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  1. Gorgeous instruments!
  2. He uses the men's room, so you're quite safe.
  3. It's either a Poll or an Other Artists post, pick one.
  4. Yeah, well if your side had it's way men wouldn't even know which bathroom to use.
  5. Nah, it's about sole (fish) in part about getting the best deal at the fish market. In fact, the working title was Salmon to Heaven.
  6. Weiss attended several of their concerts and there are photos and video of him with them. He also appears in TSRTS (in dark sunglasses at :12 of the clip below).
  7. ^^^ JPJ looks great. Rock royalty.
  8. ...which has pretty much already been done before with Jimmy & Robert on the In The Studio radio program with Redbeard.
  9. It's unlicensed merchandise (call it a fake, a bootleg, whatever) most likely produced in the past few years.
  10. You are correct, and it's because Page in large part was the one pushing for remasters for the umpteenth time. They agree to it, but he is the one to handle the majority of the promotional duties.
  11. If so, here's hoping he updated/upgraded the band first.
  12. As far as a full blown, proper retrospective, why bother? For one thing, John Bonham is gone as is Peter Grant. For another, there are so many television and radio documentaries/interviews already on the record it's hard to imagine there's anything left unsaid. So as I think about this, a 50th Anniversary event or feature, the only thing that makes sense is something similar to what The Beatles did for Anthology, specifically where the surviving members got together in those relaxed, unstructured situations to discuss and reflect upon the past. As we've said, video footage to accompany it simply doesn't exist, and the use of too many photos stills turns it into Ken Burns Civil War. So just get them together in three or four relaxed situations, let the cameras roll and take a devil may care approach to it. Imagine Page, Plant and Jones reunited at the Chateau Marmont to discuss 1968-1972, the lobby of a London hotel to discuss 1973-1976, and a final discussion in a Berlin hotel to discuss 1977-1980. Unsure if these talks are open to the public or not (I'm thinking not as these should be intimate discussions, producing candor and laughter between them) but the public may encounter them around town. Edit it down, press it to dvd and make tons of $$$, a portion of which should be sent to me for the concept. You're all welcome
  13. There will never be a Led Zeppelin Anthology or something similar to Crossfire Hurricane because the footage simply does not exist. They can't even scrape together enough worthwhile footage to release a second retrospective dvd. On the other hand, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones are two of the most documented popular music groups of all time.
  14. They carried you out of on a stretcher.