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  1. Oh man, so many good ones. I'll have to do some listening, but one that pops into my mind is where Plant says something like "The man who said he could always go back to laying bricks and we all agreed". I'm thinking there may already be a similar thread about this.
  2. Yeah, it's puzzling and frustrating for sure, and something I too have wondered about. It's almost like somebody stole half of the stash or something. I was surprised when some of the more complete ones appeared, like New Orleans and San Diego. I would love a complete Mobile or LA. I think if they were available, we'd have them by now. I hope they're out there but I kinda doubt it. IIRC the person who located Mobile said "That's all there is" from that show.
  3. Very sad news indeed. I'm not a member, but a long time lurker, and I have much respect for the Fonz, always loved how he would crack the whip when people would drift off topic. RIP Jason
  4. I'm still hoping a tape will turn up of one of the gigs where Bonzo used two bass drums (the awful Berdu tape doesn't count)
  5. The audience recording really isn't all that great, not a lot of crowd noise, I wouldn't think a matrix of this show would be very good, but I guess when one pops up I'll give it a listen. Really looking forward to the board tape, though
  6. For example, here's "Killing a Little Time"
  7. The new Bowie EP, "No Plan". Just four songs, but OMG, you gotta hear this, wow
  8. Looks like a double exposure to me, probably unintentional, he re-wound film he had already shot.
  9. Yeah, it's just "Box Set 2". Unless, of course, he's talking about a bootleg or something
  10. Maybe it's the box that followed the original "crop circles" box set? That included everything left off the first one. But it wasn't actually sold as "best of the rest" ( I'm trying to remember if it was just called box set 2 or what, somebody will help us there, I'm sure. .. it's the the little green one..)
  11. Wasn't rented gear used at that '69 KC show? I recall reading that. At least Bonzo had to use a different drum kit. He probably hated it and started drinking even more. I recall the bootleg of that second show sounding pretty sloppy, but no passing out occurs
  12. Right, the Led Zeppelin sign itself was lowered down for the final song, or encore
  13. I remember an announcement before the show assuring those sitting behind it not to worry, that once the lights hit it you would be able to see right through it