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  1. Was it in '75 when Plant referred to Bonham on occasion as "The king of Jazz"? What the hell was all that about? Another one, also from Baton Rouge '75, I believe: "The greatest percussionist since Big Ben!"
  2. I'd love a soundboard for the April 28th show, best show of the tour IMO. I'd bet fifty bucks that there's a soundboard for the Greensboro show. We may get it one o' these years... 4/28/77 would be a pure-D bitch to matrix...there's just too many cuts in between the songs eliminating most of the Plantations on the audience tape. Plus, the ending of "No Quarter" is pretty cut up as well. I've heard that "Master reel" copy of the Destroyer soundboard that circulates- as I recall it's even dryer sounding than the other '77 soundboards, some of which almost have a "live in the studio" kinda feel. What I'd like to know is why the copy of Destroyer I've had for about thirty years sounds like an actual professionally recorded live album (no "dry" sound at all); you can hear the audience loud and clear and utterly unlike any of the other '77 board tapes. These days I rather suspect that my copy was originally sourced from the old vinyl version, but if so than that vinyl version was complete minus the cuts in "TSRTS", "No Quarter", "White Summer" and "Rock And Roll" common to all the Destroyer versions.
  3. I must admit those are the only potential '75 soundboards I'm interested in anymore. The January '75 shows are my favourites from that year simply because the setlists are more interesting, before they decided to play it safe and simply rehash the '73 U.S. tour with a smattering of Physical Graffiti added.
  4. 4/10/77...I'd be down with that. It's a pretty crappy audience recording but you can tell it was a good show just the same.
  5. The jarring cut in the 6/27 "Achilles" sorta throws things off a bit from a listening perspective as well.
  6. Shit, that's right, isn't it? My old January 20 audience tape has HMMT from the 21st bad.
  7. Dude, if we got a soundboard of the January 20 '75 Chicago show (with HMMT, "Wanton Song" and "Levee") I'd probably have to change my shorts! Maybe more than once, even...
  8. How do we know Baton Rouge or Greensboro are "inconsistent noise" - you hoarding the audience tapes? For a variety of reasons Baton Rouge '77 is one of my personal Zeppelin Holy Grails...we already know Birmingham is one of the better shows from the tour and Greensboro is basically Bonzo's Birthday Party '77 (the gig was on May 31)- how bad can that be? No, we haven't heard Houston '75, either, but all those mid period '75 soundboards we've gotten of late are starting to all run together and sound the same to me. I listened to Fort Worth once and that was enough... Now that I'd be down with- I love them early '75 gigs with "How Many More Times", we don't have any of those shows in soundboard format, and it's high fucking time we got one!
  9. Close- AA was the guy who told the bootleggers (the now defunct TCOLZ label) Freezer's Baton Rouge '77 recording might be coming out. If AA wasn't involved -especially given the way he endlessly shilled for them- with that label somehow then I'm the fuckin' Pope. The guy may keep a comprehensive website but he's trickier than a fuckin' robber's dog. Wouldn't trust the motherfucker any further than I could throw him, and I ain't the only one. They rode him outta town on a goddamn rail over at RO and I am proud to have been a part of that.
  10. Indeed, Tempe isn't quite as bad as its detractors make it out to be. Plant comes across sounding much worse than Page does on the night. Is it a "great" or "classic" Zeppelin performance? No, not by any stretch of the imagination, but you could say that about a few '75, '77 or 1980 shows. Where the hell is the first half of the Tempe show? I'd love to hear that.
  11. Argenteum Astrum is hardly the most trustworthy source in Zeppelin collector's circles...just sayin'
  12. Yeah, man, i just stumbled across this discussion and like everyone else I'm waiting for you to finish...hope you don't mind if I live vicariously through the L.A. '77 shows through yer eyes, Strider!
  13. The assessment that the 25th and 30th are the best Landover shows is pretty much spot on. The 26th has its moments but Bonham is quite erratic; he cuts JPJ's piano solo in "No Quarter" short and starts in with the Boogie Section quite early on. He also starts in on "Achilles Last Stand" early while Page is still playing the intro. Then there's the infamous thirty six minute drum solo with itself is an exercise in endurance for the listener. Boring and repetitive. The May 28 show is one of the worst gigs of the tour, IMO. Again, Bonham is having a bit of an off night and Page seems well out of it. There is really nothing to recommend about this show except for what a "bad" -certainly mediocre- Zeppelin performance can sound like. May 30 was added due to high ticket demand I believe. And the band pulls out all the stops, it's quite a decent performance which makes up for the lackadaisical nature of the previous three nights. Naturally, having all four Landover shows in soundboard quality is both a blessing and a curse as the mistakes come shining through on the soundboards. The Landover audience tapes are nothing to write home about- the May 25 recording is very distant; for example the Plantations can barely be heard (which probably at least explains why the May 25 show has been passed off as both the missing Dallas and St Louis '77 recordings...) The May 26 and 28 audience tapes are slightly better but still fairly muddy and distant. The May 30 recording is much better -similar in quality to the April 28 Cleveland recording- except that the recording level was set much to high for "The Song Remains The Same" rendering that song a distorted mess (fortunately the taper realized the error and lowered the volume at the start of "The Rover/Sick Again"). I suspect there is more than one audience source for this show, since the long audience patch on the soundboard during "No Quarter" (about ten minutes) seems to encompass two different recordings. I agree about the 'ludes. For at least the first three shows Page and Bonham just seem off. Their playing is very erratic, which tends to hinder the overall performances. I don't return to the Landover shows much, either. Life's too short to spend three hours listening to a mediocre performance. Indeed, the May 30 show is all the Landover you really need.
  14. Didn't I send it to you? I certainly meant to...give me some time to find the discs and I'll get it to you posthaste!