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  1. Amen. I've got my blinders on and it's full speed ahead. So many friends stuck in the past. Good or bad it can only hold you back. The good ole days weren't that good. My personal goal is to make to 81....then I'll have lived more in the 21st century than the last.
  2. "A Streetcar Naked Desire" anyone ? Speaking of Jeopardy, this is more blooper than stupid, but it still cracks me up.
  3. DAMN.....according to my calendar the Aussies celebrate a lot of stuff today.....can't you guys spread things out a bit ?
  4. One part of proposed Trump Care I appreciate is opening up the availability of tax-deferred health savings accounts for everyone, I used one as an employee for 12 years. Now that I'm retired and not yet eligible for Medicare or Social Security, I don't understand why that option isn't still available to me. My pension is taxed at the State and Federal level as all income. One could argue that I need it more now than before. Of course the Republican motivation for the move may be just to give bankers another means of skimming off the top with fees and such. Nothing raises my blood pressure higher than people like Nathan Forrest Sessions, who insist on linking the issue of legal weed with this country's current heroin epidemic. The U.S. has had two heroin epidemics in my lifetime, now and with veterans of Vietnam. Both were caused by the government. The use of addictive legal opiates cures nothing. It's use is prescribed for pain management. If someone can accomplish the same while using a much more benign substance, the government should be on board. Quit acting like people are stupid. These are their friends and kids dying. Put some money in to research instead of trying to blow smoke up our ass all the time.
  5. Must have lost power for a few seconds at least 20 times yesterday. A million without power today in Michigan and I'm not one of them. Damn that wind was whipping yesterday !
  6. Pretty much how I feel these days....
  7. 60 degrees today around the Great Lakes....a much deserved Winter break.
  8. Tom Brady surely ranks with the all-time best quarterbacks, but you can't compare players from different eras. Dick Butkus wouldn't play on 3rd downs today, but that doesn't mean he wasn't one of the best middle linebackers ever. Paul Warfield got chucked and slammed in the head as he went down the field....Art Shell played at 260 can go on and on. The off-season work-out for players 40-50 years ago was a real job.
  9. There isn't a man on this planet that ever looked at a wall and said, "this needs some wallpaper". The only ones who have to deal with it are either married, or ones removing it from someone who was. Do you remember being a kid and coming home from school and all the furniture in the family room was re-arranged for no apparent reason ?
  10. R.I.P. Mr. made a lousy pie but you were a great owner.
  11. Well I like you too Shawn ! I'm damn close to the "Fraser Sink-hole" that's been in the news lately. Tomorrow's Super Bowl could literally cause a shit-storm of activity. Staggered toilet breaks are on the agenda, and Mexican food is off the menu. Remember the rule...."If it's yellow let it mellow...if it's brown flush it down". I can always pee off my balcony....don't eat the yellow snow where Bong-Man goes.
  12. The political apprentice has officially drained the swamp and renamed it "On Goldman-Sachs Pond". Trump also signed a presidential memorandum that instructs the Labor Department to delay implementing an Obama-era rule that requires financial professionals who charge commissions to put their clients' best interests first when giving advice on retirement investments. There's the company, the salesman, and you. It's your money, your retirement investment and savings, and he just moved you to 3rd place on the financial investment totem pole. After all, the banking industry has had it so tough the last 8 years....borrowing from us at .5% and charging people usury rates of 20% on their credit cards. Nothing made me laugh more this past Holiday season than watching Wells-Fargo spending their client's money to wish us all a Merry Christmas. My older brother was the Chief Operating Officer at a major bank. He got lucky....cashed out and got out two years before the crash. During the Holidays he sincerely asked me if I knew anyone that still paid cash for gas, groceries, etc. I said I do. He asked why. I told him because I get free ATM service at any 7-11, Stop & Go, or in & Out convenience store across the country. He looked at me shocked and said, "How do you manage that" ? Easy's called a credit union.....damn socialist communist institutions !
  13. There is one good scene in Godfather III.......
  14. Anyone here from Nova Scotia, PEI, or Newfoundland ?