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R J Jones

Led Zeppelin IV photo location - mystery solved

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I wonder if the people living in that tower right now know how famous it is? If I owned the building I would have a framed cover of Zep IV hanging in the lobby! Heck If i owned the backyard garden from where the album cover photo was taken I would have marked it with a concrete marker and let interested Zepophiles take a photo from the location.

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On 29/06/2017 at 7:26 PM, Groundy said:

Hmmm, I'm google maps earth viewing all around Birmingham and there seems to be heaps of these high-rise apartment buildings everywhere, many nearby this one so just wondering, if this IS the right tower where is the "same-era" low-rise apartment building that appears to the immediate rear left of the high-rise building on the album cover?  Or was this low-rise building (originally part of the same complex?) knocked down to make way for the A4540 Ladywood Middleway dual carriageway as it approaches the large round-about zone at Spring Hill Road & Summer Hill Road?  A bit more history fill in needed here.

LedZepIV RearPhoto.png

LedZepIV Album Photo Location.png

Groundy - the modern photo is taken to the left (east) of the original one on Ellen Street.  If you were to be able to get a photo in the original position you would see that these are the same blocks - Truro Tower and Wells Tower.  Those blocks helped me establish the exact location, along with the low rise blocks in front of the main tower with white facias just visible - caught in your red circle on the album photo.  They've had pitched roofs added since but go onto street view on Spring Hill and you'll see them.  Go round the Middleway and you'll see Wells and Truro re-clad but still there.  

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