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  1. I've always loved the smirky, self-depreciating way they refused to take themselves seriously as "Rock Gods". MANY of the others from that era certainly did...
  2. it looks like Coach Kerr's illness gave the Dubs a dose of "basketball ain't everything" reality! They knew they had to win some rest time for their coach, who may be in his last season...
  3. Jones is not "out front" like the rest of the band, but he has the hardest job, he has to make sure that Jimmy, Robert and John's wailing away remains a "song". I can't remember any show where JPJ has an off night! Page is pretty amazing 69-73 with late 72 to early (Germany) '73 being a peak. Plant is in total control of his vocal gifts from about '70 to '72, during this time he sets the standard for the Rock Front Man. Bonham is a little more consistent until '80 when he seems to lose interest...
  4. NOT AGAIN!?!? Griffin out of the playoffs? Man, LAC can't catch a break...
  5. Wow! What a cool, rare find!
  6. I went to the Warriors" opener yesterday. Good game, the Dubs look pretty fresh.
  7. Good call! I was a great game (until the third quarter) .
  8. They are a very inconsistent team. Their downfall is that you never know which Clippers team will show up! I wouldn't put $ on them...
  9. Well LedZeppfan77, it looks like the real Clippers showed up down in San Antonio last night!
  10. "As you can ah, thank you very much, by the way, as you can no doubt tell by the movement on the snare drum there, it's now time to have a look at a badgholder. Can we have a look at a badgeholder? There she is. There's Bonzo's badgeholder over ther on the left of the stage. A big round of applause for Bonzo's badgeholder. Fantastic. Wearing a blue suit. So here you are John, and your diamond studded, shut up, diamond studded badge holding time. John Bonham Over the Top." LA 6/23/77 I also like Plant's intro of JHB before Ten Years Gone: " This is a song that ah, it's really about the first love that you ever come across. A love that you leave behind, and then you come, shut up. The love that you leave behind, and then when it's too late you try and grab it and it's gone. This is John two Bonhams Looney Bonahm/ Ten Years Bonham." As John adds drum fills to punctuate what Robert's saying. Classic!
  11. Correct! And WITHOUT Durant.
  12. Warriors 111 OKC 95, Curry 23 pts. on 47% shooting and 58% on 3's, Westbrook 15 pts on 25% shooting and 16% on 3's Warriors 113 Rockets 106, Curry 32 pts on 50% shooting and 27% on 3's, Hardin 24 on 25% shooting and 11% on 3's Warriors 110 Spurs 98, Curry 29 pts on 45% shooting and 50% on 3's, Leonard 19 pts on 35% shooting and 0% on 3's (0-5) Time to reconsider your MVP votes!
  13. I watched the last two Cleveland Cavilers games against San Antonio tonight and against the Washington Wizards on Saturday. I have never seen a player complain to the referees like LeBron James! Every time he missed a shot he turned and whined to the officials for a foul. I saw him commit a hard charge and at least two traveling violations and NO CALL. And the way he talks and talks and talks to the refs would earn a mere mortal a T. Hey NBA, why do you kiss "Bron-bron's" ass? (They lost both games!)
  14. Chuck Berry... The Father of Rock and Roll
  15. He's done...