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  2. The new one is better. The bass in What Is And What Should Never Be is a delight. Probably always was but the new remaster brings in up nicely. Edited to add: The booklet is really nice with great pictures i havent seen before. Hello Marylou is cut and it works. From Lets Have A Party to Going Down Slow flows well.
  3. Beautiful Women

  4. That's what I suspected. Wondering if the book in the SD is hardcover or a "paperback" like BBC sessions...
  5. Beautiful Women

  6. Siena Root - opinions?

    Wellllll....it was going okay until the singer came in, cheesy keyboards though... Overall, not bad, I'd sit through a gig..
  7. Siena Root - opinions?

    Hi, I didnt post anything in a while, but still I come occasionally and watch whats going on around zep family. Now I have to post cos I came across this superb band and I need to know your opinion. They are called Siena Root and whatever song I listen to, I just love them. In last few years I came across a bit of really good bands that I got hooked on... Rival Sons or The Brew and few others, but this... I am listening to them all day and cant get enough. That didnt happen for me in years and years. To be exact since I was 11 and discovered Zeppelin... and that has been 23 years ago... Now here we go:
  8. This perfectly sums it up. Thanks for posting
  9. What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    From 1989 by Lowell Liebermann, born 1961. I saw a live performance of this around 10 years ago (not by Liebermann) and was blown away. The real excitement is in movement IV, around 6:32. I really like these videos where they have the score along with the audio. There are tons of them on YouTube with some amazing music.
  10. The Evolution Of The Drum Set

    Love this and not too difficult to play along with.
  11. The Racing Thread

    ^ Let's hope for the best and fear for the worst. Ferrari's and Red Bull's race pace looked good in the practices... but so did Mercedes
  12. BON APPÉTIT! What Are You Eating?

    Made a ground turkey meatloaf tonight with green onions, ricotta cheese, and some flavoring-along with sautéed zucchini and mashed potatoes. Not the tastiest recipe ever, but decent non the less. Tomorrow gonna roast a prime rib in our new convection oven, that we were supposed to have received when we built the house... It has a built in meat thermometer. Very interesting. Will update when cooking has commenced.
  13. The Racing Thread

    Surprise there...Hamilton dominating! C’mon, someone give him a run for the money!
  14. 2018 NFL THREAD

    Giving up a 1st and 3rd rounder is what I’m hearing. Don’t believe that’ll ever happen with the Cowboys - nor do I think it should happen. He’s great, but 28 and a big contract. Then again, you never know....
  15. The Racing Thread

    Wow, Hamilton dominates in the qualifying. Kimi 2nd, good start for him, Vettel 3rd.
  16. Your thoughts on autonomous vehicles?

    Only when I need to get after it on the highway. In 3rd gear I can easily push it to 90+ mph without getting over 5K rpms. By the time I’m in 6th gear I could be up to 150, but have never pushed it that far. It’s a convertible, so I view it as more of a cruising car, which is perfect for the Florida weather. Still, it’s nice to clear traffic when I need to and being an SS it corners like it’s on a rail. VERY fun to drive! Nothing like putting you deep into your seat by hitting that accelerator pedal!
  17. The Racing Thread

    Very cool looking car! I look forward to better competition this season. Hope the Ferrari and Red Bull conglomerates have their game up to snuff!
  18. The Racing Thread

    Mercedes looks strong again. Halo safety system changes the visual look of the cars a bit:
  19. Haven't been on here in about 10,000 years.

    Holy dogface, 2003 is a long effing time ago. hell...2011 is a long effing time ago. yep i quote-boxed myself. Why am i here? cause this band greta van fleet has a dude that sounds like robert plant and i thought, hey didnt wolfmother already do this?
  20. The Racing Thread

    Ouch, Bottas crashes in the qualifying. He will probably start at the back of the grid.
  21. The Racing Thread

    Nice. Any significant changes? Will Mercedes dominate yet again? My boy Harvick has won three in a row in NASCAR, with a hiccup at Fontana due to poor decision making, not car set up... This weekend at “The Paperclip” aka Martinsville, before a much needed week off.
  22. what are you listening to right NOW!?

    How The West Was Won (Remastered). Drums sound fantastic!

    im gonna hit up the LA show in april. it would be epic if glenn showed since he did for the new york area shows. even if he dosent, its still gonna be kickass....i mean cmon, they're playing saints in hell, didnt know rob still had it in him.
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