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Found 46 results

  1. Where there any of you at these Concerts on those dates.? Please reply
  2. Apologies if such a thread already exists, but I did search. I love Zep, I have pretty much every show as far as I can tell. But here are a couple of things that make me a little crazy after all these years. Maybe these are the rough parts of the diamond, I don't know. I'll just air them in the hopes of finding kindred spirits rather than judgement. 1. Whole Lotta Love, live, didn't always suck. But it often sucked, at least compared to the rest of the show. Jimmy and JPJ found it hard to recreate the depth, power and tone of the opening riff live in a way which had the same punch as the studio version. It was often played in a hurried or frantic way. The six-bar solo break was usually a dog's breakfast marked by poor timing, including by Bonzo who used to mess around with the drum part to ill effect. The best bits live ended up being the medley numbers like Boogie Chillen (which was usually awesome). Maybe they were tired by the time they got there, but it's rarely a highlight. Honourable exception(s) to one or two of the versions on BBC sessions. 2. The way Robert handled his voice post Sept 72 . Why not do a warm up? After a few months, it becomes obvious that with some rare exceptions he couldn't hit even moderately high notes at the start of a show. But in many gigs, by the middle of the show he's in great form and can hit, if not his old peaks, at least somewhere close to that. So why not spend half an hour warming up his voice before the gig? Ok, got those off my chest.
  3. Does anyone know why there are only three soundboard tracks from Long Beach '72 and their history? What Is And What Should Never Be, Dancing Days and Moby Dick. IMO, they sound better than any other unofficial board tapes, including any from 73,75,77. They are crystal clear and have a great sense of space that most boards don't have. I love the unprocessed sound way more than HTWWW. Are these multi tracks that sneaked out while HTWWW was being put together? It's interesting that these are the only known board tracks from '72 and they are so damn great sounding. Hoping some of the very knowledgable folks here can comment on this.
  4. These are pics that I hold the negatives for from the Chicago Stadium shows on July 6 and 7 1973. I don't remember the name of the guy that gave them to me but he handed me an envelope with the developed prints and negatives sometime around 1983. He knew I was a Zep nut and he said " you can have these". I don't think he actually took them because he would have been too young at the time of the concert , as he was about my age. Maybe an older family member or friend of his took them. Lost in the mists of time. These shows were notorious for being wild, especially July 6 ( rowdy ass crowd) and Plant's voice was shot, due to a cold, (sick again! ). But the band play great , especially on July 7 IMO. I'm not sure which photos are from July 6 or 7. I have several more but these are the best/clearest of the bunch. Hard to believe only 10 years had passed from the concert date to when I received them. It felt like so long ago because I longed to see Zep live and my first opportunity was the Stadium shows planned for Nov 1980. Nowadays, 7 or ten years feels like nothing, time sure flies as you get older! Anyway, hope you all enjoy seeing some previously unseen photos.
  5. Hi everybody! i'm a huge fan of led zeppelin. I live in rome and i think that this new tribute band is very great! Tell me waht you think about! cheers
  6. Hi ! We can say it, Led Zeppelin was an awesome live band .. most of the time .. but sometimes thing just doesn't work right. It can be interesting to see some fail moments they did. And sorry if I make mistake I'm french Well it wasn't Led zeppelin but for Robert Plant, I think of the Live AID in 1985 when he totally stop Page in his solo on Stairway to Heaven, maybe it's the fault of one of the drummer who start the fast beat but Plant heard this repeated lick thousands of time so he knew it's wasn't the end of the solo. Link to the video : For Jimmy Page,it's definitely the solo of Ten Years Gone at Oakland in 1977, That's just horrible : I can't really think of anything really bad about Bonham and even less about John Paul Jones. Maybe you have some fail to post ?
  7. So, As per the title, I need help finding some more Zeppelin, i have the following : Zeppelin I, II, III. IV, Houses of the Holy, Physical Graffiti, Presence, In Through the Out Door, Coda, The Song Remains the Same, the 1990 and 1993 boxed sets, The BBC Sessions, No Quarter, and Walking Into Clarksdale. I also have much of Plant's solo CD's. I am looking for ideas for my next purchases (new & used) at a local shop that has a pretty full inventory. Looking for the rambling live shows where Page & Plant cut loose. especially when Plant folds in lyrics from old blues songs into Zepp's songs. I dont want poor quality recordings done by audience members, just clear stuff please. Ive heard that the "Avocado" album is good? what else do I need ? Please help! Thank you!
