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  1. What a brutal year....I'm afraid to leave the house until 2017.
  2. Here's a quick substitute...Recorded for Westwood One Radio in Ohio
  3. The interview your thinking of was on Q on CBC....I also think you have to take Robert's comments tongue in cheek as they all were from Birmingham and crossed paths quite frequently before they even formed Zeppelin and Sabbath...
  4. Misty Mountain Hop and Hot Dog from Knebworth come to mind....possibly Ten Years Gone.
  5. Who knows? It literally gives me a headache trying to decipher anything Gene says these days ...On and on and on....just say you like him and he was influential and get out. Ugh.
  6. I bought that along with the Danish TV show from an ad in Guitar World in 1992....cost me thirty dollars...US dollars....each...looks like about an 8th generation video quality wise....but I sure watched the hell out of them back
  7. I used it for Napster in 2001 and it just I tended to go on a few of them back in the day....
  8. Missed the UK chart question also.
  9. I recall reading a Guitar World interview where he said he played the Mellotron on Shining In The Light on Walking into if it was during the demo stage or not I can't recall....
  10. Already tried that one....that's a no go.......ooops ...posted this in the wrong spot...
  11. Any way of getting this to play in Canada?
  12. That's funny....I just cleaned out my storage closet last week and found the VHS tape with that performance on it....sooooooo...I then dug out a vcr and watched
  13. Hmmm...Wikipedia does have a new Def Leppard release slated tentatively for May 2015....