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  1. THE JUNO AWARDS SUNDAY APRIL 2 ON CTV.. Check local listings for time in your area
  2. HOUSES OF THE HOLY ....last eve....sorry I do not recall the station but it was a London Ontario station
  3. Hello: I watch, THE DESIGNATED SURVIVOR, starring Kiefer Sutherland on Wed @ 10 pm on CTV and ABC. I also watched the latest episode of, CRIMINAL MINDS. It was on last Wed before DS. Tatum O'Neal played one of the characters on C Minds. She did a very good job.
  4. KASHMIR....yesterday on FREE 98.1
  5. GOIN' TO CALIFORNIA....FREE 98.1 .....London Canada
  6. Good Morning: I finally bought the cd, JOANNE...I have not heard the whole cd ...I did not like A Million Reasons at first but the more I listen to it the more I like it..even though it is a sombre tune... I was very very impressed with her Super Bowl show....she included Telephone from THE FAME MONSTER...interesting fun tune...I did not hear any tunes from ARTPOP;i.e. Applause Have a great weekend Gaga and Zep fans... J
  7. Hello: I have the album, SUICIDE SAL....
  8. Hello: I plan to watch....I hope Gaga's halftime show is spectacular....I hope she includes Poker Face and Applause Juliet
  9. Happy New Year to all: I heard DANCIN'DAYS from Houses of The Holy on 98.1 in London Ontario.. I googled it and its FREE 98.1 There is another 98.1 but it is the Toronto station CHFI
  10. Hello/Bonjour from the Great White North: HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all Zep fans. May 2017 be the best year for all Juliet xo
  11. ROCK 'N ROLL....Monday ...ON FM 96
  12. THE 96... London Canada
  13. Re: 57th and 9th It starts out with this rockin' tune then proceeds to the next tune that is very, very, very sombre....It feels like you have been in a good mood then all of sudden are confronted with sad news ...and must stop smiling..this is not what I want...the last tune is so fast it makes me dizzy J
  14. Hi: I see there is another tune,INSHALLAH, repeated twice. One is stated as the Berlin Sessions version. The first of the tune has no version written after the title..I kinda resent buying a cd that has two tunes repeated twice. Even though they have different versions they are still the same tune(s)...GRRRR Dud of the week,eh? I see the tour has been announced but no LONDON CANADA date at this time
  15. Hi; I bought the new cd, 57th and 9th...the deluxe version..(more tunes hence more expensive)..I bought it anyhow as the non deluxe was not on the shelf..if there is such a non-deluxe version?? I am disappointed....the first tune is upbeat...there are a few other upbeat tunes but many are slow's described as a rock pop cd... The first tune is I CAN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT's repeated later in the cd only it's the LA version...What is a "LA" version? I'll take a wild guess and say it was recorded in LA Sting was on THE TODAY SHOW on Friday...He's looks I guess this inspired me to buy his I could not stop thinking about him...... Juliet