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  1. The Oscars, what a wank!
  2. I'm from Sydney, NSW. I had the pleasure of seeing Led Zeppelin perform live in 1972. I am a singer, guitarist, play a little harmonica and keyboards. My band plays both original and covers, mostly 60's and 70's although we are not limited to those eras. Where are you located?
  3. 44 celsius today (Friday), 45 tomorrow and 41 on Sunday. The endless summer continues....
  4. The question is how? How could someone steal it from the dressing shed (if that is where it was taken from) and not been seen? Dumbarses to allow just anyone in after a game as this incident clearly illustrates. If it turns up on ebay how could you tell if it's the real thing apart from the sweat odour ? The sort of dickhead who would do it in the first place would probably wash it before putting it up for sale. I'm sure there is no certificate of authenticity available. Serves Brady right for being trusting or naïve or neglectful (take your pick), of his property. Still, I hope he gets it back.
  5. then he saw the whale.
  6. And thou.
  7. A little perspective here. This year (or any other year in history for that matter), has nothing to do with consequences or events, it's nothing more than coincidence of when they occur. Except for some that died of old age and/or natural causes, most deaths were the result of lifestyle choices and/or substance abuse earlier on in their lives. There are two constants in life, birth and death. It is what we do with our bodies and lifestyle choices we make during that time which determines the latter. Be prepared for more of the same next year. It's only a matter of whom, how and when.
  8. This song takes on a totally new meaning.
  9. 42 Celsius or 107.6 Fahrenheit in Western Sydney today.
  10. Sad news about Carrie Fisher. She will be missed. We were watching The Force Awakens at my daughter's house on Christmas night and were reminiscing about the first time we saw Star Wars and how good it was to see the originals meshed with the new characters. Then we heard about her heart attack the next morning. Her passing has most likely changed the plot of the next chapter to a certain extent and it will be interesting to see what and where the writers go with Princess Leia. Of course the movie is trivial compared to the loss to her family and friends all around the world. R.I.P
  11. Well it's Christmas Day here in OZ. The sun is out on a another beautiful summer's day. Merry Christmas to everyone!
  12. There's still two weeks to go.
  13. R.I.P. Greg Lake, ELP..
  14. This meme was in response to this.
  15. What he said. Onya Strider!