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  1. Late August / early September (7th) 2018, I would presume, since they started as the New Yardbirds and played Scandinavian tour early on or early 2019 to mark 50 years from original release of their first album. I'd go with late summer / early fall 2018. R😎
  2. A best of live '68-'80 compilation 2 or 3 cd set with a few unreleased demos, sound checks & covers on a bonus (3rd or 4th) disc for their 50th Anniversary would be great. R😎
  3. Hydra (reunion show) in Atlanta. They were the first progressive southern rock band signed to Capricorn label in the 70s. Same label as the Allman Brothers. They shared the stage with Lynyrd Skynyrd and many others. band&sm=3 I just saw Eric Johnson at the variety playhouse (Atlanta) Thursday June 8. RπŸ˜€πŸŽΈπŸ‘
  4. Thx for sharing πŸ˜€πŸŽΈπŸ‘ R😎
  5. Cool interview . Thx for sharing. It'd be cool for Robert to take another direction of influence and do something like a full album of eastern / Indian / northern African / tribal music (non space shifters for a minute ). R😎
  6. Thx for sharing, Sam, Dallas and Blue. Any possibility of JPJ doing any of these songs in concerts in the US?
  7. He's achieved what he and/or his webmaster wanted, as lots of people are talking about him and Led Zeppelin (at whatever means necessary ; in this case "any time now" as it has appeared to have worked). ... "All will be revealed" R😎
  8. Sadly, Manchester and now London (today) were attacked by terrorists. Not sure if these would be enough for them to reunite one last time for peace.
  9. Yes indeed & it can for the mighty Zeppelin, too!!! R😎
  10. What cause would be great enough at this point in history for them to reunite and perform (in their 70s / 50s for Jason)? (I can't think of anything thing outside of hunger (Live Aid - already did that in July of 1985) , death (Ahmet tribute -O2 show already did that December 2007), disease or as a response to some horrific occurrence (like recent tragedy in Manchester) , which I hope/pray doesn't happen.) R😎
  11. A book containing mini representations of their most famous and rare concert posters to celebrate 50 years along with special live concert(s) on cd, vinyl and digital would be cool, too. R😎
  12. A book containing mini representations of their most famous and rare concert posters to celebrate 50 years along with special live concert(s) on cd, vinyl and digital would be cool, too. R😎
  13. For me: A Final one-off concert in the US (where Led Zeppelin became the biggest band in the world and sold the most records), a live concert (unreleased show) and/or any documentary DVD/Blu Ray or a release of new/unreleased material from Page, Plant, Jones & Bonham featuring Jason would be welcome at any time, especially to mark their 50th Anniversary. None are likely, but if anything other than a rehash of a hits compilation would be great. R😎
  14. For Robert's site, if you add to website name and type "/tour" or something else you can still get in to his site to navigate around.
  15. Nothing confirmed. I think Plant will confirm another solo album / solo tour soon, though. R😎
  16. I saw Big Wreck June 15, of 2001 at the Elbow Room in Columbia, SC. I was hooked the very first time I heard their first album in 1997.
  17. I always dreamed of Jimmy playing a series of gigs with Big Wreck (like he did years ago with The Black Crowes).
  18. RIP
  19. Sad. Yes. Slaves &Bulldozers (live) included lyrics from "In My Time of Dying" R
  20. Cool pictures. Thx, Sam. R😎
  21. Suki, Naoki, Indy
  22. Maybe they could release 50 Led Zeppelin balloons next year over the museum like on WKRP in Cincinnati (thanksgiving) episode πŸ˜³πŸ¦ƒ