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  1. robert's "oh!" during the intro to sibly
  2. wow, thats some rare shit right there. wonder how long after bonzo's death this was. weeks? months?
  3. no problem with not including him. but they shouldnt have named the album no quarter, come on. and they performed it on the '98 tour in its original form, why play jonesy's signature song without him?????? very disrespectful.
  4. wearing and tearing 100% should have been on the album.
  5. like it better than the album version. guitars sound more raw and heavy. i like the original, i love the alternate
  6. complete earls court on bluray!
  7. not a big fan of poor tom, much prefer hats off. but hey hey is better than them both
  8. thats a sweet looking shirt!
  9. presence has really grown on me recently. for your life and royal orleans were songs i never really got that into but i really enjoy them now. ive always loved achilles nobodys fault and hots on. still not crazy about candy store rock and especially tea for one, that will always be my least fav zep song.
  10. i think hots of for nowhere is the #1 most underrated led zeppelin song. love everything about it. and the drumming in the 2nd half of the song is incredible.
  11. top 5 is too difficult, but i know my top 2 1 - custard pie 2 - heartbreaker
  12. musically this is an original led zep song right? the robert johnson version sounds nothing like it. only the lyrics are similar. was it recorded in front of an audience? such a great song, whyd they only play it that 1 time??