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    Brain freeze moment. Sam, Steve, is this Jeff? Robert
  3. Ten "desert island" Zeppelin shows

    Bumping this topic since it's a pretty cool idea. Narrowing it down to 10 is difficult, not to mention my favorites change all the time. As of right now, though, here's my picks: 1/26/69 - IMO the first truly great Zeppelin show. Whether it lasted 4 hours or just 90 minutes doesn't matter. This is a devastating assault from beginning to end. Even Bonham's drum solo is spectacular. No wasted moments here! This is as good as it gets for 69, as far as I'm concerned. 4/27/69 - a no-brainer of course due to As Long As I Have You and HMMT. Superb sound quality is just the icing on the cake. 3/7/70 - RAH on steroids. Enough said. 9/19/70 (evening) - I've come to the conclusion that this is probably their single greatest concert as a whole unit. Sure, you can find individual performances from the band members that are better elsewhere, but the band as a collective whole was probably never in better shape health-wise than they were here. The last hour from Whole Lotta Love onwards is essential to any fan of live rock music. 9/23/71 - Sure the 9/29 Osaka show may be slightly better, but I hate the sound of the tape for that show. This recording is much more atmospheric and the performance is tight as ever. Maybe, just maybe, the greatest Whole Lotta Love medley of all time. No wonder the crowd went nuts! 6/25/72 - another no-brainer. Don't really need to explain this one. 3/24/73 - the instrumental peak of the band, especially Page. Really any show from the European run would be great, but this one has that "X factor" that pushes it over the top for me. 3/21/75 - never been a huge 75 fan, but with the new SBD/AUD matrix, this has quickly become one of my favorite shows. Epic show which doesn't really drag at any point. Page and Plant are probably in the best shape they would be for 75. 6/21/77 - the show that made me fall in love with live Zeppelin. Outstanding sound quality mixed with an outstanding performance. What more can you say? 7/24/79 - their last perfect concert IMO. The setlist covers pretty much their entire discography, and with Page playing his ass off in particular, this is an excellent summary of Zeppelin's career.
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  7. The Rest in Peace Thread

    Now Malcolm. R.I.P. Saw them in 1975 with just one album out. Small crowd, we went backstage. I'll never forget.
  8. The Rest in Peace Thread

    Not much has been said about Georges passing in the media..... he was a music legend. A pioneer. What happened? Was he ill? Poor Angus. Malcolm is so inwell and now this. R.I.P. George Young
  9. What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    RIP Malcolm
  10. The Black Sabbath Thread

    Bill Ward
  11. The Rest in Peace Thread

    RIP Malcolm.
  12. Live better than Studio

    Yep! That intro is menacing. Also, the epic guitar solo and remarkable tone and execution kills me every damn time. Then there's that slow outro fade where Page doubles back into the opening run of solo as it fades away.... Love the way you can hear Bonzo clicking his sticks together after every one of Plants lines in verses as a cue to launch into BD's tricky odd timing. We also have Plant delivering his most salacious pussy crazed performance at his vocal peak and he just takes it way beyond where any singer had before, or since. They were so fucking good at this point it was sinful.
  13. Stoner music

  14. Stoner music

  15. Stoner music

  16. BON APPÉTIT! What Are You Eating?

    It's a cold Saturday evening. The wood stove is crackling and a red is breathing and thoughts turn to the table. Chicken Live Pate and thins 30 day aged Aberdeen Angus Rump Steak. Green Peppercorn sauce, Roasted Potatoes with Rosemary and Garlic, A medley of greens Raspberry Cheesecake and cream A selection of Cheeses with Quince Jelly Wines: Reds from Spain and Portugal. White from New Zealand. A crisp White Port for the cheese
  17. The Rest in Peace Thread

    RIP Malcolm. AC/DC in my top 3 ever gigs. Highway to Hell tour. Both nights. Here are the boys in action:
  18. The Rest in Peace Thread

    RIP Malcolm Young. Thanks for the memories.
  19. The Rest in Peace Thread

  20. The Rest in Peace Thread

  21. The Rest in Peace Thread

    So sad. That family has been through a lot. RIP
  22. Finally had time to listen to the whole thing. I was intrigued when he said, in response to the question about composing vs improvisation, he had just been listening to Dazed and Confused from January 1973 and how different it was July 1973. He was so positive talking about how they were so good they owed it to themselves to push it every night and do something special and different. It made me think - is he listening to live tapes for a forthcoming release? We can hope.
  23. The Rest in Peace Thread

    Naim Suleymanoglu http://www.bostonherald.com/news/obituaries/2017/11/pocket_hercules_3_time_olympic_champion_dies_at_50
  24. Beautiful Women

  25. The Rest in Peace Thread

    RIP AC/DC's Malcom Young.. Taken by the cruelty of Altzheimers.
  26. Live better than Studio

    I guess you mean songs that the band would stretch out but not lose the integrity of the song - No quarter pre 1977 ( except 79 Copenhagen ); 1977 were way too long Sick Again especially 1977 versions in LA Heartbreaker - there were times especially in 1970 Pure Blues boot when Percy just adds some slight rephrasing hesitation and power to his vocals Rain Song- HOTH can sound sterile in my opinion on vinyl. Song Remains The Same - pre 1975 for Planty - 1975 - 79 for Page heavier tone and just overall bottom of the sound live. The Ocean - 73 versions the best especially on SRTS Stairway - tricky - everything pre 1977. The 1975 versions were Jimmy's best probably making up for Plant in poor voice. The solos were lyrical , well paced , and Jonsey had that foot going adding the root chord bottom sound you can hear on the audience recordings ( listen to Montreal ). The 1973 versions , especially in LA Three Days After have Robert in unbelievable high voice ( unless it was pitched post recording ). I thought Jimmy could be sloppy at times in the 1973 American tour getting caught on where he wanted to go in the solo. Sometimes he gets ahead of himself due to nerves or just plain old carelessness. 1977 STH was getting tired 1979- Copenhagen only The overall best versions of the song were without even more conversion - 1971 Tour especially Japan, Orlando and Canadian shows. That's when all cylinders were firing ( as Cameron Crowe would elude to). Robert in full voice , rhythm section hanging tight with Jimmys exploration of the solo. All acoustic stuff was better live pre 1977. Plant was very nasal during the acoustic sets American tour. The 5/24 EC shows were Zep at its warmest most personal during the acoustic sets. The best I have ever heard were the 1971 Japan with Bonham abandoning Tangerine. Plant says "fuck You mate !" to him and Page improvises a great acoustic solo. On the audience recording of Tangerine Plant is in the clearest voice you will ever hear on a boot. It's like he's standing next to you. My dream song live - Carouselambra. Of course with scaled down keyboards and more Jimmy. Sorry to carry on on so much....
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