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  1. Watching my niece graduate from Elon University in NC. I have 7 nieces & nephews, and every one has now graduated from College. My parents would be very proud !
  2. Let's see if my Tigers can cool your Rangers down this weekend.
  3. I had an old friend who moved to California stop by this week. He brought one of those and some gorilla glue from a Cali medical dispensary. Quite tasty and convenient. He's from Placerville, and told me not one person he knows pays for weed. Makes you wonder how many people are vaping oil at concerts, sporting events, as opposed to tobacco. I'm sure it's because I'm old, but I get a kick out of being able to charge your vaping apparatus through your computer port while surfing. Sometimes modern technology is just awesome.
  4. At least your State is only a $100 fine for simple possession. I interpret that law to mean that one has to be pretty much a complete idiot to get yourself in trouble. That means I'm willing to visit your State and spend my money there. Now if you can lobby your State to raise the Interstate speed limit above 65mph, I'd very much appreciate it. This ain't 1958 you know....
  5. Yes, I saw it. But it was also Machado's second checked swing of that at bat on a very close pitch. In other words, "He stood there like the house on the side of the road and watched it go by !" By the way.....How many times do you think we're going to let your pitchers hit our batters without some chin music coming your way ?
  6. Thanks for the reminder ! I forgot we had a day game today. The wind is howling today, so I expect a homer fest.
  7. Reports from Detroit PD that this was a suicide....found hung in his hotel room after the show.
  8. sailor
  9. Haven't seen the internet run this slow in years !
  10. Now !
  11. Until the legal movement of the last 5 years, I hadn't seen any hash worth talking about in over 30 years. Seemed to have gone the way of Tai-stick, hay-gold....etc. Vaping, shatter & dabbing seem to have taken over, especially in Colorado. Ha....when I was a teenager we used to pool our money and get 6 tai doobies for $5 bucks from the local derelict that sold around the neighborhood on his pedal bike. We always seemed to end up at Dairy Queen by the end of the night. Haven't seen a true stick in years. Really got in to that one special on "Weediquette" that showed the afghan farmers harvesting hash pollen up in the mountains. Never saw that actually done before.
  12. Our problem right now is our starters aren't going deep enough. Verlander is hitting 99mph again and throwing like a kid, but he throws 60 pitches by the 3rd inning. Our bullpen can't cover that. Fullmer is doing fine, and I expect him to pitch well tonight. Getting J.D. Martinez back helps our line-up immensely. Might be time to drop V-Mart down in the batting order. Not sure what's up with Miggy, but it won't last. I expect a .450 June if he's healthy. Every team in the AL Central has a weakness, so I expect us to be in it until September.
  13. Never fear. No matter the score, Tiger games don't start until the 7th inning when our shitty bullpen comes in to blow the day.
  14. ^^ I'm the last of the doobie smokers. Most younger folks get a chuckle that I still burn the old-fashioned way. However when I twist I usually leave them in awe. It seems to be a dying art. I enjoy edibles, but it's not exactly complimentary to an 8 mile hike in the rain forest. Maybe if you wanted to sit on a stump, watch birds, stare at the fauna, etc....not that there would be anything wrong with that. Everything has it's place and time. Where weed is legal, I've yet to see rolling papers made out of weed itself. Would seem to be a market for that, considering fine cigars are rolled that way. I don't have a Michigan medical card yet either. I don't want to be on any list, and I reserve the right for now to possibly re-enter the work-force.
  15. Thanks Paul. Bumgarner....I sure know how to pick 'em.