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  1. JD's contract is up and the Tigers can't afford him. The days of $200 million + team payrolls are over, at least around here. I wouldn't be surprised if the Tigers were eventually sold. As for Verlander & Miggy, who really wants them ? Verlander could help a team, but not with his contract. The Tigers would have to cough up big dough to move him, and I don't think they're prepared to do that right now. Miggy won't be himself the rest of the year. Teams are interested in Avila the catcher, so I guess Daddy gets the unique honor of trading him. Our minor leagues are bare. I see some lean years ahead in Tiger Town. That's okay though. We fielded a decent team for ten years, and the owner opened his wallet to try and win it all. That's about all a fan can expect these days.
  2. Well it seems Metallica left their mark on big league baseball for the last week, and not in a good way. J.D. Martinez gets traded from the Tigers and takes a shot on the wrist in his second at bat for Arizona....bummer. Dave Dombrowski may want Miggy for Boston at some point, but not in the shape he's in right now. He's modified his entire stance at the plate because of his groin and hip. That's what happens when you play for Venezuela and you're out of shape. Lefty reliever Justin Wilson is next on the trading block, and plenty of teams are interested. What's crazy is if the Tigers would have beat KC last night, they'd be only 4 games back in the AL Central. Teams can lose a lead like that in a week.
  3. If you look to the far left of the crowd pic I posted.....that's not even the 50 yard line ! I sat in the opposite end-zone in tier A for one concert, and that was Aerosmith. When Joey Kramer hit his drums, there was actually a delay until the sound reached you. Kind of like when someone's putting a new roof on their house in your neighborhood, and you're not really sure where the sound/echo is actually coming from. For some shows, they created the Mini-Dome by putting a curtain across. The Who in '79....Pink Floyd in '87 I believe. The Pistons used that arrangement when they played there in the 80's before the Palace of Auburn Hills was built. The sound wasn't much better, but at least you could see. I'm not complaining mind you. I was a 17 year old punk. Those 77.000 tickets sold out in 3 hours in the dead of Winter. If they played Cobo or Olympia with a capacity of roughly 15,000, I would have never gotten or been able to afford tickets. We paid a scalper with mafia connections $15 bucks for a $10 ticket the week they went on sale, and weren't given our tickets until 2 weeks before the show. Man were we nervous until we had those tickets in hand. It's not like we were going to threaten a guy whose family owned a pasta factory.
  4. ^^ One of the reasons I joined this board back in 2002 was because there were very few people participating at that time who actually saw the band. That would thankfully change, but I actually went through about a year where people doubted the existence of a screen. Lol....they wouldn't believe someone who was actually there. Stupidest move of the night ? Telling my date to leave her camera in the car. I was going by past experience at the Dome, and figured it would just be confiscated. Security never checked her purse. Always appreciative of those who took pics and know who you are. I'm in the circle somewhere.....a little more to the left. I never actually saw John Bonham except for the screen, and when his drum platform pulled out to center-stage for "Over the Top". Don't know what else to tell you about the sound. I can tell you the stadium echo actually lent itself to the sound on "Kashmir". "Sick Again" was as pathetic in person as it sounds on tape.
  5. Collectors and bootleggers are always under the impression that "Hot Rods in Pontiac" is a poor audience recording. I can tell you from vast experience that is hardly the case. In fact, that is probably about the best audio recording from a 1970's portable cassette deck that one could possibly expect from the Pontiac Silverdome if you were sitting in a seat. It was the absolute worst venue to see a concert, bar none. Unlike Seattle's Kingdome, The Superdome, The Astrodome, The Pontiac Silverdome was not designed as a multi-purpose stadium. It was built exclusively for football. The combination of having a cloth bellowed roof along with a non-circular design, plus the sheer vastness of the place, lent itself to a huge echo. Nothing reflects that more than Bonham's muddled drum sound on the tape. Unless you were on the main floor, that is what you heard, and it only got worse the farther up or away from the stage one sat. One gets the impression by looking at the speaker setup that it was a typical loud Zeppelin wasn't. Never an, "Ooooh My Ears !" moment during the whole show. One hilarious moment was during "No Quarter". They had a light show of bubbles and special effects projected on the cloth stadium roof. My buddy leaned over to me laughing and said, "That probably looks pretty cool in a normal venue". We weren't in one, and any intended effect was totally lost. Even if video exists, "The Song Remains the Same" is not included. Jimmy wouldn't let the camera man on stage until he was comfortable. I've tried to find the point the screen went on by listening to the audience to jog my memory, but no luck. You can hear Robert before "Trampled Under Foot" asking for the house lights to go down. My memory suggests they never did. The break between "Rock & Roll" & "Trampled Under Foot" was much longer than the boot indicates. Many people were unsure of another encore, and were already heading up the aisles, including many from main floor. Robert came on stage with the lights on and asked, "Hey....Where's everybody going ?" I got quite a kick out of looking across the way and seeing people scurrying back down the aisles. I'm guessing the house lights never went back off because Silverdome management wouldn't allow it. They were the type that had to warm-up (metal-halide ?). Why has Warner Bros. blocked Stairway from this boot on u-tube ? If they're going to bother, why wouldn't they block the whole thing ? Noticed they did the same on the TSRTS Stairway recently.
