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  1. Of course IpMan blames society. Yes, no personal responsibility to see here folks.
  2. So if we break it in half now does he stop going to poetry readings and start making music again?
  3. One bonus point to TSRTS for correctly calling it a sigil. Your theory is interesting and new.
  4. I haven't toned down, I'm just doing my show. A bit of cat and mouse is always funnier than insult, insult, insult. My towering intellect refers to my uncanny ability to aggregate essential elements of information into a consistent, cohesive if not entertaining point of view. I would never claim to be "smart", just handsome and powerful. Anyway, it's nothing personal, it's part of the act.
  5. There's no way Jimmy Page would attend this given how long had he been blowing off opportunities and open invitations to jam with Cornell. Everyone knows.
  6. ^^^ You cannot be serious! Epstein was a disinterested businessman who finally relented and went to see the group as their local popularity in Liverpool escalated. Having seen them for himself, a couple of months later he signed them to a management deal. He can quite rightly be credited with putting them in suits, as unsurprisingly he placed a primary emphasis on their physical appearance and fashion--he had originally wanted to become a dress designer. However, their music? That's John, Paul, George, Ringo and (Sir) George Martin all the way. They had been paying their dues together for years, refining their musical chops by playing night after night. Gerry & The Pacemakers did score three consecutive UK #1 singles with their first releases. Unfortunately, for your side of this debate, The Beatles FIRST SEVEN ALBUMS scored #1 on the charts (1963-1966). Four of those hit #1 in 1963-1964! By the way, EIGHT MORE ALBUMS have scored #1 since. Perhaps your championing Gerry & The Pacemakers merely because they too were an Epstein-managed act? Regardless, I don't have peer-reviewed sources at the moment to further substantiate that which my towering intellect has presented here, but aside from basic common sense and logic I can readily provide the following links:
  7. It is entirely relevant insofar as the methodology IpMan applies to discerning who he'll single out for praise or assign credit to in any given scenario.
  8. Steve Rosen in the house! Great interviewer and music journalist.
  9. Fair enough, but such was Sir George Martin's brilliance that he not only produced them...he plucked them from obscurity and signed them.
  10. It's a Friday night so he's got plenty of time to do so.
  11. He's been beaten here so many times he's reduced to spell checking me.
  12. That's a rebuttal that fails miserably to rebut. Your getting thrashed in the arena of ideas today. Tap out!
  13. 20th anniversary led

    Robert, the few that I have are authentic originals from the event and on light blue paper. Unsure if a non-blue paper flyer such as the ones above are authentic or reproductions.
  14. Of course you would champion the gay manager who died young as the real genius in The Beatles as opposed to the distinguished Sir George Martin. To suggest that if they had broken up pre-Rubber Soul they would have been a footnote says nothing really. Cut the existence of any band that lasted less than ten years in half and I'm sure there are few worth recalling. However, in this case you'd still be wrong as it was The Beatles that put the Mersey sound on the map for the world. "Gerry & The Pacemakers"...GTFOH.
  15. Matthew, I don't know Coco's whereabouts today. You may want to post your inquiry to the Vintage Los Angeles group on Facebook run by Alison Martino (singer Al Martino's daughter).