  8. the amazing "BLAST OFF" part of the solo in "IN THE EVENING" sO unique,original,perfect for the song! Id like to hear some feedback on it: -what musicians thought of it first X hearing it -Page & Plant tour= someX's PAGE did play that part ,it was hard live ,however somewhere on Utube i DID see him "pull it off" live! One X in particular LIVE he REALLY NAILED IT! can someone share THAT link? or any other versions audio or video ?
  9. First off I'd like to say I am new to the forum and this is my first post, and this question was obviously asked before but, What is your favorite Led Zeppelin year? And why is it? Whether its album releases or live performances. - My favorite year is 1972. Not only Roberts vocals hitting his peak, but Jimmy's live tone was just magnificent. And the recorded audio is very clean. Their performances had many songs from my favorite album "Houses of the Holy". And not to mention it had some of Jimmy Page's beard in that year I believe.
  10. I've been doing a reasonably thorough amassing of live recordings, to the point where I am now double/triple checking the various listings of gigs including the official timeline on the site. The latter has a few errors, which struck me as odd. I don't have examples handy -- I could dig them up -- but my question is: is there any consensus on a definitive listing of gigs (accepting that a few will always be rumoured/disputed), and if so where can it be found? Apologies if this has already been addressed elsewhere on the site.
  11. Beautiful number, with a whole pallete of different renditions. One of my favourite ones is the first rough version on the LZIII deluxe version. It's just so damn raw. Who cares if it's sloppy, or an alternative take? My "hands down favourite version" is the BBC version from April 1971. It is tight (Bonzo and Jonesy in top form), Jimmy is not too flashy, but rather more presice and soulful in his playing, and last but not the least... Percy's on fire!!! Nuff said, I'd like to hear what y'all think?!
  12. I've been trying to restrain the urge to collect Zep vinyl boots for a long while (I'm primarily Pink Floyd collector), but it seems like it is time to give up. Which vinyl bootlegs do you own? Would love to see pictures and recommendations of what Zep boot are out there to find.
  13. What is the best Led Zeppelin concert recording or bootleg?
  14. Out of curiosity, if you guys had the ability to hear live performances of the instrumentals from TSRTS with Robert Plant singing the original melodies with his pre-73/late-72 vocal range, would you be interested? Primarily on songs like "Rock And Roll," "Black Dog," "Over The Hills And Far Away," "Stairway To Heaven," "Heartbreaker," and "Whole Lotta Love." Or do you prefer the augmented melodies that Plant sings with his more limited vocal range? I feel like TSRTS would be an infinitely more interesting and energetic show if Plant had still been capable of hitting the original melodies (while still ad-libbing in the same fashion that he was known for in their live performances). In my opinion, "Over The Hills And Far Away" died the day Plant lost his ability to sing the original melody, no matter how amazing the instrumentation. I just want to get a good feel for the consensus out there. Do you like the augmented vocal melodies? Or do you wish Plant were still able to hit those soaring high notes and sing the original melodies for those performances (and all subsequent tours as well)?
  15. Can Somebody Tab This For Me? I don't know how to tab :/
  16. Does anybody have a tab for Dazed and Confused? All I want is 5:50 - 12:27 , the San Francisco part with the violin bow part.
  17. Could anyone help me with this part? From 1:58:33 to 1:59:02 Thanks in advance.
  18. Ive been able to figure out a good portion of the how many more times danmarks solo, but am having trouble figuring whats going on when the two separate times he is using the same formation but flying up and down the neck.