  6. Hi Shellie....and welcome aboard ! You saw the band at the Ice Palace in 1969 ? Please share with us any memories you might have.
  7. Heading to a 60th surprise birthday party for my Sister.....and I know she has no clue whatsoever !
  8. I was newly married, and not only couldn't afford cable, it wasn't even available in my apt. complex. That left me stuck with the ABC feed and Dick Clark. After twice hearing Zep playing in the background, and then going to lengthy commercials, they finally decided to join "Stairway" in progress. Honestly, it was the most frustrating Zeppelin experience of my lifetime. It took years to finally see the entire set, and I'll growl at a picture of Dick Clark to this very day. I have the dvd now, and still enjoy watching The Who, U2, Bryan Ferry, Queen....and yes, even Madonna because of her age at the time. Being from Motown and a fan, I was also riveted by the coked-out performance of David Ruffin & Eddie Kendricks from the Temptations with Hall & Oates. Ruffin would last only another 4 years until the blow finally caught up with him. Another thing I remember is the entire generation below me imitating Bob Dylan's singing at work. His vocal performance on record of "We are the World", and his set with Keef & Ronny at Live-Aid, got a pretty harsh response from the youngins'.
  9. Peter Wolf and band still serving it up with relish
  10. "The rain in Spain stays mainly in the Plains" ....and I hate frickin' musicals !
  11. Saved the second half of this season's "Gotham" just for Summer. Best show on regular tv in my opinion. You should take that with a proverbial grain of salt though, as I cut Batman a lot of slack. You see.....I am Batman !
  12. Got rid of satellite radio in my truck today. No service or value complaints. I just don't put on any miles anymore. Only 4,400 miles in 8 months. I used to be a 20,000 mile a year mile guy no problem. Looks like I'm back to the AM radio hog report during vacations. Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes. I just picked up what was left of last night's I'm going to rock it !
  13. "Snow Jobs" "Nothing but work work's a hard life"
  14. The Tigers are cooked....done....not only for this season, but several ahead. Time to rebuild from the bottom up. Trading the old guard like Kinsler, Verlander, Miggy, are all on the table....but who wants them ? I think we should get real ballsy at this point and trade Michael Fullmer. Get some hot prospects that might produce half an infield or outfield for the future. Now that the Houston outfield mound is gone, Comerica Park is back to being the biggest outfield to cover, and we don't even have anyone in the entire organization that can play Centerfield....sad. There's going to be some lean years ahead.
  15. Just some random facts I stumbled upon...... The worst States to be busted for weed......Arizona, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Florida. Even though Arizona came close to voting for recreational legalization, it's still a felony for simple possession. The other 3 are misdemeanors, but include mandatory sentencing of some degree. The top selling weed in both Washington and Colorado is 'Blue Dream'. Not only do users enjoy it, but growers too. It only takes 6-8 weeks per growing cycle, so profits are maximized. 'Snoop's Blue Dream' is a hybrid of that strain, and coming on strong. I had some in Washington, and it was probably the best tasting smoke I've ever gotten from a legal dispensary....mellow and piney. Durban Poison & Girl Scout Cookies round out the field. (I'm sure the GS of A is quite excited about that fact) The problem for the casinos in Vegas is their gambling licenses. No one wants to challenge Federal laws at this point for that reason. That domino will fall eventually. If there's any place in the world that can't resist a profit margin it's Sin City.