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Found 1 result

  1. The 1970 Hampton Roads Coliseum date was always thought to have occurred on August 17th, mainly attributed to the (mislabeled) bootleg tape for decades. However, while examining some press and additional ads in the Timeline, the "original" date of the 10th appears to be the correct date after all. We also have an original handbill in the Timeline which lists Aug. 10th. Early news reports mentioned the tour starting in Cincinnati on August 5th (others said August 6th), but some of these dates were rescheduled due to JPJ's father being ill. Some ads in local newspapers, right up to the day before the show are all listed as Aug. 10th. This newspaper review, dated August 16 says: "The Led Zeppelin, a British rock group, 'turned on' for a crowd of 10,000 plus at the Hampton Roads Coliseum last week." Also, in the photo caption of the review: "The Led Zeppelin, a British rock group recently appeared at the Hampton Roads Coliseum, replete with long hair, expensive equipment and eager fans. The concert was the first of a US tour." So with this new information, the summer North American tour actually began here on August 10th in Virginia. (JPJ may have flown back to the UK, then returned for the show in New Haven on August 15th). -- (Ad: published August 5, 1970) (AD: published August 9, 1970) "Led Zeppelin To Appear At Coliseum" (published August 9, 1970) Concert Review: published August 16, 1970: Review Transcription: Led Zeppelin 'Turns On' For Crowd At Coliseum 'The Led Zeppelin, a British rock group, 'turned on' for a crowd of 10,000 plus at the Hampton Roads Coliseum last week. The group, on the first leg of its tour in the United States, and the first time it has appeared in this country in over seven months, is composed of four musicians, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, John Bonham and Robert Plant. Jimmy Page is 23 years old and plays lead guitar. It was he who more or less got the group together. He conceived the idea for a group and the name, while still a member of the Yardbirds. Asked why the name he replied, "There's really no reason for our name. It's better, really, than cabbage or carrots." A formidable guitarist, he embarked on his career at the age of 15. John Bonham is the 21 year old drum player for the group. Bonham received a standing ovation at the Coliseum for his drum solo which lasted over 20 minutes. John Paul Jones was doing some of the arrangements for a Donovan album when he met Page. Realizing they could best express themselves by working together, they decided to do just 1hat. As Page says, "John is an incredible musician. He didn't need me for a job, but he felt the need to express himself and figured we could do that together." Today Jones is a sought after arranger all over England. At 22 he has the distinction of being one of the few young men to make it in both the production line of recording and the recording itself. Lead singer for the group is 21 year old Robert Plant. A versatile and accomplished musician he also plays the harmonica and bass. It is said his voice is so powerful, that when the speakers broke down on one engagement in Sweden the audience in the back of the auditorium could hear him. Although Jimmy Page's description of the volatile and enthusiastic Coliseum crowd was a bit understated with "warm", it is this type of ability - the ability to generate a vibrant feeling - that has made Led Zeppelin a supergroup. Having only begun in late 1968, the group has hit the top of the charts with such LPs as Led Zeppelin and Led Zeppelin II. They are soon to release a new album. Speaking for the group, Page described it as "totally different from what we have done before. We are always changing, hopefully for the better. We have to change with the times." Some of this change was witnessed at the concert when the group put aside their electric equipment and treated the audience to a country-western arrangement using a non-electric sound. After the concert and a brief rest, the group took time out to sign a few autographs and answer questions. [By A. SIEFRING | Dally Press Writer, 8/16/70] ----------------------- http://www.ledzeppelin.com/show/august-10-1970