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  1. ^^^ I can't remember if it's a 1st gen or 2nd gen tape but there's a superior source recording that circulates for June 13- it doesn't have all those annoying tape glitches the Over The Garden boot has. Of course, there's also an alternate source that circulates but it is incomplete.
  2. "No Quarter" from that night is fucking epic, innit? Yeah, the 6/22 show is by no means perfect but it's about as close as you can get for '77 I'd reckon. Soundboard would be nice, I agree.
  3. As far as I'm concerned soundboards for the June 21/23/25/27 shows would only really be useful for matrixing purposes with Millard's audience tapes.
  4. ^^^ Excellent recollection, Strider. To answer a couple of yer questions: The first few gigs of the tour are kinda shaky. Dunno about Dallas, 'cos there's no circulating recording, but Oklahoma City and the first night in Chicago have a bit of a "live rehearsal" vibe to them- clearly they were still working out some of the kinks. Truth be told, simply based on the mediocre audience tapes fourty years later it's hard to tell how much of a hash -if any- they made of "Nobody's Fault But Mine". We do know that on the April 9th Chicago show -the one where Jimmy goes down with 'gastroentritis'- he starts into "Since I've Been Loving You" after "Sick Again", forgetting all about "Nobody's Fault..." until Plant reminds him. Been a while since I've heard that show but I seem to recall they do fuck up the song here and there. As for "Heartbreaker", it was played four times: June 10, 11 and 13th in New York and the June 21 L.A. show. You probably witnessed the best one, and I am still convinced that Page only busted it out to shut up the guy in the audience who kept yelling for it (they must have been able to hear that guy from the stage ) Another thing I'm convinced of about the June 21 show was that Neil Young was in attendance (makes sense considering Neil was a Zeppelin fan). I base that on the numerous Neil Young/CSNY references Plant makes during the acoustic set, even ad-libbing "Well, Neil?!" during "Black Country Woman".
  5. Indeed, the Seattle drum solo sorta brings thing full circle. And just maybe John Bonham was breathing a sigh of relief knowing it was the last drum solo he needed to play...
  6. No drum solo in Tempe either...I'm still convinced that after Seattle the band made a conscious decision to scale back the shows a bit (the start of the "Cut The Waffle" philosophy, maybe?)- less lengthy self indulgence in the solos, no drum solo...the Oakland shows clock in closer to two and half hours (I'm guessing Tempe did as well) instead of the three plus hour epic gigs they were playing up to that point. And I think it helped: in spite of the bad craziness that went down in Oakland in spite of the occasional fuck up (par for the course in '77) they're generally pretty focused, exciting performances.
  7. That is interesting...chance are the radio station is mistaken, though. The only '77 "Trampled Under Foot"s that circulate in soundboard quality are April 27 and May 21, and they'd be pretty easy to tell apart, I think. The station probably has one of those (I'd put my money on April 27 since the soundboard has been in circulation for fourty years). Record it next time you hear it (if you hear it again) and compare it to the April 10 audience source, see if they match up. If they do, then the radio station has something a lot of collectors would want! That's interesting too. Could it be an official Knebworth release may actually happen at some point? Personally I have no idea, but my guess would be is that somebody -possibly EVSD- are being greedy hoarding buggers. But you need so many different source recordings just to get an even remotely complete version of the June 22 show...something like four different recordings. Hell, it was only a few years ago that a source popped up that actually had "Ten Years Gone" from that show on it, before that all the June 22 bootlegs used one of the other LA '77 "Ten Years Gone", and them Millard sources really stuck out!
  8. ^^^ And I think the band realized that the first three Landover shows weren't really up to snuff, which is why they actually gave a decent performance on the fourth night (which was added due to high ticket demand if memory serves). But, yeah, generally speaking the Landover gigs are the low point of the tour IMO.
  9. I'd be brazen to say that when it's all said and done the June 22 show is even better than the 21st or 23rd (certainly the 23rd). But what the hell, Millard couldn't be there every night I suppose, the dude likely did have a life outside of taping and tape trading! A soundboard of the April 10 show would be nice. I think I've made it all the through the crappy audience recording exactly twice, every other time I want to listen to it I get about three songs in and have turn it off. Too bad, it is a damn good performance.
  10. May 26, along with May 28 are the worst of the four Landover performances by a long shot. Off nights for both Page and Bonham. On the 26th Bonham is very erratic- he rushes things quite a bit, barely allowing JPJ to do his piano solo bit in "No Quarter" before starting in on the "Boogie Section", he comes in way early during Page's guitar intro to "Achilles" as well. And on top of that, both nights Bonham offers up thirty five minute plus drum solos: boring, repetitive solos that had no business being fifteen minutes, never mind 35! Generally speaking, IMO the May 28 show is marginally better than the 26th (Plant, at least is in good voice) but neither of these performances really have much in the way of redeeming qualities, especially when you consider the barnstorming gigs they were playing only a week before in Birmingham and Fort Worth (Houston is another disappointing performance and we still await hearing Baton Rouge at some point...hopefully) I can't remember the last time I played any of the Landover shows... All four Landover shows are soundboard recordings; the May 26 and May 30 shows being the best sounding. The Landover audience tapes are bad- distant, muddy and not a very good listen (the May 30 AUD isn't bad, comparable to the April 28 audience tape for the most part). The Landover shows probably come across as being better on the audience tapes
  11. Well, allow me to start June 11, New York June 10, New York Cleveland, April 28 Birmingham, May 18 L.A., June 27 Those five are the ones I listen to the most, the recordings you'll have to pry from my cold dead hands when I'm gone... Whaddya mean by "is there a complete AUD source after 'Kashmir' that's listenable"? Which show in particular?
  12. Birmingham is probably one of the best gigs of the tour. Nothing fancy, no big overindulgences in the playing or anything, just a good, straightforward '77 show. So what the hell happened a week later once they hit Landover? Jesus, I had no idea you were a taper, let alone one that prolific!
  13. Anybody who is into collecting bootlegs needs to read that book.
  14. Looks like some of you should read Clinton Heylin's book Bootleg! It's a history of the whole bootleg industry. And, yeah, Zeppelin is one of the big three along with The Beatles and, as I recall, Springsteen for most booted artists. EDIT: Ha! I see Strider just suggested the same book in the other ongoing Zep bootleg discussion Great minds and all that good shit...