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  1. Cool. Thx for sharing. I wish they'd start 30 minutes earlier (at 6pm instead of 6:30pm), so we could see them do 14 or so songs instead of 8 or 9 on this tour. R😎
  2. New BCC 4 making of part 1 on video from YouTube : R😎
  3. A second video for "Bones of Saints" for the new album, Carry Fire, was up briefly yesterday through this morning on YouTube, but has been been taken down for some reason. Bones of saints (2nd song) : R😎
  4. You're welcome. Yep. US dates in 2018. R😎
  5. Info here R😎
  6. R😎
  7. Sounds like he's been hanging out with David Lynch "twin peaks" a little lately. Maybe he's moving into doing soundtrack music. R😳
  8. Maybe he'll do an instrumental album one day (considering "away with words"). It'd be cool if he released the stuff he recorded with Daniel Lanois. I'd be excited if he did another Honeydrippers EP with Jimmy, Setzer and Jeff Beck or Nile Rodgers or an Elvis Presley covers / tribute album. R😎
  9. Great πŸ˜€πŸ‘ have fun R😎
  10. Album Sneak Peek of each song (30 seconds esch) 1. Collide (4:07) 2. Over My Head (4:06) 3. The Last Song For My Resting Place (7:57) 4. Sway (5:24) 5. The Cove (7:11) 6. The Crow (6:00) 7. Wanderlust (8:18) 8. Love Remains (4:53) 9. Awake (4:42) 10. When The Morning Comes (7:56) 11. With You I Go** All songs on the new album were co-written by Glenn Hughes and Joe Bonamassa. Glenn wrote all the lyrics on the album except for the song β€˜The Last Song For My Resting Place’ which was written by Joe. ** Denote bonus track only on vinyl ** Two UK concert dates added / on sale this week and a sold out US blues cruise for 2018, so far. R???
  11. Can't please everyone. Some want to gripe Jimmy never plays anymore and some want to gripe if they only play two songs with the Foo Fighters, if they only (Jimmy) jam with others in one song in Seattle (and you can't hear him from someone's phone capturing video with not a clear mix / wah ?)or if the remaining three + Jason were to play the Super Bowl. Yep, a lot of negativity. Just enjoy the fact they played and released great music from 68 to 80 then did a Few one offs. That's why I left the forum for a number of years. Some trolls just want to argue about anything. Just enjoy what they did and focus on positive and not speculation. R?
  12. Saw JBLZE last night in Atlanta (Chastain Ampitheater) and caught up with lead singer, James Dylan a bit after the show. R?
  13. ... and do a tribute piece dedicated to John Henry Bonham (RIP) R?
  14. Agreed, but if they were ever to do another one-off (brief) performance (too), something like listed above might be the way to go out with a 50 year celebration of Led Zeppelin live (as they were always a live band). R??
  15. Well, (too late) Jimmy has already played (mimed/ pre-recorded) his performance of "WLL" at the Olympics opening ceremony w/ Leona Lewis and Guy Pratt a few years ago. R?
  16. A 5 or 6 song EP with "Fire", "Swansong", a couple of jams / riffs (Embryo 1 & 2) turned into songs from 2008 previously mentioned and those three other songs listed above would be a great way to give fans something "new" to celebrate 50 years. Also, an appearance with JP, RP, JPJ and Jason at the super bowl performing "RNR", "WLL", "Kashmir" & "STH" (in 20 minute set) would be a great way for them to play (one last time while they're still physically able) for the world. R?
  17. ? Tony Catania (guitar) and Dorian Heartsong / Michael Devin (bass) would absolutely love that ?
  18. ? they are 18 to 21 years old and they have lots of potential. R?
  19. I'm still waiting (any time now) for any of the Daniel Lanois and Robert Plant collaborative work to surface. R?
  20. I did like this one. R?
  21. We haven't heard any Zeppelin songs in Polka format yet, right ??? ? (Disclaimer: Just a joke ) R?
  22. He definitely has "a Way with Words", doesn't he? ? R?
  23. Late August / early September (7th) 2018, I would presume, since they started as the New Yardbirds and played Scandinavian tour early on or early 2019 to mark 50 years from original release of their first album. I'd go with late summer / early fall 2018. R?