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  1. It's still hard to believe, but as far as I know Knebworth was the last proper professional photo shoot. Anything from 1980 is either shots from the May 1980 rehearsals, onstage action or offstage candids.
  2. The Rest in Peace Thread...people are just dying to get mentioned here.
  3. Sib Hashian, Drummer for Boston, Dead at 67
  4. Given the sustained, remarkable level of interest in the Zeppelin Mysteries thread in the main forum, I thought this would be the right time to launch a Photo Forum thread strictly for the purpose of examining obscure Led Zeppelin & related photographs. If you have a photo you are seeking to match against a specific date, concert, event, location or trying to identify someone depicted with them you've come to the right place. To get things started, I wish to submit this photograph of Page, Bonham & Plant astride Suzuki motorcycles. I seek any additional details:
  5. ...I've done some work on them...
  6. What a fantastic idea! I am all in. I will start by eating Michelle Malkin and we'll go from there.
  7. ...LOL...LOL...LOL...
  8. In his autobiography he admits he entered a period of great darkness following the end of Led Zeppelin. However, it is clear his spirits were lifted this evening they were all able to enjoy together.
  9. First, let me say these photos knocked my socks off! It's always great to acquire another candid shot of Peter Grant, not to mention Page, Plant and Jones. Photos were taken at the Golden Lion pub in Fulham on December 15, 1981...Golden Lion Roadies for Children Charity - Silly Party Night...Page, Plant, Jones and Grant hand out raffle prizes…7pm to midnight.
  10. Horrible fakes.
  11. Great to see confirmation it's authentic! According to the April 1975 issue of Buddy magazine, Bonham remained behind at the Registry Hotel in Dallas each time the band was flown back to New Orleans from Dallas, which would indeed place this sometime between Feb 20-Mar 2 '75.
  12. Welcome to my thread, won't you come inside. Miracles may happen, every now & again. This thread is going to be about UNSOLVED LED ZEPPELIN MYSTERIES. I am the thread starter and these are my guidelines: 1. Stay on topic. If your post doesn't pertain to an Unsolved Led Zeppelin Mystery you will be placed on ignore. 2. Anyone can post what THEY believe to be an Unsolved Led Zeppelin Mystery, or respond to one already posted. If you make a claim that solves a mystery be prepared to SUBSTANTIATE IT (news article, photo, credentials, etc). 3. NO BLACK MAGIC / BACKWARDS MASKING posts. I WILL ignore you. Enjoy the thread! Here's hoping we can all solve a mystery or two together.
  13. It's quite possibly a photo-shopped image. If we do find a different Bonham shot that matches from the neck up we'll know it's a hoax. Two shows in Berlin do appear on the tour itinerary (I believe we've discussed this in the forum function may reveal it) but the second show was never advertised nor were tickets ever sold for it so it's not a cancelled date so much as it is a proposed date. Greg Wilkinson's claim that the Berlin show was performed 7/14/80 is completely false and unworthy of further comment.
  14. It's allegedly a jam with a local band circa 1980, but I don't have any other details. Robert Plant's first public performance since Oakland '77 was in July 1978 when he sat in with local Midlands band Melvin's Marauders (aka Melvin Giganticus and the Turd Burglers) at the Wolverly Memorial Hall in Worcestershire, however John Bonham was not there.
  15. None that I'm aware of, aside from the quote posted earlier. Unsure if there ever was a falling out or if their collaboration had simply run its course. Then again, perhaps a personality clash developed as time went on. I very distinctly recall an MTV Rock Block telecast from May 1993 with Robert and the band filmed at the Kings Head in Fulham. Phil seems somewhat detached throughout, and then, while leaning back against the stage, his heels slip and he momentarily loses his balance. It's at around 2:20 of the clip below. If Robert had noticed and wanted to laugh out loud about it, he didn't.
  16. Relatively low key tour, with "no trading/don't copy" restrictions preserving the mystique. I think 37 years is long enough to wait.
  17. I propose a celebrity death match for charity between Jason Bonham and JBLZE singer James Dylan. Bonham has the muscle, but Dylan has the height and reach. The winner performs one song with a reformed Led Zeppelin.
  18. Chuck Berry and James Cotton only days apart. It's time to start thinking about what kind of world we want to leave for Keith Richards.
  19. I'm still stunned that Robert so publicly threw Phil Johnstone under the bus like that. Johnstone was responsible for one of his biggest hits, Heaven Knows, and contributed to many others. By "horses for courses", I think Robert's suggesting that out of necessity they each found themselves collaborating with musical partners they otherwise would not have.
  20. I kept saying? As I recall I've only said they generally don't, aside from that 20th Anniversary release of Stairway to Heaven as a single, and that I didn't. I'm sure the music press will use it as cover stories, for which they may do a round of interviews, and some official merchandise will follow, but I personally don't expect anything beyond that. People still quibble over the exact date and location of their first rehearsal, but for what it's worth this site has it as August 12, 1968. If you go with the date of their first gig, you get September 7, 1968 (despite being billed as The New Yardbirds). The 50th Anniversary dates for the release of their first album are January 12, 1969 in the USA and March 31, 1969 in the UK.
  21. Jimmy Page at The Ritz in NYC (November 12, 1988) Scan courtesy Steve A. Jones Archive
  22. Jimmy Page at The Ritz in NYC (November 12, 1988) Scan courtesy Steve A. Jones Archive
  23. You told us so?! Of course SOMETHING will be done to coincide with the 50th Anniversary, it's just a question of what exactly.
  24. Last night I dove to the bottom of a shipping here it is...the photo I have...probably making it's internet debut: Scans courtesy Steve A. Jones Archive
  25. I originally suggested Huey Lewis for the Page, Jones, Jason lineup in 2008. Check him out. He could get it done in his own way.