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  1. Agree to disagree. As long as they are making money off the music of LED Zeppelin, and he was the producer of that music, he should get a larger share IMO. He put more into it back then and he still does today for that matter.
  2. To be fair, Jimmy was entitled to a little larger cut than the others as Producer, what's wrong with that? You can't say this guy is one of the great producers in rock history (he is), and hold the opinion that he shouldn't get a little larger cut for that role now, can you? A producer can make or break a band and his value in that role to Zep is well documented.
  3. Although wasn't Jimmy a little peeved that Tolinski packaged all his Jimmy interviews and sold them as a book?
  4. Very well said. The Orbison angle is sonething Jimmy himself has talked about in interviews, the idea that the record company basically worked him to death.
  5. Well I remember a big cover and story in Guitar World for the 40th anniversary of Led Zep III. "Nothing to promote" hasn't kept him and GW from collaborating in the past!
  6. Hard to argue, Steve. I'm not as cynical about it as you are but I totally get it,
  7. I've noticed a distinct lack of new Jimmy interviews and guitar magazine covers lately, he seems to have gone quiet. In the old days I would have assumed he's up to something, writing, recording, etc. He allegedly told someone in NY at one of Scarlett's poetry readings that he's been in "rehearsals" lately, so who knows...
  8. I dunno, I saw Jimmy tear the roof off a small theater in Pittsburgh in '88. Same with the Crowes at Roseland in '99. And the following summer with the Crowes in venues bigger than theaters but smaller than arenas. I don't think he's hung up on the size of venues. I think he's hung up on playing with Robert or playing with nobody at this point.
  9. RIP Greg, thankful for the many great nights I spent enjoying his talents at the Beacon..
  10. It's funny, I was a little disappointed in his performance on SIBLY on Unledded because at that time the fiery Song Remains The Same version was burned on my brain. Listening to it now I think it's great and tasteful.
  11. I think some forget (I know you don't) that outside of STH at ARMS, neither Jimmy nor Robert regularly played any Zep in their sets until 1988. It was a big decision and a big deal when they both played Zep tunes on their respective solo tours that year, eight long years after the band broke up...
  12. Okay, clearly it didn't get a great reception out of YOU, that's your right. My point is that he got an incredible reception on the whole. I also thought it was brave of him NOT to lean on Zeppelin at the time but that's just my opinion.
  13. I don't think the public could have possibly been any more receptive than they were, even with the emphasis on Death Wish material. Pete Townsend was in the Garden and said when Jimmy walked onstage the place was actually bouncing, he was blown away by it. I think Jimmy could have played Mary Had A Little Lamb and gotten the same reception at that point!
  14. Yet young music fans I know hold Zeppelin, and Jimmy, in much higher esteem than they do people like Clapton, Beck, etc.