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  1. Is there ever a time when a frosty adult beverage doesn't help?
  2. I didn't melt. Game went well
  3. Going to the game today. I'm sure to melt...
  4. Os should be relegated.
  5. Beautiful Walter! Hope Junior enjoys his time at camp.
  6. Hey Walter -
  7. Tonight - Paul Simon at at Merriweather! And as an added bonus, the weather is spectacular!!
  8. Honestly? I had the TV on but I wasn't paying attention. The announcers admitted he was safe. And that's all I got. Love Trey Mancini. The less said about the game tonight, the better...
  9. He was safe Rick. However, it doesn't matter now...
  10. I do. But I haven't watched any of this season yet. It's all on the DVR for...soon, I hope. I absolutely love the show!
  11. Walter, that is beautiful!!! Good health and happiness in your new home!
  12. Trying to avoid traffic so I stopped at BJ'S Brewhouse. I'm enjoying some fried artichokes with garlic mayo and a amber ale. Yum
  13. Flank steak marinated in...something tasty. Rice. Chilean Cab. I'm glad I have someone to cook for me.
  14. RIP Frank Deford Too bad he couldn't enjoy his retirement for a bit longer.
  15. Huh. It's like your team could be my team right now... indeed.