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    Not disputing it might eventually get released, but 7 months of Page orchestrated media build-up for another '73 show ? Anything's possible, but I doubt it. A friendly reminder that every unofficial live or outtake studio Zep material you've ever owned or heard from a boot was a rough mix only. Some people are forming opinions of what's available to Jimmy based on what we've already heard, what's already in our boot collections, or what multi-tracks were given to Kevin Shirley to work with for a previous video project. I don't know a thing....I just think there's more.
  3. Random Thoughts v.3

    ...my condolences to the Canadian teams, but look at the runs you had in Men's curing and women's hockey!
  4. Random Thoughts v.3

    and congratts to the US female hockey team, medal gold.
  5. Page's best live solo

    YES! Easily one of the top 5 solos that Page has ever done, live or in the studio, at least IMHO. He absolutely kills it. A masterpiece of guitar playing:
  6. Thanks, TheStairwayRemainsTheSame.
  7. Thanks Victor, I am looking forward to (eventually) seeing the booklet!
  8. Today
  9. Random Thoughts v.3

    ....congrats to the U.S. men's curling team! Going for gold!
  10. Theatre

    On the way to NYC! Seeing Laura Benanti tonight at 54Below. Seeing Hello Dolly! tomorrow night with Bernadette Peters and Victor Garber. Then...who knows
  11. Random Thoughts v.3

    New leather seats on Amtrak now. Fancy!
  12. Underrated/overrated shows

    Love it! Care to offer more? I personally love the EC run. A best of 5/23, 24 and 25 would make for one ridiculously good & HEAVY live album.
  13. Underrated/overrated shows

    I was at the last night of the EC concerts , have never seen anything before or since that comes close.
  14. Eagles, Bankers Life Field House, Indianapolis Indiana, March 12, 2018. First date of their 2018 tour.
  15. Random Thoughts v.3

    ...I wouldn't expect a liberal to understand facts...gets in the way of their "feelings". And the only filth I see on here are the "tolerant" snowflakes spewing their unreserved hate.

    The fact that Southampton is a multitrack makes it a candidate. What we've heard is a rough mix only. I've been listening to it recently with the mind set that given the proper attention, it could sonically sound amazing! I've never really enjoyed this show but I have no doubt that it could be drastically improved and deserves to be as well.
  17. Underrated/overrated shows

    (lol, continuing our discussion from the NQ thread) I would rank 3-19 higher than 3-17 or 3-20 (even though I prefer NQ from 3-20) - you're right, it's a fantastic show. I also rank it higher than 3-24 and 3-25, but I'll go with 3-27 over it because of all the insane extended solos Jimmy is into that night. It also faces stiff competition as a whole from 3-12 and 3-21, what do you think about those nights? Underrated: 1-29-75 (Greensboro) - sound quality is okay and the band sounds great, even if I play it back to back with a Feb-March show. Jimmy isn't at his best because of his finger but only in the sense that he doesn't go totally crazy with the solos (as opposed to, say, being sloppy which he isn't), and the vibe and energy are definitely there. I like it! Overrated: Destroyer (I guess), maybe (just a tad) 6-21-77 (I'm going to duck now)
  18. Random Thoughts v.3

    That long eh? Must be comforting that the filth uses the term "most"
  19. Random Thoughts v.3

    That's a relief then.
  20. Underrated/overrated shows

    I agree, but were those ever rated highly? You should be careful of criticizing Zep on a Zep forum, you might get called a troll lol.
  21. The Rest in Peace Thread

    Are you stupid or something? It isn't his age that is relevant, it's his stature. I'd like to think that even a tree-hugging, Citizen of the World, Big Government loving commie leftist such as yourself can respect the fact that Billy Graham was America's Pastor.
  22. The Rest in Peace Thread

    I knew liberals were heartless, but......
  23. The Rest in Peace Thread

    WOW, news alert...99 year old man dies. What a shocker. I wonder what the cause of death could have been. I tell ya, no one saw that coming.

    Wow, three LZ tribute bands on one bill...AMAZING!!! Just kidding, could not help myself.

    Once upon a time before the Zep DVD & HTWWW came out, there was a lot of speculation here (there was no over there yet), about what we were about to get. Several of the well-known boot collectors voiced their opinion that whatever you do Jimmy, "It better not be Knebworth !"....."It's a lousy performance"...."They can't clean that up"....."Listen to the 11th....what a disaster !"....."I can't even listen to anything post-'73 !"....."Don't waste our time !". And here we are 15 years later, and I still pop in the DVD just to watch and listen to that lousy performance. They do too. And so here we are in February of 2018.......and all 3 members of the band are on board and participating towards 'all manner of surprises' for the 50th anniversary. Robert Plant is not only on board, he's being coy and playing along with Jimmy about what's going to be released 7 + months from now. This is the same Robert Plant who basically ho-hummed the last round of studio releases, including the unheard material on the companion discs that were included. Does this mean anything ? I think the following.... 1. ) This upcoming series of releases has been planned and mapped out for quite some time. I think the studio/companion releases were taken care of first, and there may have been some discussions or disputes within the band if those releases were really necessary, if the timing was right, or if they took the proper form. 2.) We are definitely getting something from 1968. Many people have shared the opinion that the Paris show was included with the Zep 1 release because the related studio material was so limited that a true studio companion disc like the others couldn't be made.....and that could be. But that also leaves an undocumented live time-line of a year between the start of the band and the Paris show. Nothing's there you say ?.....I bet there is. There may even be more studio work of some sort that we're unaware of that was specifically saved for the upcoming round of releases. 3.) Jimmy's comment about listening to the "D & C" from Southampton was just a means to throw people off-track. He's much wiser now about what's out there and what we think exists. There isn't a 7 month build-up occurring to give us another '73 show, regardless if it was multi-tracked. He stole from it once to correct recording flaws, and he was probably listening to it again for the same reason. 4.) The '77 & '80 tours are not off-limits. Please see paragraph 1. 5.) Led Wallet has not changed. The 50th anniversary may signal a new era of releases for copyright reasons....it may signal a new era of live releases the band knows will only appeal to hard-core fans down the road....but that's not what's initially happening here. At least one of these live releases will be aimed to appeal to the masses to maximize sales. Personally, I think a career spanning live box set would be a perfect way to accomplish that. jmo. 6.) Jimmy doesn't lie....he tells tales and gives out misleading information for his own convenience. No video left ?....all used on the DVD ? Considering the track record, I wouldn't bet on that.
  26. Marijuana legalization

    "Mother's milk leads to everything!" _ George Carlin
  27. Underrated/overrated shows

    80' is highly highly underrated. I love the whole set list I love the sound I love the weirdness of it. Having Jimmy speak before Black Dog, so left-field. Something strange about Berlin is that it actually feels like the last show when you listen to it, eternal magic.
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