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Did Led Zeppelin make the right decision to break up?

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First time I've heard someone challenge the mighty Zep in the early days, and there is some truth to it. Some fans don't

know for example that until mid-69' or so , many shows Zep actually outsludged Black Sabbath for crashing and lumbering

heaviness. Plant sounded great in one way, but the caveman holler often paid no heed to what was needed for a song.

Still quite a spectacle, but agreed that a real consistency was not achieved until at least 71' and the Crown Jewels in 73'.

About the drugs, in many books Keith has described his madcap adventures to much entertainment while high. Jimmy could

do the same, I'm sure there are incredible stories, but then show how that addiction led to other addictions and eventual

personal ruin. Of course Jimmy won't do that, but what a story to tell. Jimmy's drug/alcohol timeline is all mixed up, he never

did smack for 7 yrs straight, he quit many times, and even on tour with the Firm(85') he was on smack partially . Many a time Page would have strange weight changes on tour, some Firm photos he's thin, others a bit of a belly.

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