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  1. Steve Rosen in the house! Great interviewer and music journalist.
  2. Fair enough, but such was Sir George Martin's brilliance that he not only produced them...he plucked them from obscurity and signed them.
  3. It's a Friday night so he's got plenty of time to do so.
  4. He's been beaten here so many times he's reduced to spell checking me.
  5. That's a rebuttal that fails miserably to rebut. Your getting thrashed in the arena of ideas today. Tap out!
  6. 20th anniversary led

    Robert, the few that I have are authentic originals from the event and on light blue paper. Unsure if a non-blue paper flyer such as the ones above are authentic or reproductions.
  7. Of course you would champion the gay manager who died young as the real genius in The Beatles as opposed to the distinguished Sir George Martin. To suggest that if they had broken up pre-Rubber Soul they would have been a footnote says nothing really. Cut the existence of any band that lasted less than ten years in half and I'm sure there are few worth recalling. However, in this case you'd still be wrong as it was The Beatles that put the Mersey sound on the map for the world. "Gerry & The Pacemakers"...GTFOH.
  8. Matthew, I don't know Coco's whereabouts today. You may want to post your inquiry to the Vintage Los Angeles group on Facebook run by Alison Martino (singer Al Martino's daughter).
  9. I would agree that pre-Yoko, John was a persistently conflicted, occasionally unstable person prone to fits of anger. A rebel without a cause.
  10. Demographics...and it's much cheaper to produce. I vote for footnote. The Yardbirds had longevity, but were it not for the connection to Clapton, Beck & Page they'd be about as famous as Rory Storm and The Hurricanes. White Englishmen performing black American blues was innovative at the time, and pound for pound The Stones did and still do dwarf The Beatles as bad boys. McCartney can't go more than two days alone (craves a constant love interest), Lennon was totally emasculated and domesticated by Yoko, Harrison was hippy dippy and Ringo was just lucky to be there. Conversely. Brian Jones fathered five children out of wedlock and died young, Mick & Bill ultimately fucked everyone from Bangkok to Baltimore, Keith Richards...well, need I say more? Greatest rock and roll band of all time.
  11. Keeping White Summer in the setlist after 1970 was criminal. If you've heard it once, you've heard it all.
  12. Sideshow Entertainers
  13. I saw Page & Plant perform there in Nov 1998. This attack, which deliberately targeted our defenseless children and young girls, is another gruesome reminder of the threat radical extremists pose to our way of life. Grieve the lost, put them to rest, then avenge them by exacting vengeance against the extremists responsible. Additionally, hold politicians accountable for their policies which have led to this becoming the new normal.
  14. ^^^ Thanks for that clipping, Sam. I'll update my files to show it was an added date on 1/22/76, not 1/23/76 and also that John Bonham's involvement included tambourine during a second encore. Good stuff!
  15. Yes, and yet it was arguably the brilliance of Sir George Martin that was responsible in large part for that, IMHO.