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  1. Going to see Rita Moreno interviewed at the Kennedy Center tonight. Looking forward to it!
  2. ^^ Tonight I went to the book event here in DC at The Black Cat. Dave's mom is is Dave. A lovely time was had by all!
  3. oops...double post
  4. Me too! Another movie I always stop and watch when I come across it is Starman with Jeff Bridges and Karen Allen. I love that movie.
  5. 5-0 seems like such a looooooong time ago....
  6. Caps escape...only to have to meet the Penguins next. That never ends well...
  7. I have tickets for 2 of the games. If I can't find anyone to go with me, I'm sure I can sell them for a million dollars
  8. How about Ubaldo Rick!??!! Pitched a gem and got a hit!
  9. The end of that Nats game was...something else. Twice.
  10. Indeed. I certainly hope to forget this game on my TV by September. Hell, I hope to forget it by tomorrow. Yikes...
  11. We were at the Wiz game. A not very good 1st half, but it worked out quite nicely. Brunch before was pretty good too.
  12. Allez Les Boulez!!!!
  13. And you were doing so well with your replies there...
  14. Oh my god - thank you! I was wondering why no one liked me. And now I know it's because I'm Wicked and Evil - and a Baltimoron!!! Whew... It's really good to have insight into what's going on in my life. What a nice, easy going guy you are!!!!!! And so thoughtful!!!!!!!!!
  15. A totally unnecessary park, paid for by taxpayer dollars to line the rich guys' pockets. All it will bring is traffic. What a boondoggle. I have 4 more ballparks to visit and I'll have been to all the parks in use since I started watching baseball in person in the 70s. I'll never go to this park.