  19. New Led Zeppelin Live - Photographs wanted for the long awaited new updated edition of Luis Rey's Led Zeppelin Live: An Illustrated Exploration Of Underground Tapes. If you or anyone you know took pictures of Led Zeppelin in concert, we invite you to be part of this unique book by sharing them. Please email for more information. Thank you
  20. This is a really good show, and one of the best audience recordings ever! I'm pretty sure i havent seen a thread no this here but i may be wrong,I havent searched way way back for one, but i just cant recall seeing one. I listened to the show today, its been like a month since i have. And this is a really really heavy, good show! Everyone seems on fire! Bonzo is beastin out tonight, throwing in all sorts of drum adlibs in every song, Playing his BALLS out tonight! And Jonesy, His bass is nice and equal in the miz, you can hear it pretty good and if you listen o it he just plays and plays and beast out with those fingers, creating the groove for jimmy and the others. No Quarter is particularly Awesome and his playing in TU is just groovy! Jimmy is on fire tonight, Really having fun and enjoying himself. You can tell, He's just into it, really feeling the music in each song. All of His solo's are on point and really awesome! He goes insane here and there and Dazed is just out there tonight! His soloing is just out of this world! Nonstop just shredding!! And Roberts voice sound really nice for 1975! He's into it too you can tell, He really puts his heart into every song, really trying to make it awesome and he does! Not much squeeking from him tonight just straight up POWER AND HEART! No one else could do what he does! Plus they do a Rare 1975 version of SIBLY Which is really awesome!!!! Yeah this show is definitely awesome guys! You need to check it out! But anyway, What is YOUR opinion on this show???? Do you have any pictures of this show???? What bootleg do you have of the show????
  21. Can anybody tell me why this is the only major release (excluding box set II) in the bands official catalogue not have received the black wax treatment?
  22. Anyone else finding that they don't listen to their Zeppelin studio albums anymore? I grew up on the studio work and even remember waiting for the release of a new one. Which turned out to be ITTO. Much as I loved them, I was never completely satisfied. I rarely listened to a whole "polished" album start to finish. And I probably won't again. Now with all the great live work, I think I know why. I can't wait each evening to listen to live performances, no matter the quality (almost). The only time I hear studio is on my car radio now. Maybe it's because we have over 500 hours of concerts and only 9 studio albums, include Coda. Maybe because I'm constantly being surprised at how fresh they could be in front of an audience. If that's not a call to release more official concerts, what is? As great as they are in the studio, as many albums as they've sold of the original 9, those discs are a smaller part of what makes them supreme - the stage. Consider this forum - most of the interest is concerts. Best performances. And best performances of chestnuts, like Stairway, or songs rarely or never appearing live. Anyone think of a reason to take the vinyl out of storage? Thanks.
  23. So the reissues project is over, along with the companion disc audio project (which I was very impressed with for the most part), and now all of us are scratching our heads wondering: "What now?" Jimmy leads us to believe that he will go on tour alone, with his own band (without a singer). I'm guessing this will sort of be like a Jeff Beck thing. If so, then that's definitely something to be excited about, but another question does cross my mind quite frequently. What's left in the vaults? Supposedly a lot of good material. Here is what Jimmy (obviously) has left in the vaults, for example: 1. The 1975 Earls Court Shows. (Video from supposedly all five nights, or multitrack so from all five nights) A) If this is indeed true (and quite possibly it is), then this is a very good opportunity for another live album, along with a DVD set. Just imagine: A complete Earls Court box set, with live audio, DVD footage, and liner notes and posters/goodies and what not! An Earls Court box set along with a Word Tour from Jimmy Page would be a huge success. I seriously think Jimmy is missing out here, and should really do something about these gigs. 2. The 1970 Royal Albert Hall Gig. (Live Audio) Yes, yes, I know. Jimmy already put out this concert in the Led Zeppelin DVD. An official live album, remastered, would be truly worth it though, along with songs that were never able to make it on the DVD (Since I've Been Loving You, Thank You, Long Tall Sally, etc.) Let me know what you guys think! 3. The 1973 Southhampton Gig (Live Audio) Jimmy might consider the performance to be bad, but to many fans, it is as equal to Earls Court. Anyways, what sort of person would deny the sheer energy of this show (How Many More Times, Black Dog, Communication Breakdown, The Song Remains The Same.) This show should definetely be released officially, and would make an excellent counterpart to How The West Was Won. Please speculate and let me know if there might be something I missed out on, and your opinions about these gigs, and if they should get an official release in full form.
