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  1. I don't think anyone has yet to answer my inquiry: who would you put money on in a fight between James Dylan and Jason Bonham? Dylan has the height and reach advantage, but Bonham has the muscle. My hunch is Dylan would land three or four quick jabs before an enraged Bonham pummeled him into submission.
  2. RED WEST, who was Elvis Presley's first bodyguard and renowned member of Presley's Memphis Mafia for more than two decades has died. I was looking forward to meeting him in Memphis in two weeks to discuss his golden years. RIP Red West.
  3. What a schmuck. Well, off to see 68 year old Ted Nugent rock Jefferson County tonight.
  4. The next hotel receptionist who replies "It'll be emailed to you by" after I clearly state "Checkout please, with a printed receipt" is getting punched in the throat regardless of gender or size.
  5. Anything promoting the first boxed set would have aired in Autumn 1990. I do recall a commercial to promote the second one, Remasters, narrated by Alan Freed that began with the words Led Zeppelin Is Back. However, it was never more than 60 seconds and not live. I have it. Much Music is a Canadian channel. Never heard of Mor Music.
  6. Author Pamela Des Barres has association with Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, by your logic all of the many inaccuracies in her books should also be accepted at face value.
  7. Precisely, and if "an author says" is the standard by which historical fact is determined then Led Zeppelin performed in Austin, Texas in 1975 because Stephen Davis says so.
  8. Oh FFS, you just want to argue. I stand by the posts I've made. When and if something more concrete than "the drummer says" or "the author says" surfaces call me. For research purposes, Jimmy's website isn't worth a squirt of piss. It's a vanity project with no regard for historical accuracy.
  9. Three pro-Yardbirds biographers accept McCarty's recollections at face value...none of them have actually confirmed the Luton gig happened. Believe me, anyone with an internet connection can revise a Wikipedia page. It is for that reason Wikipedia is not a credible source for scholarly reference work. As I have said, I have no agenda. I merely want the irrefutable truth of the matter. However, my threshold for substantiation is higher than "the drummer said". I rest my case.
  10. By this logic, Ronnie Wood formed Led Zeppelin. After all, Ronnie Wood says so. Note also ANYONE with an internet connection can enter ANYTHING into Wikipedia.
  11. The promoter would have insisted on promoting the gig, lest he lose money. See above. Additionally, it's likely someone would have snapped a photo or two.
  12. It's all hearsay. Clayson suggests specifics but cites no source whatsoever and Page's On This Day entries are often incorrect.
  13. No offense to Jim McCarty or anyone else, but I require substantiation beyond a reasonable doubt...a ticket stub, a photo, a poster, a contract.
  14. He's still with the world's most predictable world music genre lineup so my anticipation is zero.
  15. My picks in no particular order: Big Log Far Post Moonlight In Samosa Sixes And Sevens Helen Of Troy