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  1. Ok, the mass of colliding objects is irrelevant (with regard to the rules of the road on land or at sea).
  2. Rules of the road, so to speak, apply to both examples. The mass of the colliding objects is irrelevant.
  3. I'm your Huckleberry. He did say he was running out of one of a kinds.
  4. Let's cut to the chase. Your posts here make it clear you have pathological issues with all authority figures. So now we've gone from why not use tasers to why not use martial arts? You guys are so naive and completely full of shit. I can promise you ANYONE brandishes a knife at me they will take two in the chest EVERY time, and then I'll go home and sleep like a baby.
  5. Horseshit! When you've driving down the freeway do you veer left every time a vehicle approaches from the rear, or do you make the reasonable assumption the passing vehicle will elect to stay in it's lane as opposed to sideswiping yours at the last moment? Let the investigation run its course, and THEN we can assign fault.
  6. Fault cannot be determined beyond a reasonable doubt until after a proper investigation. It could be that the container ship overtook the destroyer from behind. The angle of damage to both ships suggests the destroyer may have been broadsided from behind. If that is correct the crew of the container ship may have violated the international COLREGS, or "rules of the road" on the high seas. Of course, the question would remain why didn't the destroyer perform an evasive maneuver to avoid being overtaken from behind.
  7. Police are not trained to "shoot to wound" and rightly so. Tasers are not as effective and reliable as you keep insisting they are. Google it. That said, when someone is brandishing a weapon the use of deadly force is authorized and, as far as I'm concerned, the appropriate response. Spare me the "protect and serve died two decades ago" bullshit. People were shouting "No Justice, No Peace" back in 1993 and burning cities down in 1967 over so-called police brutality. People complained about Wyatt Earp as well, for that matter.
  8. The Who performed at Kidderminster Town Hall on May 5, 1966. I don't show Robert was in attendance, and doubt he was as The Who was a Mod group, but he may have been. Additionally, I don't show Townshend covered the vocals that night, nor do I find any sources to suggest he did. As a by the way, Robert performed with Listen the following night at the Plaza Dance and Social Club on Rookery Road in Handsworth, near Sheffield.
  9. The Honorable Sean J. Stackley assumed the responsibilities of acting secretary of the Navy Jan. 20, 2017 at noon. Stackley, who served as the assistant secretary of the Navy (Research, Development and Acquisition) for more than eight years, carries out the day-to-day responsibilities of the secretary of the Navy until the Trump administration nominates, and Congress confirms, a replacement for Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus. If a head rolls, it will be that of the ship's captain, who was actually injured in the incident.
  10. Yep. She also had a lengthy history of mental illness, a criminal record, had just been released from prison earlier this month and was armed with a kitchen knife when the two officers responded.
  11. Brad Tolinski is one of the few music publishers he trusts, and Tolinski is always glad to oblige with cover stories and softball questions.
  12. Good discussion here, with photos and maps:
  13. Prediction: the investigation will reveal one of two things. One, and most likely, the night shift crew on the Navy vessel was screwing off checking Facebook, playing cards and doing everything but their jobs which resulted in them getting crushed by a container ship four time their size. Or two, and less likely, a navigational error occurred that none of the night shift crew corrected in time.
  14. Seems to me The Yardbirds release should have hit the shelves by now but whatever. Regardless of what he may or may not have said in NYC, Page has less than zero credibility when it comes to his solo endeavors.
  15. I show Robert & Maureen brought her home to Jennings Farm in November 1968, which suggests 11/21/68 to be the correct date. I'm sure someone here can confirm.