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  2. Anyone watching TWIN PEAKS???

    Have any of you settled on a theory yet?
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  4. If it was a multitrack I’d be surprised if they had printed the echo. You’d imagine they’d want to keep the vocal dry.

    just listened to 22nd June, ok, I see no one is exaggerating. What an intense ride. Can you imagine being there? How does one's face not melt? But that aud source is rough. So what is the best clean sounding source solo (immaculate aud or nice SB or Matrix) if I may be so bold?
  6. Next Soundboard Release

    Selling silvers is pain in the ass these days. This the reason why they're so slow with every new board. 300 copies if a maximum of what would be called a secure quantity. With all these torrent sites you cannot be sure to sell entire pressing. Remember what have happened with the Seattle few moths ago? This is it.
  7. Word association

  8. What's the weather like where you are?

    Meanwhile, down in Texas tonight...
  9. Inspirational People

    I can't take this hilarity first thing in the morning. "Inspirational?"
  10. Inspirational People

    George Washington Issac Newton Christopher Columbus Donald Trump Pete Townshend
  11. World War II

    I saw the movie dunkirk and they made it seem like the English were heroes. Weird.
  12. Beautiful Women

  13. Let's Write A Story (5 Words Only)

    he saw a lady with...
  14. Marijuana legalization

    I dont use drugs of any kind. Drugs are for losers even pot. I dont even think the guy you seem to hate so much drinks alcohol. The only evidence is he is doing a great job. The economy is at record highs, people are back to work, many people getting raises and bonuses. Didn't you get a bonus strider, is that why you are so angry? Dont talk about me strider if you cant talk nice. You dont know me, and you shouldnt judge me. I supported the same guy you voted for last time because I had high hopes for him, but he did nothing but divide people, make excuses and make us less safe. Maybe you need to open you eyes and you mind too Strider.
  15. Next Soundboard Release

    I wish evsd would go back to 2 releases a year or do more releases like double shot. Maybe they are slowing the pace to 1 a year because they are getting low on boards.
  16. Next Soundboard Release

    I wonder if the person who leaked the Southampton and royal albert mixdown tapes have copies of some of the other 11 shows that were given mixdown during work on DVD and hwww. Most likely not as it's been a long time since those 2 mixdown tapes were released.
  17. Next Soundboard Release

    If it's that old it's even more likely to be one of the tapes stolen from page. June 7 77 msg just may be the latest 77 board evsd has after all. Hope not. Really want that June 22 77 forum sb
  18. Word association

  19. Next Soundboard Release

    God father records and balboa records released as well.
  20. Word association

  21. Song Name Game

    Island Girl - Elton John

    When I listen to this version I sometimes think that the ambience of the recording adds to the overall effect. To start with the audience goes over the top as soon as the song begins. You can really get a sense of the crowd and their reaction. And there is something indefinable about the sound of the recording during the guitar solo. I am not sure it would be so transcendent sounding if it were a crystal clear recording.

    Getting together in a studio to put out a song later in the year is not the same thing as a "reunion." Nor is it "performing together." Just saying. People may have reason to be cynical. I have a good source that this was discussed at least
  24. Song Name Game

    Sour Girl - STP
  25. Good stuff porgie66! And nice triplets too. I've followed Bonzoleum for some time now and he's usually entertaining and amusing.I'll be looking forward to your combined talents
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