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Found 2 results

  1. what zeppelin song did not make it on an album?
  2. On TripleM (most popular Rock station in Australia) quite a few years ago now - I remember an interview with Robert Plant (might have been Page/Plant interview, not sure), I was in my work car park as I was on shift work at the time about to start and sat in the car listening and went in late. That premises: I worked there from 1990 for 4 or 5 years before relocating so around then. Andrew Denton I think conducted the interview - it is a bit (LOT) foggy now, but one thing has stuck with me unmistakeably. During the interview they were talking about <song title>. Robert himself said he felt such pressure to come up with lyrics that would suit and fit such a magnificent piece it actually brought him to tears. What was that song? I have not heard/read/seen this anywhere else. I will be 100% certain this is true to my grave as it is something I have often thought about, and always impressed me. I am certain this is legit.