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  1. Presence is one that really stood out to me with the new remasters, where I thought the hi-res files were a bit dark, the CD a bit brittle, but the vinyl LP - perfect! On my system at least
  2. great pics. What a small stage! not Jimi
  3. Are you suggesting there is video of 6/21/77? Never heard that whopper before.
  4. What a great review that is of the first album. Funny how he just assumed Bonzo was using two bass drums. I did too until I saw a photo
  5. Wow! Fantastic! The gangster scene is too bizarre, are they playing Genocide, the board game? WTF? Virginia Parker! So much to take in here. Great stuff
  6. Gotta be the same kit though, right? There's not two? (great shots of Jason playing it btw)
  7. no hi hat in the pics...Where is it, Bonzo?
  8. There's a few photos I hadn't seen before, like the far shot of them onstage and it's still sunny out! What a dramatic change in the weather in just three songs. And I've mentioned it before, but Bonzo is just killing it at this gig, such a shame it ended so soon
  9. Really? Please share your memories with us, there was much controversy about whether this gig even happened, so a first-hand account would be great
  10. Livin' Lovin' Maid with JPJ on organ, ooh, can't wait to hear that one
  11. Bad Ass! I want one and I don't even play bass!
  12. Don't know how I missed that review, but I'm kinda glad I did, I liked being surprised by Ten Years Gone and Battle of Evermore
  13. Great video, thanks for posting
  14. "Seventeen" tracks have been recorded for Led Zeppelin III it says. ? Can somebody name all 17 tracks? I sure can't