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  1. Wasn't wild about Farlowe's contribution to Prison Blues (mainly lyrically), but I really liked his vocals on Blues Anthem and loved his work on Hummingbird, one of my very favorite post-Zep performances by Jimmy. This is cool, JImmy is clearly doing things that turn him on, and ONLY things that turn him on. Good for him!
  2. One of the things I've always liked about Jimmy is that he seems to be a "if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything," kind of guy, with rare expections. I wonder if he's puzzled by the fact that lots of his peers, who claim to respect him as a guitarist, are so outspoken in their dislike of his "baby". I mean, Clapton gets visually agitated when he's asked about Zeppelin, or in "Beware of Mr. Baker" when Bonzo comes up in relation to Ginger Baker. Even his old friend Beck has made some crappy statements about Jimmy from time to time over the years, not to mention Keith and lesser lights like Nugent, etc.
  3. Cannot and will not speak for Steven A, but he seems to have some pretty good connections on this stuff. I doubt the poster was the ONLY thing that led him to believe Jimmy would perform.
  4. So people who paid to see Jimmy play got to see Johnny Depp play while Jimmy handed out yet another award? Sorry to hear that Steve, what a disappointment. And he's still talking about next year. Why he seems to get such a kick out of messing with his fans is a mystery, so weird and uncalled for.
  5. If both parties wanted it to happen it would have happened at some point between 2007 and now. I'll never say never but I don't expect to see them play together again
  6. Mason Ruffner, I was there!
  7. At the risk of being redundant I couldn't disagree with you more. He was clearly surprised to be handed a guitar, had no thoughts on playing until that moment, and didn't know what to do. Would be great if they tossed him an acoustic, he quickly tuned to DADGAD, then played a flawless White Summer but let's be real. Same Old Rock with Harper is a more reasonable test of his latter-day chops and he passed with flying colors. Nonetheless, I hope you get to see him play in November and I hope he lives up to your expectations.
  8. The whole "French TV" evaluation of his performance is way, way overdone. WAY overdone.
  9. Would be awesome but I'll believe it when I see it.
  10. Good for you Steve, enjoy!
  11. Seems like egos talking to me. After all, this album was released without Jimmy's okay in the first place, and the production included embarrassing fake cheering, cocktail glasses clinking, etc. Seems to me Dreja-McCarty should be happy that Jimmy wants to put it out properly, with his usual attention to detail and quality. They would benefit financially and the band would receive some deserved buzz.
  12. Amen brother.
  13. Another good point Charles. We unfortunately are living in an age of groupthink, and a lot of people seem to automatically call him "sloppy" or "overrated" when the topic of his live playing comes up. I look at some YouTube comments and hope he doesn't read them, he seems to bring out the worst in some judgmental know-nothings.
  14. Well said, I've thought the same thing. This is a guy you couldn't keep from jumping on stage with anyone, any time. In the 80's Rolling Stone wrote, "It would take surgery to remove this man from his guitar." John Paul Jones has said more than once, "Page LIVES to be onstage." it is undeniably weird and it has to go beyond merely "waiting for Robert," IMO.
  15. Give me a break, bro. Every other network covers for your precious party and its lying, national security endangering, resume full of impressive titles with no accomplishments or negative accomplishments candidate, sorry you don't have universal media solidarity. Besides, political stuff is supposed to be off limits here. Put this aside and let's get back to pondering why Jimmy's been saying "this is the year" for 13 straight years.