interview John Paul Jones with Elle-Marja Eira.
  8. Their review of the first show was worse... The reviewer seemed annoyed at Robert's "Nurses Do It Better Shirt" and said "his mounds of curly hair blew everywhere, especially in his face, as the last afternoon winds rose". lol
  9. Oakland 7-24-77 review (SF Chronicle)
  10. John Paul Jones Official John Paul Jones & Howe Gelb @vadsølibrary #SunStationVadsø, Ice Station Vadsø photo:arktictoc
  11. John Paul Jones Official shared Mary Winzig's post. Mary Winzig at Ekkerøy. · Vadsø, Norway · That night when you get to see some of your favorite people play with John Paul Jones Official.
  12. John Paul Jones Official shared The Dream Syndicate's photo. The Dream Syndicate Jason hammers out some godly sounds with John Paul Jones last night at Sun Station Vadsø, way up north here in Finnmark.
  13. Redditch drumming legend John Bonham gets a blue plaque in Headless Cross PIONEERING musician and Led Zeppelin drumming legend John Bonham has been honoured with a blue plaque in his home town of Redditch. Thanks to nominations made by BBC local radio listeners a plaque was unveiled on Thursday (BBC Music Day), outside the home he was born in on Birchfield Road in Headless Cross. The plaque will commemorate John's unmistakable influence on drumming, which saw him draw from some of the coolest and hippest sources to create his own distinct, highly informed style. The plaque was unveiled by Bonham’s sister, singer Deborah Bonham. She was accompanied by former drummer with The Move and ELO, Bev Bevan, who was a good friend of John. The star, who passed away aged just 32 in 1980, is remembered as one of the greatest drummers in rock history. He sold more than 200 million albums with rock royalty Led Zeppelin. Jeremy Pollock, editor of BBC Hereford and Worcester said she was delighted Deborah Bonham could unveil the plaque on behalf of John's family. "His place in Worcestershire history is sealed – his family still lives here and have a strong connection to the patch. I couldn’t think of a better figure to honour, ” she said. A spokesman from the John Bonham Memorial Fund (JBMF), raising cash for a fitting memorial in Redditch town centre, said: “We’re over the moon that BBC Hereford and Worcester listeners voted for John to receive this honour of a blue plaque at his birthplace. "Next year, a memorial to John will be unveiled in the town centre, subject to us gaining planning consent from Redditch Borough Council hopefully within the next couple of months.” After the unveiling a crowd of around 30 people moved up to the Rocklands Members Club where local drummers Steve Barnes and Matt Hill performed a "drum-off" live on BBC HW, in front of Bev Bevan. Ben Russell ----------- video:
  14. BBC 1971
  15. It's been mentioned here before, but here's a pic: WKRP In Cincinnati w/1979 Led Zeppelin 'In Through the Out Door' poster.
  16. Not sure. Here's screenshots of Jason playing the kit... no hi hat either.
  17. Newcastle's Mayfair Ballroom gets Blue Plaque honour By Barbara Hodgson | 14 JUN 2017 The old site of The Mayfair Ballroom in Newcastle is to be honoured with a Blue Plaque. On Thursday afternoon, Ray Laidlaw from Lindisfarne - a past Mayfair performer - will unveil the plaque outside The Gate where the famous club once stood. The Mayfair was one of the Newcastle’s most famous night spots, enjoying a golden era of ballroom dancing before morphing into the rock haven it became in its latter years. Clubbers back in the day would flock there and there were tears over its closure in 1999. Now its memory is making a return to the spotlight. The Mayfair Ballroom is being awarded the special honour by BBC Newcastle - announced in conjunction with The British Plaque Trust - to mark BBC Music Day. It’s been picked for the commemoration because it was the venue where the band that went on to become Led Zeppelin made its UK debut on October 4, 1968. Musician Laidlaw - who himself appeared on the bill that same night in his own early group Downtown Faction - will perform the honours around 3.40pm on Thursday at The Gate complex where The Mayfair Ballroom stood from 1961 to 1999. Over its rock years, crowds saw all the big stars perform there, including Pink Floyd, Queen, U2, The Who, AC/DC, The Police, Nirvana, Deep Purple, T Rex, Motorhead, Fleetwood Mac and The Clash. The first incarnation of Led Zeppelin was the New Yardbirds and the original members kicked off their first UK tour at the Mayfair soon before changing their name and becoming one of the most successful heavy rock bands of all time, with up to 300m Led Zeppelin albums selling worldwide. The Mayfair’s plaque is one of 47 being awarded as part of BBC Music Day to people and places that have influenced the musical landscape across the country. These follow nominations from station listeners for icons they felt were deserving of the honour. A local committee then chose its selection from the list which then went to a national committee which made a final decision on each plaque. Phil Roberts, head of local and regional BBC programming in the region, said: “This is a fantastic piece of rock and music history right in the city centre.” Mike Read, chairman of the British Plaque Trust, added: “A blue plaque is a recognised symbol of our national heritage.”
  18. The band were each photographed at their homes in January 1970. These first appeared in Bravo magazine (Germany) in the March 1970 issue.
  19. In the Timeline: While in Toronto, John Bonham picks up a miniature set of drums for his three year old son Jason: "I've bought him a great set of miniature drums. It's an absolutely perfect replica down to the bass drum pedal and hi-hat. Even I can play them. They are Japanese made and I saw them in a shop in Toronto. They weren't really for sale and were just on display. But I offered them a hundred dollars and bought them." (M.M., Dec. 1969)
  20. Sydney / Melbourne 1972 press
  21. Pontiac. Here's a pre-show pic with the logo on the camera:
  22. John Bonham interview - Evening Telegraph 1/8/70 Top Group Manage Without TV - Evening Post 9/26/70
  23. John Bonham’s “Andy’s Instant T” rod at home in England If you still have your VHS copy of “The Song Remains the Same” then you are definitely familiar with the car in the following photos. A man named Will, from England, reports that he lives right down the street from where one of John Bonham’s former cars underwent some updating last year. Will saw this earlier post and sent over a couple shots of the C-Cab Ford Model T-based hotrod that still displays its original name: “Andy’s Instant T.” Built in the early 1970s by Andy Brizio in San Francisco, California, and later shipped to the United Kingdom by the late Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham, this particular “Andy’s Instant T” car was left sitting for quite some time. The current owner purchased the car from Bonham’s family after his death with the understanding that the car not be old in the future. Although the paint and bodywork remained in very good condition, the motor needed major attention and the Dougsport shop in Stourbridge, England was chosen to handle the task. (From what I’ve been reading, there are other Ts built by Brizio that fit into the category of being one of the Instant T type of T buckets.) Though the T now runs a type of supercharger that wasn’t originally included when Brizio built the car, the rest of the ride remains as when Bonham owned the custom C-Cab Model T. The iconic Zeppelin drummer reportedly bought the car around 1974. By this time, master automotive painter Art Himsl had already applied the custom ribbon paintwork and accompanying “Andy’s” lettering. These days, the newly revived Chevy V8 resides up front while a few old Zeppelin tour posters and a pack of cigarettes can still be found in the back. Even though we’re not sure exactly when Bonham first got to park “Andy’s Instant T” in his own garage, it can now be said that after an engine rebuild at Dougsport, (which normally builds racing engines) the T runs just as well, if not better, than when it was last seen with Bonham at the controls. --
  24. John Paul Jones recently appeared at the Swaledale Festival in Yorkshire alongside Amores Pasados. The group performed a new piece entitled 'Cradle Song' which they had commissioned John to write for them. photos: Guy Carpenter