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  2. The Atkins Diet

    Thanks, Charles. I will do it. I will update every Friday. If I calculated right you are walking approx. 9-1/2 miles a day. Wow! This based on the average man's stride of 2-1/2 feet.
  3. Today

    The scene where they found him on the ship always creeped my sister out with his maniacal laugh. I want to read the book again and find the version with Louis Jourdan as Dracula. Yeah, there are a LOT of classics from the early 60's.
  5. Stoner music


    Product Description In 1975 Led Zeppelin released Physical Graffiti a double-LP. It was very popular as it hit #1 on the charts. A super size American tour was played to feature the music on the album. This American style red, white and blue custom hockey jersey is just like the one guitarist Jimmy Page wore on the last night of the 1975 tour. It features stitched white cursive lettering across the verso nameplate area, “Jerry Weintraub – Concerts West Presents”. Large block letters (sewn-on) present, “Led Zeppelin American Tour 1975.” The front chest sports two white patches with blue lettering including a circular Swan Song and other art design on the opposite side. The original crew member’s (owner) name “Jeff” is stitched on a patch on the right sleeve. These jerseys are extremely rare as they were a limited edition from the promoter (Concerts West). They were only given to the band members and a few of the VIP crew. Black lacquer engraved plaque (as provenance) reads, “JEFFERY P. BENNETT – 1975 – SEX, DRUGS & ROCK N’ ROLL – 1995 MAYOR CITY OF CORONA.” The provenance letter from Bennett details the origin, “I received my 1975 Tour Jersey from John Bonham who I worked with and the other members of the band from 1972-1977. It was a gift for all I had done during my tenure. A few more were also given out I believe a total of 8 were made.”

    According to the website of these memorabilia dealers who were once in possession of the shirt Jimmy wore his one onstage on the very last night of that same tour....... https://www.memorabilia.expert/shop/americana/1975-led-zeppelin-american-concert-tour-rare-vip-crew-band-only-promo-hockey-jersey-by-concerts-west/
  8. The Song Remains the Same - Theater Marquee photos

    I attended the Dallas Premiere of TSRTS at the prestiegious Northpark theater. It was a charity showing, with the proceeds going to UNICEF. If Jimmy or any other band members were there, I did not see them. The Dallas premiere was the same day that the album was released, October 22, 1976.
  9. Eagles


    At the 2016 Premiere of Equals
  11. what are you listening to right NOW!?

  12. Song Name Game

    All My Loving - The Beatles
  13. Don't believe everything you read. Which promoters, specifically, have offered either group that sum? Perhaps now you see what I mean. Nine times out of ten such talk is tabloid nonsense, or an artist or promoter trying to hype a solo project. "Robert Plant is convinced his new music is so compelling he turned down 1/4 of a billion..." Oh, bullshit. "20 million applied for tickets..." Of course they did, it cost nothing to do so.
  14. Black Country Communion

    BCC’s “Sway” music video: R😎
  15. I never made it that far. I was bored stiff after ten minutes of hearing the same old.....

    He was so over the top and as a kid scared the crap out of me. About 1962 being Classic....It's up to the viewer I guess to say what decade is the cut off line. It' something we deal with on a golden age of monsters face book page I'm on.
  17. Yardbirds '68 out Nov 5th

  18. That's a good point but promoters have offered Zep and a complete Floyd a 1/4 billion to tour yet they don't. I think sometimes fans may not understand that regardless of the money, and most of the desired bands are already quite rich., it's just not worth the compromises and enormous tensions between some members.
  19. It' s such a classic but can easily see why he got tired of singing it. It made him too much money to ever actually HATE
  20. Actually I'm pretty sure STH 95' was like 15 seconds long, just a prank or something. For some reason I myself have never gotten sick of the studio version first heard in eigth grade. For some reason the song has seemed incredibly epic and dramatic for me. Almost as if the song has some obscured cosmic truth which the band is in touch with, along with other Zep tunes.. Live there are incredible versions and terrible versions. I don't blame anyone for never wanting to hear the song again, just like Freebird, Satisfaction, anything from Pink Floyd The Wall, etc. I think Plant noticed that regardless of how a live version went, fans ate it up. Many artists have wrestled with this dilemna as well.
  21. Make me laugh!

  22. Coverdale/Page

  23. Make me laugh!

  24. I've Been Going to the...MOOOOvies

    After all these years , did you pick up on anything that you haven't noticed before? During the seen when Ugarte is arrested he askes to cash in his chips before they take him. I had never noticed until Sundays viewing, as they are walking up to the cashier, Ugarte turns to the police and says something like , " I did pretty good, didnt I ". We had a pretty good crowd, the upper section of the theater was pretty packed.
  25. I remember what a big deal it was when Page / Plant did it on a Japanese TV show back in '95 or so, it was like the first time they did it since Zep.
  26. Stoner music

  27. Robert Plant Live: WolverHampton Civic Hall


    I will be there on Monday.
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