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  1. I don't know what to say this, really.
  2. Guest singer singer Josh Kennedy from the warm up band the Black Moods...reading the fucking lyrics on his phone!?
  3. Yep, and cassette was also mentioned in an article titled "Tapes to Help Charities" published in the Express & Star in December 1991.
  4. I think you missed my point. I never suggested The Colonel was responsible for Elvis' personal life. Actually, what I did say was The Colonel's personal life/circumstances (gambling addict, illegal immigrant) had an exploitive effect on Elvis' career and ultimately his health and well being. Elvis did enjoy Vegas the first couple of visits, but he came to hate it as it became a rut. That's not my opinion, that's the eyewitness accounts and testimony of The Memphis Mafia as they were called. The Grant/Page relationship is an apples to oranges comparison to the Parker/Presley relationship. Page was already a self-made, successful and established musician long before he ever met Peter Grant. Parker joined forces with Presley when he was just a hick, and he often exploited THAT. Whenever Elvis would get mad enough mad to say he was going to can the Colonel, Parker would go to Vernon and present him with his long list of alleged outstanding debts he expected to be resolved as part of any dissolution of their partnership. He did so because he knew Vernon, who also enjoyed living well beyond his means, would then go to Elvis and talk him down from the ledge. This pseudo-parental manipulation went on for years. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying Parker should be utterly despised and damned to hell. I am saying Elvis was most definitely exploited by Parker. A better manager would have meant a better back catalog and ultimately a bigger legacy than devolving into "that guy in a jumpsuit who is always singing in Vegas".
  5. If he has any Peter's son could potentially include some of his Father's video footage in the biographical documentary that has been discussed, but there's no telling when and if that project will ever happen. I must say I find the content and quality of Jimmy's home movie clips falls far short of what is worthy of any commercial release. They make for interesting clicks in an On The Day feature, but little else. Unfortunately, the same can be said of most hand held Led Zeppelin footage from the 1970s.
  6. We should probably take this to the Elvis Presley thread, if there is one. I just want to point out one of the main reasons why Elvis played Vegas again and again and again is because Parker was routinely running up gambling debts in the casinos. THE main reason why Elvis never toured outside of the US and Hawaii is because Parker was living in the United States as an illegal immigrant. Elvis never knew did not become known until years after Elvis' death. That was also why Parker contacted Peter Grant circa 1976 to inquire if he'd manage a UK tour when and if one should be seriously considered. Finally, Larry Geller has told the story of a semi-comatose Elvis being revived in his hotel room with buckets of ice water. When he expressed his concern about Elvis' health and well-being, Parker turned to him and said "The only thing that matters is that man is onstage tonight". Knowingly applying such damaging constraints to an entertainer's career and demonstrating such careless disregard for that person's health is exploitation of the highest order.
  7. I already discussed this. Selling (or waiving) his rights to receive royalties on Led Zeppelin's back catalog was part of the deal Peter Grant made with Atlantic Records to help Robert launch his own label, Esperanza Records, as well as his solo career. In other words, it was a business deal involving Robert Plant and Atlantic Records, no one else.
  8. She needs a spanking.
  9. It was posted by Box of Jimmy's. I wouldn't expect posts quoting Socrates. That icky Ibanez sound aside, Doug Boyle is a fine player but come on man, he's not in the same league. Name one Doug Boyle composition. I rest my case.
  10. By their own admission they don't know, yet by their own logic it's certainly nothing worse than what I've said. Hug it out, snowflakes.
  11. I'll do some digging tonight through newspaper archives just to see if anything can be found (ads, news items, cancellations, etc. Doubtful but it doesn't hurt to check.
  12. Hi Andy, No Quarter was a monthly fanzine published by my friend Mark McFall of San Jose, CA. It began circa 1994 and ran for a couple of years. I have all of the back issues, and have seen them selling online for $5 to $10 each.
  13. When it comes to posters and t-shirts, ebay is full of fakes and reproductions. Stick with the auction houses, Sotheby's, Bonham's and Heritage.
  14. Purchasing from an established, reputable merchant is the best way to ensure the item is authentic. Many reproductions have been produced. This ebay merchant in fricking Wisconsin, for example, claims this is an original but it looks like a repro to me:
  15. I believe the rehearsal on Sep 25, 1980 was the first time the four were in the same room since returning from Berlin in July.