  24. Hi, I always found really interesting to hear the first performance of songs because we can really see how the public react to something they hear for the first time and sometimes the lyric or the way they perform is different. So I think it's a good idea to make a list of the first performance of Led Zeppelin songs. To make it easier, I'll edit this post and I'll make a list by album. Please note : After 24h I'll not be able to edit my first post, so I'll post an update in the next page, so stand tuned ! example : Good time bad time : [date/link of the bootleg] ... If the bootleg is not of good quality, you can post a second link to the 2nd or 3rd performance with a better audio but please always link the first performance. If you're not sure, you can still post the link of course ! Led zeppelin I Good time Bad time : 1970-08-15 (not sure), a better version here : Babe I'm gonna leave you : 1969-01-05 You shook me : 1969/01/10 Dazed and Confused : 1968/12/30 Your time is gonna come : 1971/09/24 Communication breakdown : 1969/01/10 or better quality 1969/01/11 I can't quit you baby : 1968/12/30 How many more times : 1968/12/30 Back mountain side : 1969/01/10 Led zeppelin II 1. «Whole Lotta Love» 26/4/69 2. «What Is and What Should Never Be» 09/01/1970 3. «The Lemon Song» 05/01/1969 4. «Thank You» 08/01/1970 1. «Heartbreaker» 10/10/1969 2. «Living Loving Maid (She's Just a Woman)» 3. «Ramble On» 03/10/1995 4. «Moby Dick» 5. «Bring It On Home» 09/01/1970 Led zeppelin III 1. "Immigrant Song" Bath festival 1970 2. "Friends" 29/09/1971 3. "Celebration Day" 07/08/1971 4. "Since I've Been Loving You" 1970/01/08 5. "Out On the Tiles" 1970/09/04 6. "Gallows Pole" 1971/05/03 7. "Tangerine" 1971/09/24 8. "That's the Way" 1970/06/28 9. "Bron-Y-Aur Stomp" 1971/11/13 10. "Hats Off to (Roy) Harper" x Fourt Album : 1- Black Dog 05/03/1971 2- Rock and Roll 05/03/1971 3- The Battle of Evermore 03/04/1977 4- Stairway to Heaven 05/03/1971 5- Misty Mountain Hop 6- Four Sticks 03/05/1971 7- Going to California 05/03/1971 8- When the Levee Breaks 12/01/1975 House of the Holy : 01 – The Song Remains the Same 1972/10/02 02 – The Rain Song 1972/10/02 03 – Over the Hills and Far Away 1972/06/19 04 – The Crunge 03/05/1975 as part of WLL 05 – Dancing Days 1972/11/19 06 – D’yer Mak’er 07 – No Quarter 08 – The Ocean 19/06/1972 Physical Graffiti : Custard Pie The Rover In My Time Of Dying 12/01/1975 Houses Of The Holy Trampled Underfoot 12/01/1975 Kashmir 12/01/1975 In The Light x Down By The Seaside x Ten Years Gone 03/04/1977 Night Flight 06/07/1973 (soundcheck) The Wanton Song 12/01/1975 Boogie With Stu x Black Country Woman 19/06/1972 Sick Again 12/01/1975 Bron-Yr-Aur 21/08/1970 Presence : Achilles' Last Stand 03/04/1977 For Your Life 10/12/2007 Royal Orleans x Nobody's Fault But Mine 03/04/1977 Candy Store Rock 07/07/2001 Hots On For Nowhere Tea For One 13/02/1996 In through the out door : In The Evening 23/07/1979 South Bound Saurez Fool In The Rain Hot Dog 23/07/1979 Carouselambra All My Love 17/06/1980 I'm Gonna Crawl x CODA : We're Gonna Groove (From Royal Albert Hall - 09/01/1970) Poor Tom x I Can't Quit You Baby (From Royal Albert Hall - 09/01/1970) Walter's Walk Ozone Baby Darlene x Wearing And Tearing 30/06/1990 Baby, Come On Home x Hey Hey What Can I Do 01/05/1995 Travelling Riverside Blues (live session 03/03/1969) I'm sure a lot of people will be happy once this list is complete !
  25. I am curious of your opinions on Jimmy Page's best solo(s).