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  1. I really didn't want to eat again after last night's dinner. However, today is a fresh start! I had smelts over polenta with carmelized onions and pine nuts as an app. Then the osso bucco over mushroom risotto. It was stunning! The bread, with pesto oil and sundried tomato oil for dipping was incredible. Mr ebk had cheesecake for dessert. I couldn't even take a bite I was so full. The wine of the evening was Montepulciano/Sangiovese blend - delightful. The guitar player was so amazing - not in skill, but in the eclectic set he played. I was so amused at some of the stuff he was doing and no one in the place seemed to notice. Tonight, it's Z-Grille, another of our favorites here. Report later or tomorrow.
  2. Italian food tonight at Da Sesto, a lovely little place we discovered here in St Pete a few years ago. I love finding small places in strip malls that serve really good, home-cooked-tasting food. I'll try to remember to let you know what I ate later. Unless I eat so much that all you get is "I'll never eat again" I need to trademark that phrase.
  3. Greetings from sunny Florida where it's 80 degrees and...sunny!! Italian food tonight. Then baseball tomorrow - yay!!! Then more baseball and more food. It's a wonderful time of year
  4. They're from Dutch islands - Curacao and Aruba. That's why they're playing for The Netherlands. That's why Manny Machado is playing for the Dominican Republic - his family is from there. The series has been really good so far. Haven't watched all the games, or even most of them, but the few I've caught have been exciting.
  5. Snow! First accumulating snow of the winter!! And hopefully, the last. Only good thing is I get to work from my couch tomorrow.
  6. Hamilton's America on PBS. Yeah, it's pledge week (again...), but that's what the remote is for.
  7. I braved Costco before a snowstorm! And then rewarded myself with Cuban food. Yummmmm
  8. Taters are goin' down the tubes. What an incredibly dysfunctional team they are (I was going to say dysfunctional organization, but they are in no way organized!) hahahahahahahahahaha
  9. Took my sister out to dinner for her birthday to the Prime Rib in Baltimore. There's a distinct possibility I may never eat again. Salad, rack of lamb, gigantic potato chips, creamed spinach. Then a hot fudge sundae. All accompanied by a lovely red blend.
  10. Beautiful! I've been there - but I'm sure my pictures aren't quite as lovely...
  11. We play the Nats each year because "rivalry" or something stupid like that. We play the Central, but every team plays the team in their area from the other league each year. So ... there you go. You know me, Rick. I have no confidence in the team. So I'm pleasantly surprised when we do well, and not devastated when we stink. Which I'm sure we will do this year - stink.
  12. Mazel tov to you and Mrs. Walter!! Hopefully, Mr ebk and I can buy you a drink soon!!
  13. Very nice! Glad to see a recent picture . Not that I don't also enjoy the vintage pictures you've posted.
  14. They're beautiful! I'm sure it was a lovely evening!!
  15. Oh come on - it'll be fun!! I'm pouring the wine right now!