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  1. Thanks
  2. Yes it is Also picked up copies of The Principle of Moments and Raising Sand ... my daughter demanded we get Rasing Sand
  3. The Caps have the best chance to stop Cindy & the Pens. That was a great game yesterday ...hope we see you in the Eastern Conference Final... Let's go Rangers!
  4. Close up on record sleeve 1
  5. Poster, sticker & download code card
  6. I dig the thought this band puts into their record packaging and artwork!
  7. Here's one pic, I'll post the others on the Black Angels thread...
  8. Question, the tune Dreamt off the new album, do they sample pink Floyd or replicate the Echoes sound perfectly? I am basking in this collection of songs or "statements" . So far Dreamt is my fav, although I wish it were about 10 min
  9. No doubt, Lunqvist is there best weapon, and he'll need to play like the greatest goalie on earth in order for the Rangers to make it past Washington or Pittsburgh. Next we play the winner of the Boston / Ottawa series , and can't take either of them lightly. The Rangers can look really good or really bad as if they are sleep walking out there.
  10. Very nice ! Most of the talk on the line I was on was Floyd's Interstellar Overdrive, the Alice in Chains, Prince and Bowie releases . How's the Rush Cygnus X-1 sound?