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  1. The entire new album ! ...and I'm so glad they did, no tune should have been left out. .. one of my favorites of their catalog is Entrance Song, the freeways they sing about go thru Dallas..I35, 75, & 45.. Here's a vid taken from a dude who was standing behind me..the sound on the vid does not do the actual sound justice ....also, I was pleasantly surprised to see I wasn't the oldest on the crowd , lol
  2. Amy Frederica Brenneman was great on the Leftovers last night... "So you're wrong, Pop. I'm not Thomas. I'm Judas. Doubting is easy, 'cause doubting costs you nothing. ..But Judas... he was surrounded by people going on and on about how special Jesus was, but he betrayed them anyway. 'Cause he was sure that he believed in something, and he acted on it." ~ Laurie Garvey
  3. Very sad situation.
  4. I grew up and continue to follow an original six team . I have a deep respect for the other 5 teams and their respective fan bases. I also love the sport, and really dig when hockey draws well in a sun belt city. Bridgestone Arena has a seating capacity of 17,113 for ice hockey, and they have an average draw of over 16,000 per game since 2011. That's a pretty loyal fans base. Throw in the fact that Nashville is a party town and I'd like to see them go all the way, considering who remains. I downloaded a graph of their average attendance by year
  5. The Dallas set list: 1 Currency 2 Bad Vibrations 3 The Prodigal Sun 4 I Dreamt 5 Medicine 6 I Hear Colors (Chromaesthesia) 7 Black Grease 8 Grab as Much as You Can 9 Half Believing 10 Sniper at the Gates of Heaven 11 Entrance Song 12 Haunting at 1300 Mckinley 13 I'd Kill for Her 14 You on the Run 15 Comanche Moon 16 Life Song 17 Estimate 18 Death March 19 Young Men Dead
  6. Kingsler just crushed that one..
  7. Some vids are showing up from Friday ...
  8. Amazing evening at the Granada last night. I took minimal pics and no video. Totally being engulfed in their sound while standing front row is mesmerizing. I was just blown away ...the place was packed and the crowed was great... Once I find the set list I'll post it..
  9. 8 hours to go !
  10. These pens are great for vaping . I find oil to be more of a head high and less of a body high. The inconspicuous convenience factor is off the charts! No stereotypical pot smell, easy to carry, looks like any other vape apparatus. Of course , strictly for use where currently legal 😎